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Eric Harris is the CEO of MindHandle, the employment branding agency in Dallas, TX.

Cultural shifts like we’ve witnessed in the macro employer/employee relationship don’t happen often. The permanent, worldwide disruption of the power dynamic was inevitable following market turbulence, the gig economy, the creator movement, the pandemic, a fumbled return-to-work paradigm, many instances of social unrest and much more over the past several years.

Still, a 2019 iHire report found that roughly 39% of respondents lack an employer branding strategy, and about 20% were “unsure of their branding efforts.” Yet, a 2015 survey found that 86% of U.S. women and 67% of U.S. men would not join a company that has a bad reputation. Nearly half of respondents said they would need a pay increase of at least 50% to switch to a company with a bad reputation.

1. Take a company snapshot.


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