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Chase Flashman | Co-Founder & CEO at ShipSigma

Dear Shipper,

Your company is overpaying on shipping.

Realistically, they have been for a while. But early 2020 changed everything. With Covid-19 keeping people in their homes, demand for e-commerce rose exponentially. And now that consumers have gotten so used to shopping online and consider Amazon’s 2-day (or same-day) delivery the norm, sellers and carriers alike have had to increase their shipping, their speed and, as a result, their prices.

Amazon Effect as the “impact created by the online, e-commerce, or digital marketplace on the traditional brick and mortar business model that is the result of the change in shopping patterns, customer expectations, and the industry’s competitive landscape.” While this isn’t exclusively on Amazon’s shoulders, they were a major player as the biggest e-commerce website worldwide. Because of Amazon and the increase in e-commerce demand as a

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