Media Workers Call Out Pay Gaps in Crowdsourced Spreadsheets

ImageHearst Tower in Manhattan. Employees of Hearst Magazines voted last week to join a union.Credit…Karsten Moran for The New York Times With income inequality a focus of the current presidential candidates, workers in journalism, advertising and book publishing have anonymously posted salary information on crowdsourced spreadsheets, many of them hoping their efforts will lead to […]

Susan Choi Wins National Book Award for ‘Trust Exercise’

Susan Choi won the National Book Award for fiction on Wednesday night for “Trust Exercise,” a novel set in the 1980s at a competitive performing arts school, where two students fall in love. The judges praised the novel for blending “the intellectual rigor of post-modern technique with a story that is timely, mesmerizing, and in […]

Apple Pulls Samuel L. Jackson Movie From Festival, Citing ‘Concerns’

Apple canceled the premiere of “The Banker,” starring Samuel L. Jackson, on Wednesday, yanking the movie from its prestigious closing-night Thursday slot at the American Film Institute’s annual festival in Los Angeles. Apple, a newcomer to the entertainment business, acquired the movie in July and planned to put it in theaters nationwide Dec. 6 before […]

Overlooked No More: Pauline Boty, Rebellious Pop Artist

This article is part of Overlooked, a series of obituaries about remarkable people whose deaths, beginning in 1851, went unreported in The Times. In Pauline Boty’s 1964 painting “It’s a Man’s World I,” archival images of famous men — Elvis, Einstein, Lenin — appear in a grid, as if on a mood board dedicated to […]

What If Porn Had No Pictures?

“I know it when I see it,” Justice Potter Stewart famously wrote in a 1964 Supreme Court case when asked to set legal parameters for “hard-core” pornography. But what do you call it — hard-core, soft-core, whatever you like — when there’s nothing to see? “‘Erotica’ doesn’t sound as fun,” said Caroline Spiegel, a founder […]

Want the Greenest Device? You May Already Own It

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Kendra Pierre-Louis, who covers the environment and climate, discussed the tech she’s using. Kendra, what tech tools are most important for doing your work? I use the standard suite of office software, from Google Docs to Office, depending on […]

4 Democratic Candidates Push NBC on Eve of Debate

For Democratic presidential candidates, this week’s debate in Atlanta comes with the political equivalent of home field advantage: A lead sponsor is the cable network MSNBC, whose liberal-leaning talk shows are as mandatory on the campaign trail as diners in Des Moines. So what happens when the home team runs into trouble? MSNBC is part […]

Trying to Trademark a Meme? OK Boomer

First came the “OK Boomer” memes on social media. Then came the T-shirts, phone cases and other merchandise emblazoned with the viral retort. Now, get ready for an all-out war at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and a possible television series using the phrase. On Nov. 11, Fox Media filed a trademark application […]

Gannett, Now Largest U.S. Newspaper Chain, Targets ‘Inefficiencies’

The deal to create the largest newspaper company in the nation — which became official at 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday — came about with remarkable speed for a merger that will reshape the media landscape. In August, Gannett, the parent company of USA Today and more than 100 other dailies, and New Media Investment Group, […]

Roman Polanski’s French Film Industry Support May Be Waning

PARIS — For over 40 years, Roman Polanski has lived and made movies in France, chalking up hits at the box office and collecting accolades including the top award at the Cannes Film Festival. The director has been largely accepted here, even though he fled from the United States in 1978 after pleading guilty to […]

Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus: What Shows Are Worth Watching?

Watching is The New York Times’s newsletter for film and TV recommendations. Sign up here. Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus have arrived to shovel even more series and films into the overstuffed maw of the TV viewing public, the first of several giant new streaming services entering a marketplace currently dominated by Netflix, Amazon […]

Justice Dept. to Abolish Movie Distribution Rules Dating to 1949

The Justice Department said on Monday that it planned to overturn antitrust-related movie distribution rules from the early days of Hollywood, citing an entertainment landscape that has been radically reshaped by technology. “We cannot pretend that the business of film distribution and exhibition remains the same,” Makan Delrahim, the antitrust chief at the Justice Department, […]

‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament to Settle Question: Who Is the Greatest of All Time?

In a television event unlike anything “Jeopardy!” has staged before, three of the game show’s record-breaking players — James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter — will compete against each other for the sweeping title of “greatest of all time.” The show’s announcement on Monday came shortly after Holzhauer, the most recent player to become […]

Random House Names a New Publisher and Hires a Top Editor From Knopf

In a year already marked by turnover within publishing companies, Penguin Random House, the largest one in the United States, is further shuffling the decks. On Monday, the company announced that Andy Ward, who has edited books by writers such as David Mitchell, George Saunders and Imbolo Mbue, will become the executive vice president and […]

Luke Combs Opens at No. 1 With Country’s Biggest Streaming Total Yet

The country singer Luke Combs reached the top of the Billboard chart this week with his latest album, and set a surprising record for country music. Combs’s “What You See Is What You Get” opened with the equivalent of 172,000 sales in the United States, according to Nielsen, which includes 109,000 copies sold as a […]

Google Stadia Wants You to Replace Your Video Game Console. Don’t.

Wouldn’t it be great if video game consoles went away and we could play games on any device? After all, the games — not the machines — are what we care about. That is Google’s ambition with Stadia, the streaming game service that the company plans to release on Tuesday. The product is not the […]

‘No One Believes Anything’: Voters Worn Out by a Fog of Political News

WASHINGTON — In upstate New York, Travis Trudell got an alert on his phone Wednesday morning telling him the impeachment hearings had started. He turned on Disney Plus instead. In Wisconsin, Jerre Corrigan never considered watching. She spent the day giving a math lesson to third graders. In Idaho, Russell Memory worked a busy day […]

T-Mobile’s Longtime C.E.O., John Legere, to Step Down

John Legere, the colorful and longtime chief executive of T-Mobile, will step down at the end of April after his contract expires. He will be succeeded by Mike Sievert, the president and chief operating officer of the wireless company, the company said Monday. Mr. Legere, who has been credited with reviving T-Mobile since becoming its […]

The Streaming Era Has Finally Arrived. Everything Is About to Change.

LOS ANGELES — Every three decades, or roughly once a generation, Hollywood experiences a seismic shift. The transition from silent films to talkies in the 1920s. The rise of broadcast television in the 1950s. The raucous “I Want My MTV” cable boom of the 1980s. It is happening again. The long-promised streaming revolution — the […]

TikTok’s Chief Is on a Mission to Prove It’s Not a Menace

Like almost everybody who runs a big tech company these days, Alex Zhu, the head of the of-the-moment video app TikTok, is worried about an image problem. To him — and to millions of TikTok’s users — the app is a haven for creativity, earnest self-expression and silly dance videos. In almost no time, TikTok […]

In Prime Time, Two Versions of Impeachment for a Divided Nation

For a glimpse at the country’s divided political reality, look no farther than a pair of television studios on opposite sides of the Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan. From her set inside MSNBC headquarters, Rachel Maddow opened her prime-time coverage of the Trump impeachment hearings by calling the first day’s testimony “a double-barreled […]

Two Female Writers Quit Patricia Heaton’s CBS Show After Making Complaints

In May, CBS employees received an email introducing a new plan for handling sexual harassment complaints. There would be a “very expanded and visible” structure, the email said, with “highly trained HR executives” at every CBS program to “ensure safety and build trust.” Trust was an issue at CBS. In the last two years, the […]

What Ads Are Political? Twitter Struggles With a Definition

SAN FRANCISCO — The Alzheimer’s Association, a health care advocacy group, recently spent $84,000 on ad campaigns on Twitter. One campaign had a singular purpose: to persuade people to ask Congress for larger investments in medical research for the disease. Now the nonprofit is worried about whether those messages will still fly. That’s because Twitter […]

Taylor Swift Escalates Battle With Scooter Braun and Big Machine

After a few months of public détente, a bitter fight between some of the music industry’s most powerful figures was ratcheted up again on Thursday night when Taylor Swift called on her fervent army of fans to express their displeasure with the men she said were controlling her most recognizable music. In a note posted […]

Will Streaming Kill the Art of Cinema or Grant It New Life?

ImageThe exterior of the Belasco Theater in Manhattan, where  “The Irishman” is showing before heading to Netflix.Credit…An Rong Xu for The New York Times Our co-chief film critic is of two minds on the subject, and is not shy about speaking both of them. A.O. Scott, Professional Couch Potato Recently, Martin Scorsese made some waves […]

Netflix to Amend Maps After Complaint From Poland

Days after public criticism from Poland’s prime minister, Netflix said that it will modify some of the maps shown in the new documentary series, “The Devil Next Door,” to clarify that concentration camps shown within the boundaries of modern-day Poland were built and operated by Nazi Germany. A Netflix spokeswoman said on Thursday that the […]

Eddie Murphy Will Star in ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ for Netflix

Netflix is doubling down on the Eddie Murphy business. The streaming giant behind “Dolomite Is My Name,” Murphy’s acclaimed return to movies, will produce and release on its service a new installment in the “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise, as part of a licensing deal with Paramount Pictures. The comedian will star and Jerry Bruckheimer will […]

McClatchy Says So Long to Saturday (Print) Newspapers

Subscribers to The Miami Herald, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Charlotte Observer will no longer find a newspaper at the end of their driveway on Saturday mornings. McClatchy, a newspaper chain with more than 30 publications in 14 states, said on Wednesday that it planned to eliminate Saturday print issues at all its daily […]

Rick Ludwin, NBC Executive Who Championed ‘Seinfeld,’ Dies at 71

Rick Ludwin, who oversaw late-night programming at NBC for many years but is probably best known for backing the sitcom “Seinfeld” when it seemed the network might drop the show before it started its storied run, died on Sunday in Los Angeles. He was 71. His death, at a hospital, was caused by organ failure, […]

MSNBC’s Surprise Guest: George Conway, Husband of Kellyanne

Even in television news, a little stunt casting can’t hurt. MSNBC turned heads on Wednesday when, minutes before the House impeachment hearings got underway, the network announced a surprise guest: George T. Conway III, the conservative lawyer and husband of President Trump’s White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway. Little known outside legal circles before his wife’s […]

How to Succeed in Coach Without Sacrificing Self-Care

ImageThe Marie Claire Power Trip is a 36-hour, invite-only networking conference for women that kicks off with a flight from Newark to San Francisco.Credit…Calla Kessler/The New York Times The women gathered inside a roped-off area at Newark Liberty International Airport. United Airlines staffers, all of them women, handed out bag tags and boarding passes. When […]

‘SpongeBob’ Spinoff Highlights Netflix-Nickelodeon Deal

LOS ANGELES — Nickelodeon will make a “SpongeBob SquarePants” spinoff for Netflix as part of a multiyear content-production deal that reflects the pressure on Netflix to fortify itself against new streaming competition, notably Disney Plus. Netflix and Nickelodeon announced a deal on Wednesday for Nickelodeon to create and produce original animated feature films and television […]

Reading This While Walking? Here’s How to Break That Awful Habit

You’re walking around and a thought occurs: “I should check my phone.” The phone comes out of your pocket. You type a message. Then your eyes remain glued to the screen, even when you walk across the street. We all do this kind of distracted walking, or “twalking.” (Yes, this term is really a thing.) […]

In Data Journalism, Tech Matters Less Than the People

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Ben Casselman, an economics and business reporter, discussed the tech he’s using. You compile complicated data sets and distill them into stories for our readers. What are the tech tools and methods behind this madness? “Madness” is tough but […]

Burgers, Not Sex, Will Be the Focus of New Carl’s Jr. Ads

For years Carl’s Jr. tried to get attention by following an old advertising adage: Sex sells. The fast-food chain’s commercials featured Heidi Klum licking a burger, Kim Kardashian lounging in a bubble bath and Paris Hilton in a revealing swimsuit washing a Bentley. It even trolled critics with a defiant statement: “We believe in putting […]

Frank Giles, 100, Editor Snared in ‘Hitler Diaries’ Hoax

As journalistic fiascos go, it was one of the most sensational. In 1983, The Sunday Times of London claimed to have Adolf Hitler’s diaries, scribbled in the Führer’s own hand. A renowned historian had authenticated them. What it actually had were forgeries. The newspaper’s top editors discovered the truth at the last minute and tried […]

Not Streaming: ‘Song of the South’ and Other Films Stay in the Past

LOS ANGELES — To augment its new streaming service, Disney reached into the far, far recesses of its movie library. “Sammy, the Way-Out Seal” (1962), a TV movie about two boys and their groovy aquatic pet, was available on Day 1. So were “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” (1969), a comedy starring an 18-year-old Kurt […]

Financial Times Names First Woman as Top Editor in Its 131 Years

For the first time in its long history, The Financial Times will be led by a woman. On Tuesday, the daily known for its robust coverage of international markets, its distinctive salmon-hued paper and its impenetrable digital paywall, announced that Roula Khalaf will be its top editor, starting in January. Ms. Khalaf, a 24-year veteran […]

University of Illinois Is Stifling NPR Reporting on Sexual Misconduct, Critics Say

A University of Illinois policy requiring NPR member station reporters to disclose information about sources who say they were sexually harassed or assaulted is coming under fire from media organizations and free-speech advocates, who say the rule will have a chilling effect on reporting about sexual misconduct. An investigation published in August by NPR Illinois […]

Richard Plepler, Former HBO Boss, Is Close to Apple Deal

Richard Plepler was an Emmy magnet when he was in charge of HBO, with a knack for betting on shows that pleased critics and added subscribers. Now he is in the final stages of talks to produce television shows and documentaries for the new Apple TV Plus streaming service, according to two people with knowledge […]

Drama Book Shop Sets a Fresh Start in a New Locale

The Drama Book Shop has a new home. Lin-Manuel Miranda and three of his collaborators on “Hamilton,” seeking to breathe new life into the cherished but challenged Midtown retailer, said they will reopen it in the spring on West 39th Street, in a garment district storefront just a block south from its previous location. “It […]

The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Student Protesters for Reporting

Editors at Northwestern University’s campus newspaper apologized on Sunday for its coverage of student demonstrators, which they said was invasive and “hurt students,” spurring a swift backlash from professional journalists and a broader reckoning over reporting practices and diversity in newsrooms. The publication, The Daily Northwestern, covers both the university and the surrounding community in […]

Disney Plus Streamers Met With Error Message on Launch Day

When Disney’s chief executive, Robert A. Iger, announced the entertainment giant’s bold venture into the streaming wars, he made a lofty promise: “We’re going to launch big, and we’re going to launch hot.” Two years later, the official debut of Disney Plus, the new streaming platform heralded as the future of Disney’s empire, has gotten […]

The Zagat Guide Is Back in Print

It’s been three years, but that familiar maroon book is back. The 2020 Zagat survey of New York City restaurants will go on sale on Tuesday. The new 352-page book retains the same cover and pocket-size dimensions of the original. The three most popular restaurants — that is, the places the surveyors named their favorites: […]

Netflix Was Only the Start: Disney Streaming Service Shakes an Industry

LOS ANGELES — He had a toe in the water. In 2015, with Netflix growing at a scorching rate, Robert A. Iger, Disney’s chief executive, quietly tested a streaming app in Britain called DisneyLife. The next year he started talking more openly about building a major streaming platform — a risky proposition for a company […]

The Video Game ‘Death Stranding’ Arrives After an Elaborate Ad Campaign

Good luck trying to explain “Death Stranding” in a slogan. That was the challenge for marketers charged with getting out the word to video game players on the big-budget creation from the noted game designer Hideo Kojima. “Death Stranding,” released for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, can take more than 50 hours to play. Explaining it […]

How a Tell-All Memoir Made It Into Print

When the news broke last month that a senior Trump administration official had written an anonymous tell-all memoir about serving in the White House, criticism was swift, and unusually bipartisan. President Trump’s supporters dismissed the book as a likely fabrication. Some administration critics chastised the author for hiding behind anonymity, particularly in the middle of […]

American Companies Tiptoe Toward China’s Big Shopping Day

The biggest shopping day in China is fast approaching, and American companies are treading carefully. Nov. 11, known as Singles Day or Double-11, started as an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration before the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group converted it into an annual shopping spectacle that generates billions of dollars in sales. This year, Taylor Swift will […]