How Business Leaders Can Help Make Change Happen In Nigeria

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Viktor Frankl summarized that one might be judged only in the context of one’s options. Ideal choices in the absence of ideal circumstances are often simply self-indulgence in one’s self-conception. Sometimes, and in some places, realities are often too stark to allow for that. 

That is the context in which some business leaders wishing to improve their fellow citizens lives must operate in: less a matter of being in tune with Gen-Z value systems through corporate social responsibility or other 1990s throwbacks but of making due where state absence or ineffectiveness leave harsh choices to be made.

wrote previously, most of Sub-Saharan Africa is faced with a double-edged sword in demography. With an increasing population, but also one that will likely be overall uneducated, underemployed and poorly urbanized, this could lead to as much

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