You are currently viewing This Week In Credit Card News: Crypto Oversight One Step Closer; Did Equifax Send Out Inaccurate Credit Scores?

Equifax Sent Lenders Inaccurate Credit Scores on Millions of Consumers

Equifax provided inaccurate credit scores on millions of U.S. consumers seeking loans during a three-week period earlier this year, according to bank executives and others familiar with the errors. Equifax sent the erroneous scores on people applying for auto loans, mortgages and credit cards to banks and nonbank lenders big and small, including JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Ally Financial. The scores were sometimes off by 20 points or more in either direction, enough to alter the interest rates consumers were offered or to result in their applications being rejected altogether. [The Wall Street Journal]

New Crypto Oversight Legislation Arrives as Industry Shakes

After 13 years, at least three crashes, dozens of scams and Ponzi schemes and hundreds of billions of dollars made and evaporated, cryptocurrencies finally have the full attention of Congress, whose lawmakers and

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