How To Transition From A 'Fail Fast' Mentality To A 'Learn Fast' Mindset

Mike DePrisco is the COO of Project Management Institute (PMI), a world-leading association for project professionals and changemakers.

Many leaders, particularly those in the technology industry, instruct their people to “fail fast” — to recognize when something isn’t working and quickly move on to something new. While a “fail fast” mentality may have been acceptable in the past, the present-day workplace instead demands learning fast as businesses grapple with challenges such as supply chain disruptions, inflation, climate change and ongoing disruptions caused by the pandemic. This balancing act occurs all while being under extraordinary pressure to innovate, grow and outperform the competition.

In today’s fast-moving business landscape, in which slowing down is not an option, the only way to be a digital-first, data-driven, customer-centric organization is to get better at getting better. This requires creating a culture where experimentation is the norm, not the exception — where employees feel free

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