Growing Electric Vehicle Ownership Requires Access And A Behavior Shift

Desmond Wheatley is President and CEO of Beam Global, an electric vehicle charging technologies company. 

As car buyers transition in large numbers to electric vehicles (EVs), many still cite range anxiety as a concern, despite the large numbers of EVs that make it to and from their destinations each day without range issues. Manufacturers report regularly on electric vehicle range to reduce EV ownership hesitancy based on range anxiety, and others suggest that various forms of range extenders will solve the issue.

Yet greater range, while sometimes important and desirable, is not the crucial factor in growing EV ownership, in my opinion. The issue to overcome is not one of range but a lack of understanding about EV “fueling” behavior. The fact is this: EVs are far easier to refuel than their gasoline-powered predecessors.  

early days of gasoline-powered cars, gas stations were rare, and drivers had severe range anxiety. Early 20th century

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