Why Small Businesses Should Adopt An 'Always Hiring' Approach

Founder & CEO of Creative Business Inc a financial advisory firm specializing in serving elite entrepreneurs across all creative industries.

Historically small business hiring is done on an as-needed basis or in waves in advance of busy times — whether it’s tax season for finance and accounting businesses or the holidays for retail businesses. 

But I think today’s competitive job market, coupled with the wave of turnover expected from the “Great Resignation,” requires that small businesses shift their approach to an “always hiring” strategy. I shifted my own small business to this approach about a year ago, and it has lessened the impact of employee departures and surfaced some surprisingly strong candidates outside of our usual hiring windows. 

Sometimes you may need to play around with different job posting styles. Depending on the role or the industry, culture-oriented job postings may be more successful. You may find something future focused

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