Eight Ways To Keep Your Company Culture Intact As Your Business Expands

Businesses never stay the same size forever. An entrepreneur may yearn for the early days when their business was just a handful of people. But over time, businesses find great success and become entities that may span several offices and regions.

The positive part of this expansion is that the business is doing well and bringing in more income. The downside is that, with so many new people, the company culture may start to suffer. In order for a business to retain its identity, keeping the company culture intact is crucial.

For guidance, eight experts from Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in on how to maintain a company culture despite a massive expansion of business.

Young Entrepreneur Council members share what to do if you see growth impacting your company culture.

Photos courtesy of the individual members. Swapnil Shinde, Zeni Inc.

2. Have A Proper System

Every company goes through cycles of changes where priorities shift quickly. Rapid changes can sneak up on you and make you feel lost. But change is good. It means that you’re growing and thriving, and it means you are scaling your business. The key to the successful implementation of change is a proper system. People might come and go, but the prevalent system shouldn’t be overridden. The system can be values, ethics, functions, coordination and common goals. It’s very important to define the system when the company is small and it’s relatively easy to know everyone in the team. But when the company

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