You are currently viewing PLG Part One: Understanding The Two Types Of Product-Led Growth In Cloud Business Software

Andy Stinnes, General Partner, Cloud Apps Capital Partners.

PLG, short for product-led growth, has been the talk of the (tech) town for a few years now. In this go-to-market motion, a traditional top-down software sales approach to C-level decision makers based on value proposition and a product demo is replaced with a bottom-up, end-user focused, try-before-you-buy model that relies on a compelling product and self-service buying experience. Zoom, Calendly and SurveyMonkey are perfect examples.

A Massive Shift In B2B Software

PLG isn’t just some idea dreamed up by smart technology marketers. It’s part of a broader change in business software buying behavior. As my company has recently reported, the confluence of easy-to-deploy cloud software, a younger and more demanding application user and changing company cultures that put more power in the hands of end-users, has triggered a democratization of the business software buying process—and consumerization of

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