CEOs: Nine Email Hacks To Better Manage Your Inbox And Priorities

A CEO’s email inbox can quickly become unruly if not properly managed. While being constantly bombarded with emails from various recipients making different asks of them, many CEOs may find they get overwhelmed by their inbox, leading to lower productivity and missed communication in the long run. And unfortunately, they don’t always have much time to deal with a mess of emails.

While you can’t always slow down the number of emails coming in, there are tools and strategies that can help get your inbox organized. Below, nine Young Entrepreneur Council members shared their favorite email inbox hacks to help you get a better handle on your work and priorities.

1. Move Some Communication To Slack Instead

It’s easy to get bogged down by the influx of emails that end up in your inbox each day. Organization and communication are crucial to managing your work and priorities. I like to

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