Streaming Video Content Strategies

Joe Mozden, Jr. is CEO of Sonic Foundry, the trusted leader for video creation, management solutions as well as virtual and hybrid events.

Many people think of streaming video as YouTube programming, movies on Netflix or ad hoc meetings on Zoom or Teams, but there’s much more value in collecting, organizing, storing and providing access to videos. The challenge is finding ways to leverage that content, not just for direct revenue, but for other organizational benefits. Here are some ideas.

Creating Video Classrooms

Most college students can’t take in 100% of a live classroom lecture or lab. Having a library of video content allows students to replay lectures for information they might have missed during an in-person class, and it allows universities to expand their reach across the globe.

webcast.berkeley has made online video and audio available through its portal. Millions of viewers from around the world have tuned in

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