You are currently viewing Etsy to Ban Sex Toys and Other ‘Mature’ Products in New Policy

The online marketplace is putting in place a new safety-oriented policy, banning the sale of “mature” products, including vintage Playboys and many sex toys.

Etsy has long been a go-to website for artisans and collectors to sell their goods. Think crochet patterns, novelty doormats, 3D-printed jewelry and antique ceramics. Soon, though, its wares will be a little less varied.

Starting July 29, many sex toys will be banned, the company said, including products that are penetrative, like dildos and vibrators.

So will any “printed or visual materials” that exist for “the purpose of sexual arousal or stimulation.” (Say goodbye to old Playboy issues and other vintage adult magazines.)

So will anything printed or embroidered with a sexual slogan related to “daddy,” “mommy” or any other family member. (Etsy offered examples that cannot be printed in a family newspaper.)

The new policy, released by Etsy on Thursday and reported by Mashable on Friday, is the company’s

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