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Founder and CEO of Rentec Direct, property management software for real estate professionals.

Traditionally, real estate has been a slower adopter of technology than other industries, but that is quickly changing. “Proptech” is now a thing, as those in the real estate space embrace technology to create efficiencies in everything from the home sales process to property management tasks. (Full disclosure: My company offers property management software solutions, as do many others.) The bottom line: Technology, especially automation, can help cut costs, streamline workflows and free people up to use their skills for more than mind-numbing manual tasks.

Many businesses—in the real estate industry and beyond—have been hesitant to adopt new technology due to a number of factors: economic uncertainty, possible downtime while onboarding, leadership that is resistant to change and, especially in the last couple of years, a generalized feeling of already being overwhelmed. But the

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