Looking For Meaning In Your Work? Here Are 15 Ways To Do It

The pandemic has caused many people to rethink their lives and desires for the future. From unfulfilling careers and family demands to no time to pursue passions and outside interests, many have reflected on what their current life looks like, what they want it to look like and what needs to change to make that dream a reality. However, those changes don’t need to be huge—feeling more fulfilled at work can begin with taking a few simple actions and mindset shifts.

Below, 15 members of Forbes Business Council explain what leaders can do to find meaning in their work. Follow their recommendations to help you rekindle your passion for work and hone in on your professional purpose.

1. Value Yourself As A Person

People find meaning from different things—and it doesn’t always have to be work. A key learning from the pandemic is the importance of valuing yourself as a

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