How Fox News Covered the Trump Tax Story on Monday

The popular Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” was a TV home for Donald J. Trump long before he became president. In 2011, Mr. Trump had a regular Monday slot on the program, where he bonded with the hosts by hurling invective at President Obama and promoting the false theory that he had not […]

How the Biden-Trump Debate Will Play on TV (Don’t Expect Fact-Checks)

[Follow our live updates on Trump vs Biden in the 2020 Election.] Chris Wallace does not hold mock debates. Instead, the “Fox News Sunday” anchor and presidential debate moderator has been honing his questions at his weekend home on Chesapeake Bay, before he flies to Cleveland to take charge of the opening bout between Joseph […]

An Editor’s Note on the Trump Tax Investigation

Today we are publishing the results of an examination of decades of personal and corporate tax records for President Trump and his businesses in the United States and abroad. The records stretch from his days as a high-profile New York real estate investor through the beginning of his time in the White House. A team […]

Trump Wants to Discredit the Election. This Nerd Could Stop Him.

The Fox Corporation these days reminds me a bit of America: The elites have lost control, and partisan noise drowns out almost everything. But there are pockets where traditionalists cling to fading norms. One of those pockets is a new office on the third floor of Fox’s headquarters on the Avenue of the Americas in […]

Shepard Smith, Fox News Apostate, Is Starting Over at CNBC

Shepard Smith doesn’t have a bad word to say about Fox News. Did the network betray you? “They never interfered with what I was doing.” Is it different from when it started? “Well, I think every network has evolved since 1996.” Did you leave because you were fed up? “You know, it was time.” Mr. […]

U.S. Judge Hears Arguments on Trump’s TikTok Ban

The Trump administration on Sunday fought an attempt to delay its ban of the wildly popular app TikTok that is scheduled to take effect at midnight, telling a federal judge that a ban would address the government’s national security concerns while not posing a threat to free speech. The government argued that the measures were […]

Google Services Go Down in Some Parts of U.S.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Google users experienced a widespread service disruption for just over an hour on Thursday evening that affected the company’s email, YouTube and Google documents services. The outages seemed to be focused around the eastern coast of the United States, according to Downdetector, a website that tracks internet disruptions. The Downdetector heat maps […]

Amazon Unveils Drone That Films Inside Your Home. What Could Go Wrong?

When Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, promised in 2013 that drones would soon be flying everywhere delivering packages, a miniature camera whirring through homes and recording video was probably not what people envisioned. But on Thursday, Amazon’s Ring division unveiled the $249 Ring Always Home Cam, a small drone that hums as it flies around […]

Karen McDougal Lawsuit Against Tucker Carlson Dismissed

Fox News won a legal victory on Thursday after a federal judge dismissed a defamation suit brought against its host Tucker Carlson by a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Donald J. Trump before he was president. The suit, filed last year, stemmed from a 2018 episode of Mr. Carlson’s show […]

Bill Murray Faces Legal Threat From Doobie Brothers

A lawyer for the Doobie Brothers is demanding that the actor Bill Murray pay up for using one of the group’s hits in a commercial for his William Murray line of golf clothing. “We’d almost be OK with it if the shirts weren’t so damn ugly,” the lawyer, Peter T. Paterno, wrote in a letter […]

Right-Wing Media Stars Mislead on Covid-19 Death Toll

When the coronavirus death toll in the United States passed 200,000 on Tuesday, matching projections made by White House experts this spring, many of the right-wing media personalities who had mocked the estimates as overblown were quiet. The death toll, tracked by Johns Hopkins University and a New York Times database, is most likely an […]

Kevin Mayer in Talks to Join RedBird Capital

LOS ANGELES — Kevin A. Mayer, who resigned as TikTok’s chief executive in August after three months on the job and who previously was a candidate to run the Walt Disney Company, is closing in on a new gig. Mr. Mayer, 58, is in advanced talks to join RedBird Capital, a private investment firm with […]

Harold Evans, Crusading Newspaperman With a Second Act, Dies at 92

Harold Evans, the crusading British newspaperman who was forced out as editor of The Times of London by Rupert Murdoch in 1982 and reinvented himself in the United States as a publisher, author and literary luminary, died on Wednesday night in New York City. He was 92. His wife, the editor Tina Brown, confirmed his […]

To Fight Apple and Google, Smaller App Rivals Organize a Coalition

SAN FRANCISCO — For months, complaints from tech companies against Apple’s and Google’s power have grown louder. Spotify, the music streaming app, criticized Apple for the rules it imposed in the App Store. A founder of the software company Basecamp attacked Apple’s “highway robbery rates” on apps. And last month, Epic Games, maker of the […]

TikTok Files for Injunction to Stop Ban of App

SAN FRANCISCO — TikTok, the short-form viral video app, asked for a preliminary injunction against the Trump administration on Wednesday, a legal maneuver aimed at protecting the company’s service in the United States against a potential ban. The request, filed in the District Court for the District of Columbia, is in response to Commerce Department […]

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. to Retire as New York Times Company Chairman

The New York Times Company announced on Wednesday that Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. will retire as the chairman and as an active member of its board of directors on Dec. 31, completing a generational shift at a newspaper that has been in the same family for more than 120 years. He will be succeeded as […]

Trump Turns Attack on MSNBC Journalist Into Rally Fodder

Claims of “fake news” have long been a staple of President Trump’s rally speeches. But in recent days, with the election less than six weeks off, he has made his rhetorical attacks on the news media more personal, with repeated references to a specific reporter’s suffering an injury while on the job. At a rally […]

Journalists Are Leaving the Noisy Internet for Your Email Inbox

Casey Newton recently announced that he was leaving The Verge, the website where he has covered the tech industry since 2013, to write a subscription newsletter hosted by Substack, a three-year-old platform that is growing in popularity. Mr. Newton is joining the ranks of journalists who have left the relative comfort of an established publication […]

Edith Raymond Locke, Mademoiselle Editor in the 1970s, Dies at 99

Edith Raymond Locke, who fled Nazi-occupied Vienna at 18 and rose to become a longtime editor of Mademoiselle magazine, where she worked with photographers like Arthur Elgort and mentored designers like Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson and Donna Karan, died on Aug. 23 at her home in Thousand Oaks, Calif. She was 99. Her daughter, Katie […]

Justice Dept. Case Against Google Is Said to Focus on Search Dominance

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice’s impending lawsuit against Google has narrowed to focus on the company’s power over internet search, a decision that could set off a cascade of separate lawsuits from states in ensuing weeks over the Silicon Valley giant’s dominance in other business segments. In presentations to state attorneys general starting on […]

Betty Bushman, an Early Female Baseball Voice, Dies at 89

Betty Bushman had been a model and a television weather forecaster when Charles O. Finley, the cantankerous owner of the Kansas City Athletics, asked her to join his moribund team’s radio crew in the waning days of the 1964 season. “I know as much about baseball as the average woman does,” she said at the […]

N.I.H. Official Departs After Anonymous Posts Attacking Public Health Leaders

WASHINGTON — The National Institutes of Health said on Monday that one of its public affairs officers would retire after he was revealed to be surreptitiously attacking his employer and one of its directors, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, in pseudonymous posts on Twitter and the right-wing website RedState. The official, William B. Crews, worked for […]

TikTok Deal with Oracle and Walmart Trips Over U.S.-China Feud

WASHINGTON — A deal intended to address the Trump administration’s concerns about TikTok’s ties to China was complicated on Monday by a disagreement over whether a U.S. company would control the social media app and the president’s threat to block any agreement that leaves the service in the hands of a Chinese company. On Saturday, […]

Ellen DeGeneres Returns to Show With Apology for Toxic Workplace

Ellen DeGeneres started the 18th season of her daytime talk show on Monday with a lengthy apology that addressed reports describing her as a boss who led a toxic workplace. “If you’re watching because you love me, thank you,” Ms. DeGeneres said in her return from a summer hiatus. “And if you’re watching because you […]

Canadians Rejoice as ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Sweeps 2020 Emmy Awards

Prince Harry and Meghan took a stab at living in British Columbia before decamping for Los Angeles. Madonna pronounced their entire country “boring.” But Canadians will always have the 2020 Emmys. Canada was rejoicing Monday, a day after the Canadian TV series “Schitt’s Creek” beat out heavyweight American contenders like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” at the […]

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Earns a Third No. 1 Album in a Year

This summer, Daniel Ek, one of the founders of Spotify, drew jeers for suggesting in an interview that artists should now continually pump out content, and that in the “future landscape” of streaming, “you can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough.” But the latest Billboard chart […]

Ellen DeGeneres Returns to Her Talk Show With an Apology

Ellen DeGeneres started the 18th season of her daytime talk show on Monday with a lengthy apology that addressed reports describing her as a boss who led a toxic workplace. “If you’re watching because you love me, thank you,” Ms. DeGeneres said in her return from a summer hiatus. “And if you’re watching because you […]

Billy Porter Leads Hollywood Diversity Push in Emmys Ad

The field of Emmy nominees is more diverse than it has been in previous years, but a number of prominent actors, writers and producers say Hollywood can do more, a message they put across in a 60-second commercial that aired on ABC during the annual awards ceremony on Sunday. Billy Porter, Daniel Dae Kim, Jamie […]

Jeff Zucker Helped Create Donald Trump. That Show May Be Ending.

In December 2015, after the demagoguery of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign became clear, I asked CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, if he regretted his role in Mr. Trump’s rise. First Mr. Zucker — who put “The Apprentice” on NBC in 2004 and made Mr. Trump a household name — laughed uproariously, if a bit nervously. Then […]

‘There’s No There There’: What the TikTok Deal Achieved

SAN FRANCISCO — The saga of TikTok had everything: Ominous threats of surveillance. A forced fire sale. Threats of retaliation. Head-spinning deal terms that morphed by the hour. Dark horse bidders and a looming deadline. Now, as the dust settles on the weeks of drama over the social media app, investors and others are asking […]

‘It’s So Essential’: WeChat Ban Makes U.S.-China Standoff Personal

Every day for nearly five years, Juliet Shen’s 94-year-old grandmother in Shanghai has begun her day with a WeChat message to her 40 children and grandchildren scattered across the globe. “Good morning, everyone!” she writes. And each time, the diaspora of family members across China, the United States and Central America respond with a cascade […]

Facebook Tried to Limit QAnon. It Failed.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Last month, Facebook said it was cracking down on activity tied to QAnon, a vast conspiracy theory that falsely claims that a satanic cabal runs the world, as well as other potentially violent extremist movements. Since then, a militia movement on Facebook that called for armed conflict on the streets of U.S. […]

Explaining Trump Ban on TikTok, WeChat

The Trump administration is pushing forward with its plan to ban the Chinese social media apps TikTok and WeChat from American app stores. The Commerce Department on Friday announced that beginning on Sunday, it would prohibit downloads of WeChat and TikTok in U.S. app stores, and ban transactions made through WeChat. The Commerce Department said […]

Exhume President Warren G. Harding? Family Feuds in Court

There is no real dispute that James Blaesing is the grandson of Warren G. Harding and his mistress. But the wounds of that revelation have resurfaced in court, as relatives of the 29th president, many now in their 70s, argue over a proposal to exhume President Harding’s body as the 100th anniversary of his election […]

TikTok Accepts Deal Revisions as Trump Prepares to Review Proposal

WASHINGTON — The Chinese company that owns TikTok has accepted the Trump administration’s changes to a deal designed to mitigate the White House’s concerns that the popular app poses a national security threat, two people with knowledge of the talks said. The Treasury Department, which leads a group reviewing the deal for national security purposes, […]

Macmillan C.E.O. John Sargent Is Departing

John Sargent, Macmillan’s longtime chief executive, will leave the publishing company in January because of disagreements over its direction, according to an announcement from its parent company, Holtzbrinck, on Thursday. The news came as a shock to many in the publishing world, where Mr. Sargent has been a prominent and influential figure in a career […]

Obama’s Memoir ‘A Promised Land’ To Release in November

Former President Barack Obama’s new memoir will be published in November, shortly after the election, his publisher, Penguin Random House, announced on Thursday. The 768-page book, “A Promised Land,” will be the first of two volumes, this one encompassing parts of his early political life, his presidential campaign in 2008 and ending with the death […]

Backlash Grows to TikTok-Oracle Deal

WASHINGTON — Even as negotiations continued on Wednesday over a proposal that would allow the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok to continue operating in the United States, a backlash was forming in Washington to the deal. Over the weekend, TikTok had offered a proposal to the Treasury Department that aimed to address the Trump administration’s […]

Stanley Crouch, Critic Who Saw American Democracy in Jazz, Dies at 74

Stanley Crouch, the fiercely iconoclastic social critic who elevated the invention of jazz into a metaphor for the indelible contributions that Black people have made to American democracy, died on Wednesday at a hospital in the Bronx. He was 74. His wife, Gloria Nixon Crouch, said the cause was complications of a long, unspecified illness. […]

Facebook and Instagram Flag Tucker Carlson Coronavirus Posts

Facebook and Instagram flagged posts from the Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as false information on Wednesday, saying that they repeated information about Covid-19 “that multiple independent fact checkers say is false.” The show posted a video on the social media platforms on Tuesday night with the caption “Chinese whistle-blower to Tucker: This virus […]

Miami Herald Editor Apologizes for ‘Racist and Anti-Semitic’ Insert

The Miami Herald, one of the country’s largest newspapers, apologized on Monday for a column it called “incredibly offensive” that appeared last week in Libre, a paid Spanish-language insert included with copies of El Nuevo Herald, a sibling publication. In a letter to readers, Aminda Marqués González, the executive editor and publisher of The Miami […]

Oculus Quest 2 Review: Solid V.R. Headset, but Few Games

A group of five boxers and I recently threw punches to upbeat music while an instructor egged us on. By the end of the 20-minute workout, I’d broken a sweat and my smartwatch showed my heart rate thumping at 140 beats a minute. Normally, this would be the result of a workout at my local […]

Celebrities Plan an ‘Instagram Freeze,’ but Reaction Is Icy

BERKELEY, Calif. — One by one, celebrities came forward this week to say they were sick of the misinformation and hate speech on Instagram and Facebook, its parent company. Many of them — Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio — have tens of millions of followers on social media. Then the stars went further. […]

Cook’s Country Gets a New Editor, Toni Tipton-Martin

Toni Tipton-Martin, the longtime food editor and writer whose books “The Jemima Code” and “Jubilee” redefined the story of Black cooks in America, will become the new editor in chief of Cook’s Country. The magazine and its public television show are part of the America’s Test Kitchen franchise, which includes Cook’s Illustrated, cookbooks and a […]

'Tenet' Didn't Bring Audiences Back to Movie Theaters. Now What?

LOS ANGELES — “Tenet” was supposed to mark the return of the movie theater business in the United States. Instead, it has shown just how much trouble the industry is in. After five months of pandemic-forced closure, the big movie theater chains reopened in roughly 68 percent of the United States by Labor Day weekend, […]

Conservative Media and Trump Dismiss Climate Change as Cause of Fires

Rush Limbaugh told millions of his radio listeners to set aside any suggestion that climate change was the culprit for the frightening spate of wildfires ravaging California and the Pacific Northwest. “Man-made global warming is not a scientific certainty; it cannot be proven, nor has it ever been,” Mr. Limbaugh declared on his Friday show, […]

TikTok’s Proposed Deal Under Review by Trump Administration

WASHINGTON — After more than six weeks, two White House executive orders, new Chinese regulations and multiple bidders, a deal for the social media app TikTok has boiled down to one main strategy: mitigation. TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese internet company ByteDance, said on Monday that it had offered a proposal to the […]

Big Sean Ends Taylor Swift’s Reign on Album Chart

The Detroit rapper Big Sean has ended Taylor Swift’s six-week run at the top of the Billboard album chart. Big Sean, who came on the scene more than a decade ago as a protégé of Kanye West, opened at No. 1 with his latest album, “Detroit 2,” which had the equivalent of 103,000 sales in […]

The Intercept Promised to Reveal Everything. But It Didn't Protect a Source.

Where were you when you first heard about the Snowden leak? The huge breach of the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program in June 2013 was one of the proudest moments in modern journalism, and one of the purest: A brave and disgusted whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, revealed the government’s extensive surveillance of American and foreign […]