Five Suggestions For Hiring Managers Struggling To Find Candidates

Headhunter & Recruitment Entrepreneur, DG Recruit.

In today’s challenging hiring environment, employers are finding it harder than ever to hire. As a headhunter helping top clients get ahead, here are some suggestions for any employer serious about hiring:

1. Truly partner with your internal resources to help them help you.

Oftentimes, I’ve found hiring managers expect human resources and internal recruiters to just magically wisp candidates out of thin air. However, this mindset fails to take into account the incredibly challenging task of finding talent to stand out from the noise of other employers, as well as the fact that headhunters will be going after the same candidate community.

3. Use processes to keep your outreach activity organized between you and your talent acquisition team.

Copying and pasting and detailed applicant tracking are your best friends here. Have templates prepared for not only reaching out but also following up that

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