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As chronic work stress climbs, entrepreneurs find opportunity in the burgeoning space of burnout coaching.

“Making It Work” is a series is about small-business owners striving to endure hard times.

When Karen Schiro, a real estate agent in Fairfax Station, Va., realized last year that she was suffering from burnout, she reached out to a burnout coach, Ellyn Schinke, based in Tacoma, Wash. “I knew that I was burned out and I just didn’t know how to fix it,” she said.

Over six months of weekly video calls, Ms. Schiro, 45, learned how to pare down her overloaded to-do lists. Making changes like adding a line to her email signature saying that she does not respond to messages sent after 6 p.m. seemed like “stupid stuff,” she said, but it took an outsider’s perspective to pinpoint these adjustments.

“When you’re burned out, it’s hard to think of those things and implement them,” Ms. Schiro

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