You are currently viewing Beyond Physical: Lessons That Business Leaders Can Take From The Playing Field To The Office

Michael Ede, Entrepreneur, Football Agent, MD/CEO of Uplift11 Sports, one of the U.K.’s fastest-growing sports management agencies.

The links between sports and business success go back many years. In more recent studies, researchers have noted that women benefit just as much (if not more) than their male colleagues from a thorough immersion of life on the playing field. The environment of cooperative competition demands that specific characteristics grow within each athlete. These skills, instincts and drives all carry over into the business arena.

Disciplined Flexibility

Signing up to play a sport, even if it’s a pub league, is a commitment to yourself and your team. The evidence of your commitment is discipline. When you work diligently to hone your skills and bring out the best in your teammates, you ingrain strength and resilience in those around you. And when your team concedes a goal, that

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