Why High-Performing Packs Should Embrace Both Design And Marketing

Dr. Steen Tjarks is the President and Co-Founder at T&T Design, a global packaging and artwork agency that specilaizes in private label.

The design industry is multifaceted and sophisticated. But while some elements have torn up the rule book, I believe fast-moving consumer goods (known as FMCG) packaging is caught in a time warp. When a pack fails to fly off the shelves, everyone is bitter. But who is at fault, and how can such lemons be avoided?

As the president of an agency that specializes in private label design, I’ve seen that digital design has had a radical overhaul. Immersed in consumer psychology, clients and agencies put themselves in the customer’s shoes and painstakingly create an overall brand experience. They orchestrate the entire user journey, from initial interaction to empathy, reinforcement and ongoing loyalty. In essence, it’s all about end-to-end delivery on a brand’s promise.

accelerated by the pandemic,

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