Facing Fears As A Dietitian In Private Practice (So You Can Grow Your Business)

Libby Rothschild, CEO of Dietitian Boss. Follow on LinkedIn

Imagine this: You encounter something that triggers your anxiety or flight response. Perhaps you’re enrolling your first client into your online group program or you’re launching your course. Perhaps you have to fire a staff member and the anxiety keeps you up at night. 

On a physiological level, your body begins to change. Your heart pumps faster. Your hair stands on end. You begin to morph into fight-or-flight mode. You’re suddenly made of adrenaline. Every fiber of your being is telling you to avoid whatever it is that’s making you scared. You want to run or struggle (or both). 

Think of it this way: Fear can contain both valuable information and a specific call to action. It can also prevent you from moving in the direction you need to go. By challenging yourself to identify, face and process the fear

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