How To Be A Better Leader In 2021

By Solomon Thimothy, founder of OneIMS, a growth agency, as well as Clickx, a digital marketing analytics platform for agencies and businesses.


You’re probably no stranger to New Year’s resolutions. Whether you stick to them or move on to new goals in a few weeks, the changing year is a great time to think about what we want to accomplish. 

But most of the time, we think about goals in terms of numbers. We set goals for improving revenue or growing our teams, but what about goals to improve our soft skills, like becoming a better leader? 

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You have an idea of where you want your company to go, and you need the help of your team to get there. But if your team isn’t on board with the company’s vision, they’re not going to feel engaged with their work. This can lead to less employee satisfaction and higher turnover. 

Instead of commanding your vision, spend time to get your team members just as invested in the outcome. Make it clear that this isn’t just your goal; it should be the entire team’s goal. When everyone is on board with your vision, you’ll face less resistance,

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