You are currently viewing The Smug Selling Era Is Over: Remaining Centered On Your Customers

Dwayne J. Clark is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Aegis Living, a best-selling author and longevity expert.

Ripping off customers or disrespecting them all together is an obvious no-fly zone for most businesses. Yet, these practices seem to be more commonplace than ever as we continue to experience the impacts of the pandemic and resulting inflation. Consumers have had to put up with price gouging, poor quality items and bad customer service just to receive the basic goods and services they need.

But I see all signs pointing to shifting tides, putting customers back in the driver’s seat and bad businesses on their heels. Only brands that have remained centered on their customers will prevail.

Also gone will be the hotelier charging $400 for a non-desirable room in a supposedly full hotel or the local appliance store insisting that you won’t get your washer

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