Fox Earnings: Fox Acquires OutKick as Profits Jump

Fox News, the cable news giant controlled by Rupert Murdoch, kept its parent company flush in the first three months of the year, notching a slight gain in profit and sales despite a drop in viewers. Altogether, Fox Corporation beat Wall Street expectations with a sevenfold increase in profit to $567 million and a 6.5 […]

Nick Clegg Steers Facebook's Trump Decision

When Facebook barred President Donald J. Trump from its service in January, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, defended the decision in a Facebook post the morning after the siege of the Capitol. But the first draft was written the night before by Nick Clegg, a former British deputy prime minister who leads the company’s public […]

Trump Ban From Facebook Upheld by Oversight Board

A company-appointed panel ruled that the ban was justified at the time but added that the company should reassess its action and make a final decision in six months. SAN FRANCISCO — A Facebook-appointed panel of journalists, activists and lawyers on Wednesday upheld the social network’s ban of former President Donald J. Trump, ending any […]

David Oyelowo Fights for Representation in Family Films

The actor turned to directing after an eye-opening discussion with his son. He realized he couldn’t rely on Hollywood to find stories he wanted to tell. The actor David Oyelowo’s journey into the director’s chair took 20 years and one critical conversation with his oldest son. It was 2015 and Oyelowo was preparing to star […]

New York Times Q1 2021 Earnings

The publisher added 301,000 digital subscribers for the first quarter, the slowest gain in over a year. Profits jumped, beating Wall Street expectations. #styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } No doubt, President Biden has lowered the temperature of the nation after four […]

Billie Eilish in British Vogue: What the Cover Means

The pop star known for defying gender stereotypes got a glamour makeover with a corset. Not everyone is happy about it. Billie Eilish wants you to know she is in charge, brash and self-assured enough to scrap the raffish image that helped garner her a world of fans in favor of something a little more […]

Mr. Beast, YouTube Star, Wants to Take Over the Business World

Jimmy Donaldson, 22, a YouTube megastar better known as Mr. Beast, operates six YouTube channels with names like MrBeast,MrBeast Shorts and Beast Reacts that together have 91 million subscribers. People have viewed his videos more than 13 billion times. And last year as the pandemic raged, he became the most-subscribed YouTube creator in the country. […]

Yamiche Alcindor Is Named Host of ‘Washington Week’ on PBS

She succeeds Robert Costa at a program best known as the longtime home of the anchor Gwen Ifill. Last month, when Yamiche Alcindor learned she would become the next moderator of the PBS current-affairs show “Washington Week,” she immediately felt the emotion of the moment. “I basically instantly cried,” Ms. Alcindor recalled, “thinking about Gwen.” […]

Swiss Billionaire Quietly Becomes Influential Force Among Democrats

Hansjörg Wyss, who recently dropped his bid to buy Tribune Publishing, has been a leading source of difficult-to-trace money to groups associated with Democrats. WASHINGTON — He is not as well known as wealthy liberal patrons like George Soros or Tom Steyer. His political activism is channeled through a daisy chain of opaque organizations that […]

Moneybagg Yo Reaches No. 1 With ‘A Gangsta’s Pain’

The Memphis rapper’s fourth studio album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200, and Eric Church landed a new LP at No. 4. Hip-hop and country music lead this week’s Billboard album chart, with the Memphis rapper Moneybagg Yo notching his first No. 1 album and Eric Church opening in the Top 5. Moneybagg […]

L.A. Times Names Kevin Merida Executive Editor

One of the biggest newspaper jobs goes to a groundbreaking journalist who spent two decades at The Washington Post. #styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } After a six-month search, The Los Angeles Times announced on Monday that it had selected a seasoned […]

Help, We Can’t Stop Writing About Andrew Yang

The outsider brings provocative ideas and good vibes. But can an “empty vessel” really make it through New York’s shark-infested media waters? In January of last year, as the Iowa caucuses neared and before I’d heard of Covid-19, I asked Andrew Yang if running for mayor of New York wouldn’t make more sense than his […]

Fred Jordan, Publisher of Taboo-Breaking Books, Dies at 95

At Grove Press, he and Barney Rosset challenged censors as they popularized D.H. Lawrence, Henry Miller, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and others. Fred Jordan, the publishing partner of Barney Rosset, whose groundbreaking Grove Press and Evergreen Review fended off government censors to introduce avant-garde authors who inspired the counterculture of the 1960s, died on […]

Apple and Epic Head to Court Over Their Slices of the App Pie

One Friday last August, Tim Sweeney, a billionaire game developer, sent an email to a contact at Microsoft: “You’ll enjoy the upcoming fireworks show.” A week later, Mr. Sweeney’s game Fortnite delivered good news to players on iPhones: They would get a discount on items in the game if they completed the purchases outside Apple’s […]

Newsmax Apologizes for False Claims of Vote-Rigging by a Dominion Employee

The right-wing news site said it had found “no evidence” for pro-Trump conspiracy theories about Eric Coomer, who was Dominion’s director of product strategy and security. The conservative news outlet Newsmax formally apologized on Friday for spreading baseless allegations that an employee of Dominion Voting Systems had rigged voting machines in an effort to sink […]

Hotel Mogul Bainum Prepares to Raise Tribune Takeover Offer

#styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } With time running out, Stewart W. Bainum Jr. is making a renewed effort to buy Tribune Publishing, the newspaper chain that agreed in February to sell itself to its largest shareholder, the hedge fund Alden Global […]

In Podcast, Odessa High School Students Talk About Struggles

Working on the audio documentary “Odessa” gave one producer a painful look at the post-lockdown emotional struggles of teenagers. Times Insider explains who we are and what we do, and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. Last fall, after months of shadowing the reopening of a high school in Odessa, Texas, I […]

President Biden’s first formal address drew nearly 27 million viewers.

Nearly 27 million people watched President Biden’s first formal address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, a large audience for television these days but a much smaller audience than similar speeches by other presidents, according to data from Nielsen. Shown on all major networks and cable news channels starting at 9 p.m. […]

Comcast Earnings Beat Expectations Amid Shift to Streaming

As it takes the risk of transforming itself from a TV giant into a streaming start-up, the cable operator beat investors’ estimates in its first-quarter results. #styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } If you want a clear picture of the state of […]

Charles Strum, Versatile Editor for The Times, Dies at 73

Whether overseeing the paper’s night operations, a regional bureau or the obituaries, he was known for his calmness under deadline pressure. #styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } Charles Strum, a longtime senior editor at The New York Times who earned a reputation […]

TV Production Adapted to Weather the Pandemic. Now What?

The unions representing actors and crews are in talks with the studios about extending — and possibly changing — the safety protocols they agreed on in September. When it became clear early in the pandemic that it was safer to be outdoors than in, the creators of “Big Shot,” a new Disney+ series being made […]

Apple AirTag Review: Next-Generation Tech in a Humble Tracker

Don’t let its familiar look fool you. Apple’s new tracking accessory is a precursor to better wireless gadgets to come. On the outside, Apple’s new AirTag looks like a ho-hum product that we have all seen before. It’s a disc-shaped tracking gadget that can be attached to items like house keys to help you find […]

New York Post Reporter Who Wrote False Kamala Harris Story Resigns

The front-page article in the Murdoch tabloid claimed that copies of a children’s book by the vice president were given to migrant children as part of a “welcome kit.” #styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } The article splashed across the cover of […]

Times Event: How to Save Ourselves From Disinformation

Comedian Sarah Silverman and The Times’s Kevin Roose, Sheera Frenkel and Davey Alba explore how disinformation spreads, and how we can fight back. Times subscribers can R.S.V.P. for this free event on Wednesday, May 26 at 7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific. It spreads through social media and message boards. Through television pundits and talk […]

‘There Is a Tension There’: Publishers Draw Fire for Signing Trump Officials

Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and William Barr have book deals. That is raising new challenges for publishers trying to balance ideological lines with a desire to continue representing the political spectrum. Things were already strained at Simon & Schuster. After backing out of a deal with Senator Josh Hawley, a prominent supporter of former President […]

Twitch, Where Far-Right Influencers Feel at Home

Barred from Twitter and Facebook as Trump was, social media’s younger conspiracy theorists are moving to Twitch. What’s the biggest political surprise of 2021? Not the Democrats’ upset wins in Georgia, flipping the Senate in their favor. Not President Biden’s leftward swerve. How about the fact that, after he was kicked off Twitter and Facebook, […]

Norton Takes Philip Roth Biography Out of Print

The publisher also said it would make a donation to sexual abuse organizations equal to the advance it paid Blake Bailey, the author accused of sexual assault. W.W. Norton said in a memo to its staff on Tuesday that it will permanently take Blake Bailey’s biography of Philip Roth out of print, following allegations that […]

Fox News Pushes to Have Defamation Suit Against It Dismissed

In the months since the election tech company Smartmatic sued Fox News and three of its anchors, the two companies have engaged in a prehearing back-and-forth that continued Monday when Fox filed briefs in support of a previous motion to have the lawsuit dismissed. In its defamation suit, which was filed in New York State […]

Inject the Vaccine Fan Fiction Directly Into My Veins

It feels very American to turn the vaccine rollout into a branding spectacle rooted in the worship of pharmaceutical companies. What is your favorite piece of vaccine-related content? Mine is a TikTok that goes like this: An adult man smiles assuredly at an imaginary group positioned outside the frame. “OK, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he […]

Extremists Find a Financial Lifeline on Twitch

QAnon adherents and other far-right influencers are making thousands of dollars broadcasting election and vaccine conspiracy theories on the streaming site. Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman, a podcaster who fought to overturn the 2020 presidential election, recently railed against mask mandates to her 4,000 fans in a live broadcast and encouraged them to enter stores maskless. On another […]

Anthony Hopkins' Oscar Win Ends Night Highlighted by Diversity

Six years after #OscarsSoWhite, a diverse roster of artists won awards, though Anthony Hopkins’s win over Chadwick Boseman as best actor surprised many. #styln-signup { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; min-height: 50px; } #styln-signup.web { display: none; } #styln-signup + .live-blog-post::before { border-top: unset !important; } [data-feedpub-type=”LIVE_BLOG”] […]

Oscars Ratings Plummet, With Fewer Than 10 Million Tuning In

Sunday night’s pandemic-restricted telecast drew 58 percent fewer viewers than last year’s record low. #styln-signup { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; min-height: 50px; } #styln-signup.web { display: none; } #styln-signup + .live-blog-post::before { border-top: unset !important; } [data-feedpub-type=”LIVE_BLOG”] #styln-signup { border-bottom: none; } LOS ANGELES — For […]

Why the 2021 Oscars Weren't So Different From the Past

The anticlimactic night was in many ways not too different from previous Academy Awards, and it showed the organization was willing to change only so much. #styln-signup { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; min-height: 50px; } #styln-signup.web { display: none; } #styln-signup + .live-blog-post::before { border-top: unset […]

‘Slime Language 2,’ by Young Thug and Friends, Reaches No. 1

The compilation featuring the Atlanta rapper and various artists from his Young Stoner Life label bested Taylor Swift for the top spot on Billboard’s album chart. Mixtape, playlist or compilation album — what’s the difference? These days, on streaming services, not much. But whatever you call it, “Slime Language 2,” the new project from the […]

SiriusXM Is Buying ‘99% Invisible,’ and Street Cred in Podcasting

The deal, for one of the industry’s earliest success stories, is the latest salvo in an era of rapid consolidation. Roman Mars’s “99% Invisible,” a hit podcast about the hidden influence of design and architecture that helped solidify resurgent interest in narrative audio when it premiered in 2010, has a new home. SiriusXM, the satellite […]

To Be Tracked or Not? Apple Is Now Giving Us the Choice.

With Apple’s latest mobile software update, we can decide whether apps monitor and share our activities with others. Here’s what to know. If we had a choice, would any of us want to be tracked online for the sake of seeing more relevant digital ads? We are about to find out. On Monday, Apple plans […]

'Colette,' From the Video Game Medal of Honor, Wins an Oscar

“Colette,” which was featured in the virtual-reality video game Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, took home the award for best documentary short. It was a night of firsts: First Korean actor to win an Oscar, oldest performer to win best actor, first woman of color to win best director. And, for the video game […]

With No Frills or Celebrities, Cookpad Is a Global Go-To for Recipes

Born in Japan and a hit around the world, the recipe-sharing site has been less successful in America. Yet it has a small, fervent following among immigrants. There are unspoken expectations the digital realm tends to place on recipes: They should photograph beautifully. They should have the mass appeal to go viral. And they should […]

How Mark Zuckerberg and Apple's C.E.O. Became Foes

The chief executives of Facebook and Apple have opposing visions for the future of the internet. Their differences are set to escalate this week. SAN FRANCISCO — At a confab for tech and media moguls in Sun Valley, Idaho, in July 2019, Timothy D. Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook sat down to […]

‘Nomadland’ Makes History, and Chadwick Boseman Is Upset at the Oscars

Chloé Zhao’s film about the damaged American dream won best picture, best director and best actress. In a surprise, Anthony Hopkins (“The Father”) won best actor. #styln-signup { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; min-height: 50px; } #styln-signup.web { display: none; } #styln-signup + .live-blog-post::before { border-top: unset […]

Bob Fass, Pioneer of Underground Radio, Dies at 87

His provocative “Radio Unnameable,” long a staple of the New York station WBAI, offered a home on the FM dial to everyone from Abbie Hoffman to Tiny Tim. Bob Fass, who for more than 50 years hosted an anarchic and influential radio show on New York’s countercultural FM station WBAI that mixed political conversation, avant-garde […]

Oscars 2021: What to Watch For

It has been a surreal time in Hollywood, but Sunday night’s Academy Awards, which begin at 8 p.m. Eastern, could go down in movie industry history for several reasons. #styln-signup { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; min-height: 50px; } #styln-signup.web { display: none; } #styln-signup + .live-blog-post::before […]

English Soccer Announces Social Media Boycott to Protest Online Abuse

The boycott, set to begin on Friday, is the most direct effort yet by a sport to pressure social media companies like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to take action against abuse. English soccer officials said Saturday that they would conduct a social media blackout next weekend to protest “the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse received […]

How Scott Rudin Wielded Power in Show Business

Scott Rudin has long been one of the most celebrated and powerful producers in Hollywood and, especially, on Broadway — an EGOT who won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and 17 Tony Awards while developing a reputation as one of the vilest bosses in the industry. Respected for his taste and talent — with […]

Murdoch’s Pick to Run The New York Post Bets On the Web and Celebs

Keith Poole arrived last month with plans to make the tabloid more digital. Many on his staff have yet to hear from him. #styln-signup .styln-signup-wrapper { max-width: calc(100% – 40px); width: 600px; margin: 20px auto; padding-bottom: 20px; border-bottom: 1px solid #e2e2e2; } Rupert Murdoch took a top editor from his brash and conservative London tabloid, […]

ABC Sells Out Ad Time for Oscars, Despited Expected Fall in Viewers

ABC has sold out its advertising inventory for the pandemic-delayed Academy Awards on Sunday, with companies like Google, General Motors, Rolex and Verizon spending an estimated $2 million for each 30-second spot, according to media buyers — only a slight decline from last year’s pricing even though the television audience is expected to be sharply […]

A Black Superman? It’s Happened, and Could Again.

As renewed rumors of a Black Superman movie swirl, here is the complicated history of reimagining the most iconic comic hero as a Black man. In 2008, during his presidential campaign, Barack Obama told a joke at a charity event. “Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger,” he […]

HBO Max Gains Traction in a Crowded Field

AT&T, HBO’s parent company, reported that HBO and the new streamer added 2.7 million subscribers in the first quarter. AT&T added 2.7 million new customers to HBO and HBO Max in the first quarter, a boost for the company’s new streaming effort in an increasingly crowded field. The company’s WarnerMedia division, which includes HBO, recorded […]

Guilty Verdict for Hong Kong Journalist as Media Faces ‘Frontal Assault’

As China stifles dissent in the city, news outlets have found themselves in the authorities’ cross hairs. HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s police chief warned journalists they could be investigated for reporting “fake news.” A newspaper controlled by the Chinese government called for a ban on the city’s biggest pro-democracy news outlet. Masked men ransacked […]