Three Office Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Work

By Marshall Mosher, founder and CEO at Vestigo, leveling up remote teams in virtual reality.

Work life as we once knew it is gone forever. What’s next is a matter of urgent debate among today’s business leaders. 

Employee preferences have inextricably changed. Flexibility and mobility have replaced standardized routines and once cutting-edge in-office perks as the top priorities for workers. Meanwhile, leaders are grappling with the productivity and workplace culture implications of widespread, long-term distributed teams. 

These trends have already generated minor workplace alterations, like Work-from-Work Wednesdays and one Zoom, all Zoom policies, that try to impart some semblance of intentional design to this new way of working. 

work more hours than ever before, suggesting that focus and attention may be difficult to attain outside the office.

Meanwhile, communication and collaboration are significant challenges for hybrid teams. Off-site workers may struggle to engage with their peers without the

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