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Ilya Shmidt, Head Of Operations at Careerist, a learning platform where Edtech meets SaaS in job placement.

Customer journey mapping (CMJ) is an approach that allows you to identify and display possible user paths in interaction with a company and, based on this, build a communication strategy through different channels such as email, instant messengers and sales departments in order to help the user make a choice at the right time at the right decision-making stage. CMJ is beneficial for edtech because the motivation and user behavior in edtech is very different from classical e-commerce.

There is always something more behind buying a course for a user: “I want to change my career,” “I want to earn more money,” “I want to start a new life” and many other personal reasons. This can be stressful; some of our students have previously worked as drivers, salespeople, waiters, etc.,

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