The 5 Most Common Causes Of Miscommunication—And What To Do About Them

By Dianna Booher—

The seventh email on the same situation just popped into my inbox. Yet the matter was so very simple to handle:

––1st Email:  I asked my financial adviser to transfer money from one account to another account at a different firm by the end of the week and confirm that he’d completed the transaction.

––2nd Email: He replied “Sure thing.” And then he asked if I was going to be attending their upcoming seminar, giving me further details on that event.

––3rd Email: I answered “no” about the seminar.

Common Causes and Cures for Miscommunication 1.      You’re giving too much information.

You understand the resulting confusion of too much information if you’ve ever tried to take driving directions from someone who gives them like my husband. “Okay, you’re going to be on Loop 610 going South. You’ll pass a couple of exits where there’ll be big logjams

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