Five Tips For Getting Started As A Real Estate Investor

Real estate visionary, President & CEO at ABI Multifamily, and Co-founder of Neighborhood Ventures real estate crowdfunding company.

I’ve worked in commercial real estate my entire 30-year-plus career, and I believe this industry has seen a huge change in the past three years. Until recently, the people primarily buying and selling commercial real estate properties were what I call the “country club crowd” — wealthy individuals who made their fortunes investing in projects, selling for a profit, then repeating. But today, a number of factors seem to have drawn the interest of investors of all ages.

Getting started with investing isn’t always easy, however. Below are some of my investing tips for those who are new to the game:

Understand there is no secret club.

Of course, when you invest with others, keep in mind that the person you’re working with will make or break your experience. From my

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