Amazon pushes its return to office to Jan. 3.

Daily Business BriefingAug. 5, 2021Updated  Aug. 5, 2021, 1:38 p.m. ET Aug. 5, 2021, 1:38 p.m. ET Amazon, Wells Fargo and BlackRock are encouraging employees to be vaccinated but not mandating it.Joseph Prezioso/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images More large corporations, including Amazon, BlackRock and Wells Fargo, announced on Thursday that they would delay their return […]

Every DC Films Movie Ranked Worst To Best

While I did one of these “every DC Films flick ranked” post in Christmas 2018, the number of so-called DC Films flicks has essentially doubled since then. This isn’t unlike what we saw with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which offered up six films in Phase One from 2008 to 2012, six films in Phase Two […]

Nine Skills And Habits Crucial To Becoming A Successful Modern Marketer

The world of marketing is ever-changing, especially in today’s digital-first world. Successful marketers not only need to be masters at capturing customers’ attention and showing them the benefits of their product or service, but they also need to know how to leverage the most up-to-date digital tools to reach those customers. As business leaders, the […]

Biden Announces Record Amount of Climate Resilience Funding

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will give states $3.5 billion to prepare for disasters, as wildfires and other calamities pummel the country. The Biden administration announced on Thursday a record injection of money to help communities gird against the effects of climate change, as disasters continue to pummel the United States. The new funds — […]

Amazon Delays Return to Office to January

More large corporations, including Amazon, BlackRock and Wells Fargo, announced on Thursday that they would delay their return to office plans as the spread of the Delta variant causes the number of coronavirus cases to climb. Amazon took the biggest step, telling its corporate employees that they did not need to return to their offices […]

Going for Broke in Cryptoland

They have names that make them sound delicious, like Cookie Coin. Or headed for outer space, like Pluto Coin. Or space-bound and delicious, like AstroCake, which was described this way: “Created 5 minutes ago. SAFE.” Hype coins, as they’re known, sit squarely on the flashy, speculative end of the cryptocurrency business. Every day, dozens of […]

Inflation in Britain will peak at 4 percent, the central bank predicts.

Inflation in Britain will rise to an annual rate of 4 percent later this year, according to the new projections by the Bank of England, a level that is double the central bank’s target and one that hasn’t been reached in a decade. But policymakers didn’t feel the need to immediately slow their efforts to […]

Richard Trumka, A.F.L.-C.I.O. Chief, Dies at 72

A third-generation coal miner from Pennsylvania, he had led the labor federation since 2009. Richard Trumka, the president of the A.F.L.-C.I.O., the nation’s pre-eminent labor federation, for the last 12 years and an influential voice in Democratic politics, died on Thursday. He was 72. The federation confirmed the death. The cause was a heart attack, […]

Longtime Union Leader Richard Trumka Dies At 72

Topline AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka — who led the nation’s largest federation of labor unions for over a decade and became a potent and often outspoken political force — died at the age of 72, the AFL-CIO said Thursday. Key Facts The AFL-CIO announced Trumka’s death in a tweet, saying the organization and the country […]

Gotham Awards Won’t Define Acting Categories by Gender

The Gothams will replace the best actress and best actor categories with a single category for “outstanding lead performance.” Should acting prizes be gender neutral? The question has been percolating for years, with zealous arguments for and against. But the biggest ceremonies that honor acting, aware that change would kick a cultural hornet’s nest, have […]

Fixing The Texas Power Grid Requires New Oversight — Don’t Hold Your Breath

Loren Steffy, UH Energy Scholar The Texas Railroad Commission, a three-member panel elected by the public, oversees natural gas production. By putting a priority on gas used for heating, it actually curtailed the flow of gas to power plants. The electric system is overseen by the Public Utility Commission, a three-member panel appointed by the […]

Digital Currency Is a Divided Issue at the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve officials seem to be increasingly divided over whether it ought to issue a digital dollar — a digital currency that traces straight back to the central bank rather than to the private banking sector. Speeches by several Fed officials show they have yet to align on the issue, even as the Fed’s peers […]

Sewell Chan of Los Angeles Times to Lead Texas Tribune Newsroom

Mr. Chan, who became The Times’s editorial page editor last year, will be the editor in chief of The Texas Tribune starting Oct. 18. The Texas Tribune on Thursday named Sewell Chan, a top editor at The Los Angeles Times, as its new editor in chief. Mr. Chan, 43, is the editorial page editor at […]

Biden, in a Push to Phase Out Gas Cars, Will Tighten Pollution Rules

The president is expected to restore and strengthen tailpipe emissions regulations from the Obama era and set a target that half of all vehicles sold in the United States be electric by 2030. WASHINGTON — President Biden on Thursday will roll out a strategy that uses tailpipe regulations to try to rapidly shift Americans from […]

New Candidate for Top Bank Regulator Sees Risks in Crypto and Fintechs

The White House is vetting Saule Omarova, a Cornell professor, for the role of comptroller of the currency. Her work has highlighted the risks of cryptocurrency for banks. The Biden administration is vetting a new candidate for the job of top banking regulator after abandoning two earlier choices because a fight broke out within the […]

Oil Producers Used Facebook to Counter Biden's Clean Energy Message

Soon after Joseph R. Biden Jr., then a presidential candidate, released his $2 trillion climate plan last year that promised to escalate the use of clean energy in the United States, the world’s major oil and gas dialed up their presence on Facebook. Overnight on Facebook’s U.S. platforms, 25 of the biggest oil and gas […]

Meet the new climate sceptics, same as the old climate sceptics

The inevitable has finally happened. No, not the record-breaking wildfires, temperatures, and floods, although those too are definitely happening and with an ever more terrifying intensity. I’m talking about the political backlash against climate action, which is somewhat perversely gathering steam just as public concern about the environment soars, climate impacts become ever more visible, […]

How To Upgrade Your Accounts Payable Function With AI

CEO of Kanverse, a cognitive automation company Accounts payable (AP) is one of those functions that can be easy to avoid thinking about until you must. It’s also a function that can benefit from the application of automation in some of the most significant ways, ultimately saving on costs and time, which can have a major […]

The New Rules Of Engagement For Hybrid Workplaces

President and CEO of Health Learning, Research & Practice at Wolters Kluwer leading customer-led innovation and a transformed workforce. With much of the world reopening, many organizations are now determining how they will usher a smooth return of employees to the office and wondering what changes will come along with them. Although we are going back to […]

Three Ways You Can Be A Leader And Mentor To Those On Your Same Path

Founder of Keir Weimer Multimedia, real estate & lifestyle entrepreneur, No. 1 bestselling author, keynote speaker & high-performance coach. Now, more than ever, it’s critically important that we step into our own unique ability to lead and mentor others. The reason being that, in this post-pandemic world, work is increasingly becoming decentralized, remote-first and changing in […]

Biden Expected to Announce Goal of 50% Electric Vehicle Sales by 2030

The White House said on Thursday that it was aiming for half of all new vehicles sold by 2030 to be electric powered, portraying the shift to battery power as essential to keep pace with China and to fight climate change. President Biden plans to announce the target on Thursday afternoon, a White House statement […]

12 Ways E-Commerce Brands Can Increase Revenues And Profitability

Esther Kestenbaum Prozan is President of Ruby Has Fulfillment, a major ecommerce fulfillment provider for top DTC brands.  With new brands constantly being launched and the process of commercialization being democratized by platforms that make it easy to promote new brands as well as more legacy brands going online, competition has become really stiff. Add to […]

Building A Purpose-Driven Movement: Brazil-Based Steel Company Looks To Scale Positive Impact Through Supply Chain

Gerdau, a Brazil-based steel corporation with more than 28,000 workers, looks to build on its leadership as one of the largest recyclers in North and Latin America by embracing or expanding other purpose-minded business practices. It formalized this commitment in 2019 when it joined five other large multinational companies with at least $1 billion in annual revenue for the […]

Collaborative Partnerships: A Balancing Act

What makes for a good partnership? The answer can be hard to pin down. Some pairings that seem perfect on paper are anything but in practice, and some unlikely duos prove to be well-suited to work together. The truth is often that we don’t fully know the people we choose to work with until we’re […]

Four Tips To Find Success As A New CEO

Sean Manning is CEO and Founder of Payroll Vault Franchising LLC, as well as a CPA, and Thought Leader in the Financial Field. Entering a C-suite role can often feel like a career-defining moment, and it should, especially for those rising to the executive level for the first time or now leading their own business. But for […]

14 Smart Strategies To Boost Chances Of Making The Right Hire

How can a company hire the perfect candidate? This question has long been at the heart of numerous hiring practices across a variety of companies. Nevertheless, seeking “the perfect candidate” can often doom the process from the outset.  Companies often wish to hire employees that can add value to their existing teams, but they don’t […]

Seven Steps To Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sonia Jackson Myles, Founder/CEO, The Accord Group, LLC, an executive leadership advisory that works with Fortune 500 and private companies. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is too short to not live authentically. This rings especially true for the many entrepreneurs who’ve taken leaps of faith this past year. According to […]

BP announces wave of prospective deals for blue hydrogen in Teesside

A raft of companies have their signalled their interest in purchasing ‘blue’ hydrogen produced at BP’s proposed production facility on Teesside, with the oil and gas giant today announcing several prospective offtake agreements. BP today said it had signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with CF Fertilisers, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Sembcorp Energy UK, and sustainable aviation […]

Nova Innovation handed £2m to advance tidal turbine manufacturing in Scotland

Nova Innovation has been awarded £2m from the Scottish Government to help develop advance tidal turbine manufacturing capacity, with a view to helping the domestic marine energy sector reach global markets, the tidal developer announced today. The funding, awarded by the Scottish Enterprise agency, is earmarked to help develop the first European assembly line for […]

What Is the ‘J. Lo Effect’?

It’s hard to define but easy to identify. While fans of the Netflix reality show “Selling Sunset” await a new season of luxury Los Angeles real estate and interpersonal conflict, there’s been plenty to watch on social media: wedding plans, pregnancies, European vacations and budding relationships. Just last week, one of the “Selling Sunset” stars, […]

Carbon labelling start up promises to help cut food emissions step by step

A new labelling scheme for food producers, restaurants, and retailers to easily calculate, reduce, and report on the environmental impact of their food has formally launched today. Foodsteps has debuted with a promise of becoming the first UK-based tech firm to provide carbon tracking and impact labelling to restaurants, caterers, and other food-related businesses.  The […]

Investors urge steel industry to chart path to net zero

Investors representing over $55tr in assets have this week set out a series of actions that the steel industry must take to decarbonise in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. The actions, outlined in a ewn report titled Global Sector Strategies: Investor interventions to accelerate net zero steel, were published yesterday by the […]

Gig companies want Massachusetts voters to exempt workers from employee status.

A coalition of gig economy companies that includes Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart said on Wednesday that it had filed a ballot proposal in Massachusetts that could create a new class of workers in the commonwealth. If the coalition is successful, Massachusetts voters will decide next year whether gig workers should be considered independent contractors. […]

Children In 18 States Will Have More Education Options Thanks To 2021 Reforms

With 12 states having passed income tax cuts and five states enacting corporate rate reduction, it’s been a big year for state income tax relief. Likewise, it’s also been a banner year in state legislatures when it comes to the advancement of reforms that expand school choice. 2021, as Governing Magazine describes it, “has arguably […]

Bill Gates Says Epstein Relationship Was ‘a Huge Mistake’

“You know, there were lots of others in that same situation, but I made a mistake,” Mr. Gates told Anderson Cooper of CNN. In an interview on CNN on Wednesday evening, Bill Gates acknowledged that his relationship with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was “a huge mistake,” and he told the host, Anderson Cooper, that […]

New York City’s Vaccine Passport Plan Renews Online Privacy Debate

The mainstreaming of digital vaccine passes could lead to more surveillance, privacy researchers cautioned. When New York City announced on Tuesday that it would soon require people to show proof of at least one coronavirus vaccine shot to enter businesses, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the system was “simple — just show it and you’re […]