Community Is In: How To Create Brand Advocacy Among Gen Z And Millennials

CEO of Sid Lee USA, a creative company, applying storytelling, design and technology to build customer experiences that matter.

The next wave of marketing transformation is upon us. It is tempting for leaders to squarely look at performance marketing as a panacea for modern marketing, but it is essential to remember that third-party cookie data is inching toward disappearing. While I don’t believe cookies will ever go away entirely, it’s worth considering an alternative strategy to drive reach and audience engagement in digital marketing. Marketing with communities means you can tap into their network effects and connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level to drive action and advocacy for your brand.

But how do millennials and Generation Z connect to digital communities? And why? Are different types of communities better than others to participate in? How do you participate? Fundamentally, how can you genuinely leverage the network effect of

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