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By Ben Zimmerman, president at Media Design Group.

It’s a familiar story by now. The Covid-19 pandemic came crashing down in 2020, wreaking havoc on the economic path in front of it. And by 2021, global supply chains slowed to a crawl. These conditions were initially stirred up by labor conditions. As the virus spread, mask mandates, state-imposed quarantines and other factors impacted the overall availability of labor. Many workers were forced to miss work due to Covid-19 infections, which led to staff shortages. While some industries were able to transition to remote work, others were not—and essential workers on the frontline became the heroes of 2020.

Labor shortages never disappeared. Even as vaccines—and subsequent boosters—rolled out, the global economy stayed stagnant. New surges in Covid-19 cases created even more uncertainty in a country already weary from the public health crisis. Across the U.S., many workers looked

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