10 Benefits of Hiring Security Personnel

Are you thinking about hiring security personnel for your business? Are you wondering if you really need it and if the outlay is worth it to your business? According to crime comparison stats, the United States is roughly three times as dangerous as the EU. Moreover, it ranks considerably closer to the countries with the highest […]

How To Ensure A Return On Investment In Your Startup App Idea

Economically impactful businesses are profitable businesses and entrepreneurs’ first objective from executing on a startup app idea is to build a business that makes money. Here are 3 ways to ensure a return on investment in your startup app idea. Getty A business is created to generate a profit. Economically impactful businesses are profitable businesses […]

The 4 Most Important Principles You Should Leverage as an Author

Despite publishing becoming an increasingly important field, the Authors Guild’s 2018 Annual Income Survey revealed that incomes of American authors fell to historic lows, declining 42% from 2009. And with the rise in other forms of entertainment, such as YouTube and social media platforms, authors are often hesitant to publish their work.  But central to […]

The Designer Bag That’s Made From Trees

The Bobobark bag Laflore The fashion industry is one of the world’s worst polluters, producing microfibers that end up in the world’s oceans, amongst other impacts. And so the creators behind a designer bag are hoping that their fashion item will actually be beneficial to the environment – as the bag is made from cork […]

Five Friendly Colorado Questions With Kyle And Eric Speidell Of The Green Solution

Nick Speidell, Kyle Speidell, Eric Speidell, Brad Speidell – Company Owners Courtesy: The Green Solution Forbes “Five Questions” Feature: Kyle and Eric Speidell of The Green Solution (19 locations in Colorado) Warren Bobrow=WB: Where do you live now? Did you ever think that you’d find yourselves working in the legal cannabis industry?  Kyle Speidell=KS: Originally from […]

How to Find a Trustworthy Forex Broker

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay  If you’re looking into the possibility of raising funds for your small business by conducting some Forex trades, you’re going to need a reliable Forex broker. In this post, we offer some suggestions about how to find one. RELATED ARTICLE: STARTING A BUSINESS: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Forex Trading Has Become Popular Forex […]

On-Demand Helicopter Services Are Ready To Take Off

Business travelers using Voom VOOM VFI LLC Hate sitting in traffic to and from the airport? Just order your own helicopter! On-demand helicopter services such as Voom, Uber Copter and Blade offer flights in some U.S. cities for the relatively affordable cost of about $200-$3001, booked via an app or online. In late September, Airbus-owned […]

Why Focus On Customer Experience? Here’s Why.

Getty There’s a lot of buzz in the business world about customer experience – how it’s the key to combating commoditization, securing sustainable competitive advantage, and achieving market dominance. But here’s the little secret that business leaders don’t like to discuss:  many of them aren’t sold on the idea that a great customer experience actually […]

Pioneering Mutual Aid In India

A couple in tribal Gujarat show their Uplift membership cards. They are excluded from mainstream insurance in India because of their age. Ashoka In India, 90% of the workforce is in the unorganized sector, with employers who are not registered with the government and employment terms that are often irregular and unpredictable. Many of these citizens earn […]

Earnings of Latino-Owned Businesses Jumped 46% in Past 12 Months

The average revenue of Latino-owned businesses improved 46.5% in 2019, increasing to $479,413 from $327,189 in 2018, according to Biz2Credit’s annual study. Meanwhile, the number of credit applications from Latino-owned businesses increased by 23% over the past 12 months. Latin American architect showing a couple her design for their house. Photo credit: Getty Getty The […]

5 Ways Student Exchange Programs Affect The American Economy

Student exchange programs in high school. Getty Today, more than any other time in history, we are observing cultures come together in different ways. Due to technology and instant communication platforms, students have a stronger connection and understanding of the world around them. They can carry the world in their pocket, explore other countries, and […]

How To Avoid The Potential Pitfalls Of Making Peer-To-Peer Payments

In an on-demand peer-to-peer (P2P) economy in which we are increasingly using Uber, Lyft and Airbnb, we are now accustomed to managing activities of daily life via our smartphones, with immediate results. Lessening the intermediary is becoming the norm for speed and lower fees. While mobile banking has traditionally been centered on bill paying and […]

Futureproof: Six Tips To Become Innovative In 90 Days

I started a listening tour among customers and industry thought leaders in Q4 of 2018. The key themes have been consistent: Change has been happening at all levels at accelerating speeds. Innovation is perceived to be more accessible; however, productivity gains from robotics, and automation might be offset by rising costs to engage customers and […]

Crisis Communications For Beginners

“If a crisis happens, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” If you don’t know where to start, this article is specifically for you. How you respond during the first few minutes (and definitely the first hour) sets the tone for everything that follows. Call it the Golden Hour. It can make or break how […]

Growing Business, Growing Office: 3 Tips For Your Fast-Approaching Remodel

As a CEO, I often say, “Growing pains are more fun than shrinking pains.” Every business leader faces them as their company moves from one stage to the next. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman describes it best in his book Blitzscaling as the need for speed when moving from a company’s early stages of “family,” “tribe” […]

Why Principles-Based Collaboration Is Essential For Agile Ecosystems

As we enter an “Era of Ecosystems,” we need a different approach and thinking to manage these multi-dimensional and multi-lateral business relationships. I believe the partner management processes that have been developed as a profession are still relevant, but we do need to rethink how we apply them. Nine-way governance models just aren’t efficient and […]

10 Inventive Ways To Attract New Talent

This just in: In the war for talent, the talent is winning. Employers seem befuddled, desperate and confused. The traditional recruiting playbook is tired. Attracting talent by adding a few foosball tables and hosting “bring your puppy to work” day isn’t going to cut it. Even signing bonuses aren’t enough. Workers, especially the young ones, […]

It's Time To Embrace Parents In The Workplace

We run our business like a tight-knit family. We have an established set of company and personal values that align with a code of conduct. Our culture emphasizes ethics I’m proud of. As a father of three kids, this is especially important to me. I like knowing that my company has a set of values […]

Why Resilience Can Make Or Break Your Career

There are strategies that can help you to cultivate resilience and achieve career success. Getty According to the American Psychological Association, resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of risk. In simple terms, we might describe resilience as the ability to bounce back […]

Frenchy Cannoli, Master Hashishin Graciously Reveals His Five Questions

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 17.30.56 Frenchy Cannoli Photo Courtesy: Frenchy Cannoli I was just over in Germany for the Berlin Bar Convent and while I was there I led a panel on cannabis and beverages. Afterwards I spent some time wandering around the city parks. I had many opportunities to purchase some European hashish, but […]

How To Utilize Sundays To Make Your Week Easier

Friends drinking and talking on sunny patio Getty I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Sundays. While it’s still the weekend and I want to make the most out of Sunday Funday, I’m also anxious about going back to the grind. Sometimes, I even straight-up dread Mondays.  That’s the worst: I’m supposed to be enjoying […]

The Edtech Entrepreneurs Disrupting The Way We Learn

Classroom learning will never be the same again. Juraj Varga from Pixabay The digital revolution is transforming the education sector. Instead of textbooks, students are using online platforms for learning. And instead of attending a class when they want to study a new language, they are downloading an app. Global education technology (edtech) is one […]

Copywriting Warning: Using an asterisk can ruin your results!

You’re reading about a product or service. It sounds amazing. Then you spot it! You spot the dreaded *asterisk. And your heart sinks. You know you’re about to be disappointed. You’re about to discover the exclusions, restrictions and conditions, which means that offer isn’t as good as they said it was. They could have told […]

The Simplest Way To Validate A Startup App Idea

The strongest validation signal in a startup is revenue. The simplest way to validate a startup app idea before product development is to create and sell a mafia offer. Getty A startup doesn’t need thousands of users to be considered a business with a validated business model. There are thousands of startup cases that had […]

10 Key Issues For Fintech Startup Companies

By Richard D. Harroch and Melissa Guzy Investment in financial technology (“Fintech”) companies is growing dramatically. Global Fintech funding has risen to over $100 billion, fueled by large M&A deals and large rounds of financing. Investment in Fintech companies is expected to continue to grow significantly in the next few years as such companies offer outsized […]

Amazon Primed: A Breakdown Of The Company’s ‘Our Positions’ Memo

PARIS, FRANCE – SEP 28, 2018- Directly above view of New Amazon Cardboard box against yellow background. Amazon Prime is the online paid subscription service offered by Amazon.com web-commerce site photocredit- GettyGETTY Getty Amazon published ‘Our Positions’ on the ‘Day One’ blog this week. A weird tactic considering the company’s actions tend to speak louder […]

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

After an accident, there are many things to take care of, and nearly all of those things have financial implications. In this post we discuss the ways a personal injury lawyer can help you after you have an accident. Often when an accident happens, we feel helpless about it. However, we can keep ourselves prepared […]

Finding Your Purpose In Becoming An Entrepreneur

John Jantsch John Jantsch I spoke with John Jantsch, marketing consultant and entrepreneur, and author of the new book The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. In this interview, we chat about what it exactly means to be a self-reliant entrepreneur and why cultivating this important quality is so critical for success. Andy Molinsky: Your book is called the […]

AI (Artificial Intelligence): What’s The Next Frontier For Healthcare?

Medical technology concept. Getty Perhaps one of the biggest opportunities for AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the healthcare industry. According to ReportLinker, spending on this category is forecasted to jump from $2.1 billion to $36.1 billion by 2025. This is a hefty 50.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). So then what are some of the trends that look […]

Why does nothing ever get done in this town!

How can elected officials and board members be more open to new ideas and more effective? Photo by City of Bryan, Texas. By Paula Jensen Having a passion for rural community development and leadership is what drives my personal and professional life. My personal vision statement reads, “I will be a clear voice for rural […]

How To Help Women Leaders Thrive In Your Workplace

How long is too long before you feel competent and confident in your work life? Just ask professional women in their early to middle careers. Many of them fail to recognize or acknowledge their abilities, despite statistics that suggest women leaders often outperform their male counterparts.  Research from Zenger Folkman indicates that in an apples-to-apples […]

Bill Reforms Laws Affecting Short-Term Lenders

Photo made available by The New York Public Library on Unsplash Assembly Bill 539 has made strides through California legislature with ease, unlike its predecessors last year. The bill has already passed the state Assembly as well as the state Senate Committee on Banking and Finance Institutions. It marks a victory for the bill’s sponsors, Assembly Members Monique […]

This Kitchen Gadget Turns Waste Into Energy

The HERU device HERU A gadget that’s the size of a trash and can heat your home, with everything from dirty diapers to empty chip packets, is currently being trialled in the UK. Nik Spencer, the man behind HERU, an acronym for Home Energy Resource Unit, is the founder of Mission Resources, a company he […]

Five Things To Ask Your Network When Seeking A Trusted Local Vendor

When you’re just starting your business, you may try to handle all the operational and administrative aspects on your own to save money. Eventually, though, you’ll need to outsource these tasks if you want to grow—and finding a trusted local vendor can be the ideal solution. The problem is, there are dozens of businesses in your […]

Don’t Be Delusional About Growth When Buying A Business

There is a very common pitfall that business buyers fall into and the consequences can be horrible. You spend countless hours searching business for sale listings and finally find one. The seller tells you they do not do any marketing and the business has been on cruise control from many years. The more you speak […]

7 Ways to Build Rapport with Clients

Featured image from The Coach Space on Pexels Your clients and customers are the people you depend on to purchase your goods and pay for your services. Without them, your business would quickly collapse. In short, the success of your business depends on having good rapport with your clients. Here are some ways to build […]

Answering The Question, ‘How Do You Help People Too Poor For Microloans?’

Download the podcast via Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Spotify. Upaya Social Ventures is a nonprofit impact investing firm that answers the question, “How do you help people too poor for microloans?” The answer is both easy and challenging: jobs. The presumption of microlending programs often seems to be that everyone can or should be […]

Making Meeting More Successful: 11 Key Components

The corporate world has changed a lot since the advent of personal computing. However, one thing has remained constant throughout this upheaval—the need for business meetings. Whether those meetings take place remotely or within a dedicated office space, they remain an integral part of planning policy and developing strategies. But in today’s fast-paced business world, meetings […]

Antique Values In The Digital Age

When Melba Walton saw the boarded up buildings of downtown Franklin, TN she knew opportunity was waiting. 45 years later her granddaughter, Julie, with baby James in tow, run the family jewelry store, Walton’s Antique & Estate Jewelry. As a young girl growing up in the jewelry store – she made it her mission to […]

Are Healthcare Enterprises Buying Silicon Valley’s Evangelistic Sell?

The unofficial mantra of silicon valley entrepreneurs may well be fake it ‘til you make it, an approach of resilient bravado that’s led to a slew of ultimately successful tech giants – and also to frank deceptions like Theranos. Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley VC (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch) Getty Recently, I heard […]

A way to scale your business for success, which actually works

What’s the best way to scale your business for success? Here are my thoughts. But first, a quick question for you: What do the following all have in common? Kindness. Honesty. Caring. The answer is that they’re attributes that are valued, extremely highly, by everyone. We are attracted to people who are kind, honest and caring. […]