Scaling Your Nonprofit's Impact Starts With Your People

Sevetri Wilson is Founder and CEO of Resilia – revolutionizing how nonprofits are created and maintained, and how enterprises scale impact.

As the nonprofit sector becomes more focused on accountability and performance, grantors and other stakeholders are increasingly emphasizing capacity-building. This can take the form of improved financial management, strategic planning, efficient internal communication and a wide range of other internal capabilities. But one contributor to a nonprofit’s capacities encompasses all of the above: its people. 

Most employees likely work at nonprofits because they value public service and want to make their communities better places to live, and many organizations have talented and dedicated staff who execute and advance those missions every day. But how can nonprofits attract and retain employees vital to further scaling the organization’s impact in a sector that is rapidly becoming more outcomes-based?

survey conducted by BDO and The NonProfit Times, staff recruitment and retention is the top

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