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Tech-savvy creators are flocking to New Inc. The focus is less on making art than on making it in a way that provides a living.

Nicole Yi Messier and Victoria Manganiello would like you to talk to their textile. Just pick up the phone and tell it a story. Nothing elaborate — a simple story will do. The textile in question is a few feet away, 18 fabric panels suspended from the ceiling. While you’re talking, ChatGPT will decode the emotions, which are then displayed as colors on fiber optics running through the fabric. The system is constantly evolving, but depending on the circumstances, red could mean joy, blue might mean frustration, purple could signal sadness.

“Ancient Futures,” as it’s called, is one of 33 installations on view through June 20 at 161 Water Street, a Financial District office tower that’s been recently reborn as a collaborative work space and culture hang.

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