4 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Company's Error Culture

By Dave Hengartner, co-founder/ CEO of rready, SaaS startup supporting companies to unleash the biggest asset for innovation: its employees.

You were not born knowing everything you know now, were you? I most definitely was not, so one might ask why organizations still have a hard time learning from mistakes. What is it that keeps companies from cultivating a culture of error within their own four walls?

On my journey working, advising and coaching over 30 corporations and other companies over the last five years, I have seen the company culture of many different firms, and I can tell you that a comprehensive and well-implemented error culture is not easy to come by. It is on everyone’s lips, and we are hearing it everywhere, but what about building it is so difficult?

However, some errors are unforeseeable, and for those, you should not punish your employees. Forbidding any kind of

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