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Eldar Itlyashev, Executive VP and COO, Kavkaz Express, LLC.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” This quote is often credited to Albert Einstein. Mistakes in life, business and relationships are inevitable. We’re all human—they happen.

But what we do with these mistakes can be the difference between flourishing and failure—and we know this for certain. So, how do we flourish from our mistakes?

Types Of Mistakes

• Slip-based: These are mistakes associated with everyday, familiar tasks that require little conscious thought. Examples include mixing up documents or sending an email to the wrong person.

• Lapse-based: This means forgetting to do things—skipping a step in a process. Lapses often occur in busy, stressful environments.

• Rule-based: These mistakes include making the wrong decision and errors of judgment.

• Knowledge-based: These mistakes stem from inexperience and a lack of knowledge.

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