You are currently viewing Inside High Valley Books, the Fashion Bookstore in a Brooklyn Apartment

Bill Hall, the proprietor, has assembled a vast collection of hard-to-find fashion books and magazines coveted by designers and influencers.

On a recent Sunday, few moments passed when Bill Hall wasn’t answering his home’s buzzer. He led a succession of fashionable Brooklynites through his entryway and into his sunny living room, which is lined with vintage fashion magazines, photo books from Guy Bourdin and Ron Jude and obscure German design quarterlies.

“Three big libraries just came in with 300 copies of The World of Interiors from the 1990s and 2000s, which are kind of hard to find,” Mr. Hall, a 60-year-old man in a rumpled shirt with clear-framed glasses balanced on his nose, said to a chic couple, gesturing toward the magazines on a nearby Eames bookshelf.

Mr. Hall’s home, in a three-story building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, doubles as High Valley Books, a shop with more than 50,000 volumes of books and magazines,

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