Opportunities For Tech Startups In The Residential Rental Market

Andrew Collins is co-founder and CEO of Bungalow, a residential real estate platform providing beautiful homes with great roommates. 

Americans use technology to find personalized matches for just about everything. Dating apps are a dime a dozen and have become so popular that roughly 40% of relationships now start online. Millions of people use fitness apps that recommend workout and diet regimens tailored to their individual physique and goals. There’s even a startup that utilizes DNA sequencing to pair customers with the perfect wine for their genetic profile!

Yet when it comes to finding a roommate or rental property, consequential decisions that affect people’s day-to-day lives immensely, some young professionals are on their own. For example, folks moving to unfamiliar cities sometimes feel there’s no better option than scouring Craigslist and hoping the new roommate doesn’t turn out to be weird.

First, my team and I did substantial research to

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