3 Ways To Solve Common Innovation Inefficiencies

It’s one thing to come up with clever business ideas. It’s another thing to get them smoothly from planning to execution.

The road to innovation is paved with plenty of detours, potholes, and one-way streets. While some of them are unavoidable and unexpected—like a global pandemic—others can be anticipated. And that means they can be thwarted with a bit of strategic forethought.

If you’re tired of only making it halfway to your innovation goalpost, try these strategies. They’ll help you overcome inefficiencies and sidestep common stumbling blocks. 

1. Encourage innovations that aren’t necessarily tangible products.

When people hear the word “innovation,” they often think of a tangible item such as a new breed of electric car. However, innovations can be novel ideas and or different systems, too. When you’re in the brainstorming phase with your employees, remind them to see innovation from this type of multi-angled perspective.

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