Q&A With Miva On The Challenges Ahead For Retailers

The pandemic’s onset forced brands, particularly retailers, to rapidly adopt new digital and e-commerce solutions to help them both survive and adapt to changing consumer behavior.

However, as the effects of the pandemic recede and workers start to head back into the office, that is going to pose new challenges for retailers.

I sat down with Megan Stillerman, Senior VP of Customer Experience at Miva, the e-commerce software and service provider for mid-size and enterprise merchants, to better understand what that means for retailers, their customers and the customer experience they want to deliver.

Adrian Swinscoe: Today’s consumers are undergoing dramatic lifestyle shifts transitioning back to the office and into the world again. You actively advocate for retailers to create a more humanized customer experience. Can you explain what you mean by that and why it’s so important for retailers to do that? Can it lead to higher customer retention?

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