Attracting Immigrant Talent With A New American Dream

Jay Kulkarni Founded Theorem Inc. in 2002 and serves as the driving force for its mantra of “Optimize Today, Build Tomorrow”.

For centuries, business and government leaders have relied upon America’s pursuit of industry and innovation to attract talent from around the globe. Around two-thirds of Silicon Valley tech workers are immigrants, and the rise of remote work opens them up to a literal world of possibilities. As we adapt to this era that relies on technology, biosciences and green energy more than ever before, I must ask myself as a business leader: Has the American Dream that once lured immigrants like me to the United States changed along with everything else?

What The U.S. Offers Immigrants

The U.S. has looked to immigrants anytime we aimed to create industry. Consider the Chinese and Irish immigrants who built the railways in the 1800s, the scientists and academics who came from Europe after

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