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Ivan Maryasin, Co-Founder and CEO at Monite.

Super apps are popping up everywhere. Fintechs like Revolut and Square have branched out from a core offering and are aiming to become one-stop shops where end-users can carry out any transaction or financial service they are likely to need within a uniform customer experience.

But for most business users, super apps lack focus. Businesses are often forced to choose between generic super apps with plenty of functionality or niche platforms that, while specific to their vertical market, have so-so automation.

Four Options For Building Profitable B2B Super Apps

The first option is building everything in-house from scratch. It requires teams of experts who are usually costly to recruit and motivate. Onboarding alone can easily take six months including notice periods. Building a new product this way requires a minimum of nine months, more likely nearer two years,

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