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Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., CEO & CLO at Age Brilliantly(.org). Helping proactive professionals create limitless leadership, lives & legacies.

In our prior Forbes article, we proposed reframing the “Great Resignation” as the “Great Exploration” for many of more than 48 million workers. One positive result of the lockdowns and working from home was a feeling that prior work choices really weren’t meeting their life values and lifestyle preferences. Therefore, employees needed to explore what they really want from their potential 100-year life span.

The immediate response by most companies is to replace the workers to make sure the work gets done and customers aren’t disappointed. Unfortunately, that’s expensive: Companies need to invest time and money recruiting new workers and onboarding them. Since most workers want a salary increase when they switch jobs, it’s likely that the new replacement’s salary will be higher. Finally, not all new recruits

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