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Greg Fell, CEO, JETNET. We are the trusted source of information and intelligence for the business aviation community.

The aircraft flown successfully by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk on Dec. 17, 1903, was called the “Wright Flyer.” Yet its simple name and spartan design concealed the labor and intelligence required for its creation.

I find it especially interesting that the Wrights initially used and then discarded data from Otto Lilienthal, the first successful aviator. When Lilienthal’s data led to disappointing results in test flights, the Wrights constructed a small wind tunnel in their bicycle shop and conducted their own experiments to gather fresh data. The data from their wind tunnel experiments enabled them to design and build the airplane they would fly at Kitty Hawk, launching the aerospace era.

Digital twins,” highly accurate digital versions of aircraft and aircraft components, are direct descendants of the

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