New Women’s Eco Fashion Brand Combines Modern Design With Organic Fibers

Kate Fisher was making eco-conscious clothes in the ’90s. “I do this because I believe in it. Not because it’s a trend,” she says.

For over 20 years, Fisher ran a company, Synergy, that made clothes from primarily natural, organic fibers and sold them widely in stores such as Whole Foods. Now, she’s launching a new brand, WVN (pronounced as “woven”) that has more modern, design-forward styles ranging from athleisure wear to block printed one-of-a-kind dresses.

“There’s been a certain amount of greenwashing happening over the years as it becomes more trendy to be sustainable,” Fisher says. “I welcome all the growing interest and new companies getting into this, but I do feel that true authenticity is missing in some of these brands. They’re not doing this because it’s at their core, it’s more because it’s a trend.”

She notes that WVN has a series of certifications and standards

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