On CRM: Here’s A CRM Application That Solves A Big Integration Problem

I think I’ve found customer relationship management software that actually solves a big problem for many of my clients: integration.

That software is called GreenRope and I learned about it from a great interview between small business technology expert Laurie McCabe and Lars Helgeson, the company’s founder and CEO.

As I first read Laurie’s recap of their conversation, I initially thought that Helgeson’s description of his platform wasn’t that much different than what other CEOs say about their CRM products. It does it all. It’ll increase sales. It does all the kinds of things you would expect from most CRMs—contact management, marketing, service management, lead and forecast management. 

Helgeson also talked about the many integrations that GreenRope has with all sorts of best-in-breed third party applications that do everything from event management (Zoom), document management (DocuSign) and accounting (QuickBooks) to email, chat, surveys and payments (Stripe). He also mentions

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