Fors Marsh Group Takes A Data-Driven Approach To Help Build Consumer Awareness Of Social Impact

With a focus on data-driven impact, Fors Marsh Group has grown over 20 years into a research and strategy firm with nearly 400 employees that emphasizes transparency, measurement, and accountability. In its work with clients, Fors Marsh Group uses research to address important societal challenges such as reducing suicide and sexual harassment rates and helping communities prepare for potential natural disasters. 

CEO Ben Garthwaite says the Arlington, Virginia-based company’s overarching goal is to make the world better for people. “To do that, we believe that, ultimately, if it’s a product or a service or communication — whatever it is — you can’t design and build something better for people without bringing them to the table,” he says. “We’re a research-first company.”

Since becoming a Certified B Corporation in 2017, Fors Marsh Group has worked with leaders and businesses in the B Corp community to grow the movement of business

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