The Five Types Of Startups To Watch In 2022: Part One

Founder of ktc, I have a passion for service design, customer experience and entrepreneurship.

This is part one of a two-part article looking ahead to the 2022 startup landscape.

Innovation always acts as a reflection of economic, social and technological events around us — addressing people’s changing needs. While we normally focus on individual needs, the pandemic shone a light on global challenges. These systemic challenges, such as the climate crisis, political polarization and the abuse of smart technology, are complex. Meanwhile, individual challenges come from a need to be heard more, live healthier, have more fun and go faster. We believe successful startups in 2022 and beyond will be aware of these two types of challenges and address them jointly.

Startups that align a higher purpose with their new services have the potential to thrive. We are already seeing signs of this new breed of innovators: conscious, inclusive, empowered

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