The Tech That Connects Music Makers All Over The World

Collaboration has always been at the heart of making music. Thanks to a new generate of collaborative music apps, musicians can continue creating music together, even when a global pandemic has kept them apart. One example is Endlesss. Launched at the beginning of lockdown last year, the platform combines software recreations of drum machines, samplers, […]

The Role of Public Policy in Rural Community Economic Development

By Paula Jensen My husband is a mechanic. The tools of his trade are important to his work. He has a large toolbox with many drawers lined in soft black padding. His tools lay clean and organized inside each drawer for easy access when he needs the right tool for a job. Yet, when things […]

How to Manage Your Healthcare Practice’s Online Appearance

Featured image courtesy of the National Cancer Institute on Unsplash Having an online presence is an indispensable element of running a business in 2021 and beyond. Moreover, your online appearance is critical to the success of your healthcare practice. Even if you are not selling anything online, a huge majority of people will check out your website. […]

Expert Business Insurance Tips for Dentists

Featured image by StockSnap on PIxabay Whether you’re starting a solo practice or are sharing space with other dentists, you have a lot invested in your practice. A dentist’s office is a business, and in many ways it needs to be protected like any other business. Additionally, there is some business insurance coverage specific to […]

Start A Business, Get An MSc – The University That Wants To Be An Incubator

I’ve been talking to Falmouth University Vice Chancellor, Professor Anne Carlisle for around half an hour when she casually mentions an objective that is genuinely startling. “The whole university will be an incubator by 2030,” she says.    Now, there’s nothing unusual about United Kingdom universities playing host to incubators and accelerators but they tend to […]

Digital Identity: The Trending Tech Concept Changing How We Live

How much of your life do you live online? What would you guess is your personal percentage of waking hours spent connected in one way or another to the internet? Think about it. You manage your finances online. You work online. You share your social life online. You communicate with family and friends online. Perhaps […]

Binary Options Trading: Is This an Opportunity for You?

Featured image by Sergeitokmakov on Pixabay The trading market is booming, especially binary options. While conservative investors still mostly stick with traditional assets such as stocks, commodities or precious metals, it’s mainly younger investors, who thrive for more risk, profit, and potential. Trading doesn’t have anything to do with the old-fashioned buy-and-hold strategies that are […]

Eight Entrepreneur-Recommended Methods For Creating A Timeless Brand

Long-term brand recognition and customer loyalty are common goals of almost every business. To create this kind of longevity, business owners will need to create brands that people like, remember and trust. As successful business leaders themselves, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council understand what it takes to build a company that withstands the test […]

Eight Entrepreneur-Recommended Methods For Creating A Timeless Brand

Long-term brand recognition and customer loyalty are common goals of almost every business. To create this kind of longevity, business owners will need to create brands that people like, remember and trust. As successful business leaders themselves, the members of Young Entrepreneur Council understand what it takes to build a company that withstands the test […]

How to Grow Your Business: An Effective Guide

Featured image by JessBaileyDesign on Pixabay While some business owners may be content with running a small business, others may feel the need to constantly grow. Most businesses start out reasonably small, however that doesn’t mean that they need to stay that way. After all, many people will agree that the entire point of a […]

7 Lessons From Horror To Improve Your Content Marketing

By Dana Herra People love a scary story. They get your heart pumping and your adrenaline flowing. They’re hard to put down and even harder to forget. Even if you do close the book or turn off the movie, you keep turning over the story in your mind. That’s the kind of content engagement marketers […]

Part Of Build Back Better Could Be Disaster For Trust Owned Life Insurance

A provision of the Build Back Better Act threatens to louse up a lot of life insurance plans. The problem is in the provision titled “Special Rule for For Grantor Trusts”. In many ways it is a sensible provision doing away with shenanigans that clever planners have concocted over many years largely to benefit the 1%, The rule […]

Implementing Electric Vehicles: The Next Step In Commercial Transportation

COO of Zonar, pioneering smart fleet management solutions in vocational, pupil, mass transit and commercial trucking industries. From the beginning, the story of motor vehicles has been one of innovation and evolution. If you were to plot a timeline of the industry, you could probably start in 1886 when Karl Benz (of Mercedes-Benz fame) patented the […]

Four Ways To Make QR Codes A Success For Your Business

Adam Co-founded UPshow, the consumer engagement platform that has been transforming in-venue engagement across the country. QR codes, once thought to be a relic of the past, are returning as a hot marketing trend. Thanks to improved smartphone technology and a consumer base seeking more and more digital interactivity in their daily lives, QR codes are […]

Finding The Data: How To Avoid AI And Analytics Project Failures

Ajith Sankaran, Senior Vice President, Course5 Intelligence. The pace of digital transformation has accelerated, and there is no longer any question as to the massive impact rapid digitization driven by AI and data analytics has had on our world. While many organizations are reaping the benefits of successful AI and analytics implementations, the reality is that […]

Three Powerful Habits To Future-Proof Your Workplace

David Wagoner is the co-founder and CMO of P3 Media, a full-service digital-marketing and ecommerce agency based in NYC. Over the past year and a half, the business world has experienced a sea change. As companies continue to navigate pandemic-induced shifts in work culture, new digital advancements and evolving consumer behaviors, leaders must adopt flexible approaches […]

Seven Ways To Help Your Company Master Remote Onboarding

Founder & CEO of Creative Business Inc a financial advisory firm specializing in serving elite entrepreneurs across all creative industries. Half of small businesses say it’s getting harder to hire new employees and more than 30% have open roles they haven’t been able to fill for three months. So when small businesses finally land a great new […]

Challenges To 5G Networks From IoT Devices

CEO of CUJO AI, the only AI cybersecurity solution currently deployed on 1B connected devices. Acclaimed by World Economic Forum, Gartner. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become ubiquitous, and the number of connected devices is expected to grow to 29.3 billion by 2023. Millions of new devices go online each year at the start of […]

How To Handle Waiting For The Next Big Thing In Your Life To Happen

By Heather Cherry—  Waiting for the next big break, event, or decision to be made can feel like an eternity, especially if you’re going through a period of transition. But the act of waiting may feel even more difficult partly because we live in a world with instant gratification and access to nearly everything with […]

Cloud Migration Challenges For Manufacturers Transitioning To Industry 4.0

Vladimir Lugovsky is the Co-Founder and CEO of digital product development agency Akveo and low-code SaaS startup UI Bakery. Advancements in artificial intelligence, sensor technology, 3D printing and many other areas have reinvented the manufacturing domain and enabled the transition to Industry 4.0. Many of these technologies go hand-in-hand with the cloud. In this regard, cloud adoption […]

Three Ways That Commercial Real Estate Protects Against Inflation

Anthony Grosso is Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, and Managing Principal of First National Realty Partners. In early 2021, the business news was full of inflation-related headlines. Lumber prices were soaring, adding up to $36,000 to the cost of a new home. Used car prices were touching record highs, gasoline prices were on the move, and food prices were […]

Should Your Business Incorporate ID Verification And Facial Matching In Its Kiosks?

Joe Oprosko is President and CEO of Veridocs, which offers ID authentication, facial matching and watch list management technologies. The headlines seem to be appearing daily — a labor shortage is hamstringing recovery for businesses. Organizations are struggling to find and train workers, often for the types of transactional, face-to-face work that so many of us […]

Becoming A Disruptor: How Mastering Your Culture Can Help You Stay Ahead

Joanna Swash Group CEO of Moneypenny. Moneypenny handles outsourced phone calls, live chat and digital comms. The disruptor: Hero or villain? Often a term used to describe the naughty students who sit at the back of a classroom, “disruptor” is now also a term widely used in today’s rapidly changing business environment that’s considered the key […]

10 Things To Keep In Mind When Leveraging QR Codes For Business

QR codes have several benefits to offer businesses in just about any industry. Whether you’re a restaurant using them for menus, a retail store using them for promotional purposes or a media company using them to direct consumers to your website or app download, they can save you money on marketing materials and streamline communication.  […]

Why Data Without Empathy Is Empty

Managing Director at Narrative: The Business of Stories. I write about corporate storytelling. Data came with a promise: “Download me, analyze me and then confidently claim to understand the people whose information I bring to you at scale. And the best part is, you can do all of this on your devices from your office or […]

How Your Company Can Ride The Streaming Video Revolution

Joe Mozden, Jr. is CEO of Sonic Foundry, the trusted leader for video creation, management solutions as well as virtual and hybrid events. We’ve experienced a lot of changes over the past two years. Who would have thought we’d be looking for facemasks that match our personalities, or that we’d look forward to virtual happy hours […]

How To Resolve Sales Objections In Three Simple Steps

CEO at Business Success Factors, advising companies in boosting their sales revenue and having top-performing sales teams. There are many articles on the internet about how to deal with sales objections, but is the information they are conveying right for you and your potential buyer? In many cases, I would say no, and doing the wrong […]

Three Common Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make — And How You Can Avoid Them

Founder at SoulScale and Part-Time Million Dollar Business Some have said that adults make 35,000 decisions a day. That’s 35,000 different ways you could potentially alter the course of your life with just a quick “yes” or “no” or a simple “this” or “that.” When you’re an entrepreneur and running your own business, you might feel as […]

Five Secrets To Building Brand Loyalty

By Kailynn Bowling, co-founder of ChicExecs PR & Retail Strategy Firm. Every business wants loyal customers, but loyalty is pretty tough to come by these days. According to one analysis, 77% of brands could disappear and nobody would care. That’s a tough pill to swallow. If you want customers to remember your business, you need to build […]

Problem-Solve Like A Pro

By Maria Thimothy, senior consultant at OneIMS who helps businesses grow by creating and capturing demand and managing and nurturing relationships. How many times have we heard a manager say, “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”? Some believe that it is an excuse for managers to discourage a culture of complaining or avoid dealing […]

Why Is Workwear Important These Days?

Featured image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay  Appropriate workwear is one of the best ways to promote protection and safety in the workplace. However, some companies out there overlook the importance of proper workwear and consider it an unnecessary investment. They don’t realize that proper work garments provide protection for their employees. Additionally, in some cases, they prevent […]

11 Reasons Why FIBC Solutions Bulk Bags Are Essential

Featured image by Martin_Hetto on Pixabay The choice of the right bulk bags is always the most important decision you will make when filling and transporting your product. There are many options available on the market, which vary in price, quality, and functionality, etc.  Whether you’re looking for economy-grade fill bags or premium quality bulk […]

3 Online Business Ideas You Must Know in 2021

Featured image by StockSnap on Pixabay The internet has expanded and so have opportunities to make money online. Anyone with a computer and internet access can start a full-time business or a side hustle. However, you might not know where to get started. Luckily, some easy to start online business models have proven more successful […]

The Trend Towards Becoming A Benefit Corporation

Organizations are inevitably shaped by the values of the people that manage and operate them. However, it helps a great deal if the corporate structure you chose for a company makes expressing these values easier. One of the best trends in the second half of the 20th century is the gradual realization that we as […]

How to Find Expert Talent for Your Business

Featured image by Ronald Candonga on Pixabay Although there are always countless people looking for a job, it’s important to find more than just available employees. The better the talent you hire, the better results they’ll offer your company.  If you’re seeking out awesome employees and want to ensure you get the best ones available, these […]

How To Transition In An Increasingly Populated Cloud

President & Global Head, Applications & Data business, Wipro.  Companies have realized that moving to the cloud is no longer an option but the next logical step. The pandemic exposed businesses that were still reliant on legacy systems and on-premises digital infrastructures; while others that had already moved their data to the cloud adapted with relative ease. […]

Why An 'Everyone Wins' Approach To Business Is The Best Path Forward

U.S. Chief Operation Officer at Esker, Steve Smith is responsible for all operations in North, South and Latin America. “You have to be willing to step on people if you want to get to the top.” Certainly, at some point in your career, you’ve heard some variation on the above idiom. Even if you haven’t, there’ve […]

Why Entrepreneurial Success Requires Hard Work

Tony Farrell is CEO of PTS Financial Services. Visit his LinkedIn here. I had a good friend who worked with me for 15 years before he passed away from cancer. He was a wise man, known for sharing his nuggets of wisdom. He once asked me, “Do you want STP or LTJ?” Confused, I asked him […]

Three Ways To Keep A Subscription Base Strong

Erin Weaver heads Pennington Gray, a private advisory firm that grows subscription and membership programs for large organizations. A key lesson for many businesses during the pandemic is that recurring revenue can create a foundation of stable financial support through the natural ups and downs of our times. Deloitte reported that subscription-based businesses, in particular, are proving to […]

A Twist On The Office Surplus: OFFOR Health

Depending upon where we live, we may take for granted the relatively easy access to the resources and facilities that we need for the medical treatment we require. Not everyone is so lucky, however, nor is every town equipped for medical or dental procedures beyond the routine.    Saket Agrawal, the CEO of OFFOR Health, is […]

Online Streaming Is In Transition As New Industries Shift To Digital Video

CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmovin, a company providing cloud-based OTT video software solutions for leading media companies worldwide. Online streaming has had quite an interesting trajectory. What started out as pure entertainment has evolved into the backbone of several major industries. How did we go from videos of kittens to businesses, governments, schools and religious institutions […]

15 Strategies To Manage And Meet Your Customers' Growing Expectations

In today’s marketplace, customers have a nearly limitless array of services and products to choose from. With this abundance of choice, consumers now expect companies to consistently deliver a high level of service—and if they don’t, the customer can always find another provider. Companies must therefore be proactive about ensuring their customers are continuously satisfied. […]