Funding Options For Thriving Ecommerce Businesses

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business. According to Fundera, 29% of businesses fail because they run out of capital. The problem with revenue is that it can be massaged by accounting gimmicks. However, no one can BS cash flow. (That is, without blatantly lying about it.) Ecommerce startups are thriving during the pandemic as […]

Real World AI: A Great Guide For Managers

AI books are usually extremely technical—filled with Python and mathematical equations—or too general, without enough actionable insights. But a new book called Real World AI: A Practical Guide for Responsible Machine Learning does not fall within either category. Then again, the authors include Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger, who is a director of product at Blue Shield […]

Top 4 Team Chat Apps in 2021

Featured image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay  When it comes to communicating efficiently in the workplace in 2021, it is essential for businesses to rely on one of several team chat apps. To help you determine which app is right for your company, we offer the following guide. RELATED ARTICLE: COLLABORATIVE TEAMS: 7 KEY BENEFITS FOR YOUR COMPANY […]

How A Leading B Corp Supports Systems Change To Help Create A Better World

Many development models rush to answer the question, “How can we eradicate poverty?” without first asking, “Why does this poverty exist?” Focusing only on the first question has led to the common aid mishaps we hear about: villages with a brand new schools but no ability to employ teachers, broken water systems that none of […]

This Immigrant Entrepreneur Turned Door-To-Door Sales Into A $20M Subscription Business

An immigrant from Colombia, Juan Palacio arrived in Miami at the age of 25 with a heavy accent and limited knowledge of English. Undeterred, he began selling flowers to hotels door-to-door, eventually starting a couple companies, including his most recent, A subscription service, BloomsyBox sends its customers fresh flowers from fair-trade, sustainable farms. Subscribers […]

Worried About Life Insurance Coverage? Here’s What to Do

Featured image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay  When you work hard to earn a living and support your family, you want to be sure they remain financially protected. Adequate life insurance coverage allows you to safeguard them against future uncertainties such as untimely deaths, critical illnesses, injuries, and the financial instability that can come with owning your own business. […]

The Backyard Effect: The Heartland's Formula For Recession Recovery

President and CEO of Rev1 Ventures. Tom Walker is focused on helping entrepreneurs innovate and succeed. The lessons of this pandemic have been many. People have been surprised by events that they never imagined. This crisis re-educated them about things they knew but perhaps forgot. Through the lens of the pandemic, they also recognized and recommitted to […]

A Decade Of Under 30

As Forbes Under 30 gears up for its 10th anniversary, we’re looking back at the past decade of listmakers. The 2021 Forbes Under 30 list featured Ben Simmons, investor and point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers. Mamadi Doumbouya for Forbes By The Numbers: Meet The 30 Under 30 Class Of 2021 By Alexandra Wilson . […]

Should Your Brokerage Firm Create Its Own Index?

Oleg is the CEO of dxFeed, a market data and financial services firm. Over 20 years of experience in information technology and finance. The Cambridge Dictionary defines an index as “a system of numbers used for comparing values of things that change according to each other or a fixed standard.” For the better part of the […]

Purchase And Create With Purpose: Six Ways To Join The Slow Design Movement

Rachely Esman CEO & Co-Founder of Wescover: building a marketplace to discover original art & design Creators.  Entrepreneurs, it’s time to join the slow design movement and build brands that are celebrated for their positive global impact. Long has been the reign of cheap, mass-produced products with short lifespans and harmful environmental outcomes. Consumers are looking […]

A Guide To Unified Commerce

CEO of MindSEO, a Digital Intelligence company. Director of the Portuguese Marketing Association. Google trainer and University Teacher. The demand for personalized omnichannel experiences by consumers has led companies and e-commerce managers to rethink their operations and put the need for consumer experience optimization at the top of their business priorities. At the same time, with […]

The Role Of AI In Supply Chain Technology And Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Cyrus Hadavi is the CEO of Adexa, a leading AI powered supply chain planning company with Fortune class clients in five continents. Cogito, ergo sum, or I think, therefore I am. This dictum was coined by the French philosopher René Descartes in demonstrating his existence. What does that say about computers? Do we start calling […]

15 Ways To Build A More Accountable Team

Dr. Vince Molinaro is a NY Times best-selling author, speaker & adviser to companies needing to build & scale leadership accountability. When the pandemic shut down offices worldwide in early 2020, it upended the way we work together. Suddenly, everything from brainstorming to congratulating a team member on a win to having tough performance conversations had […]

Relevance Drives Revenue Growth

Andrew Olsen, CFRE is President of Altus Marketing, a Moore company, a best-selling author, and host of a top-rated nonprofit podcast.  As a nonprofit marketer, your most important role is to create meaningful connections with supporters to increase commitment, reduce friction and grow revenue. It’s about creating relevance around what your constituents already care about; what […]

Communication Lessons Learned From Prince Philip

By Jared Shaner, CRO & Partner of forward-thinking e-commerce agency Trellis, overseeing the agency’s client success, marketing and growth.  What would you do if you were one of the most powerful men in the world, without any actual power? This was the role of the recently departed Prince Philip, the trusted husband, confidant and advisor to […]

How To Succeed In Transitioning A Family Business To The Next Generation

Over the past 40 years, the information technology industry has seen the rise of telecom, the boom and bust of the dot-com bubble, and the financial sector implosion during the great recession.  RCI Technologies has evolved with these changes, from a company overseeing outsourced technology in India to primarily using American talent for high-level project […]

How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Bad Days Into A Business For Good

Leeanne Antonio is a trail blazing, first generation Asian American entrepreneur, bringing the world empathy in a box. She is the Founder and CEO of Bad Day Box, and an advocate for self-care and mental health. When life didn’t go as expected a couple years ago, she channeled her bad days into finding healthy ways […]

How Freelancers and SMBs Can Use Events to Drive Business

Featured image by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash Are you using events to close more accounts for your freelance business or small company? If not, then you’re missing out on tons of opportunities to engage your audiences better. You could be generating more leads. You’re even missing chances to convert website visitors into customers.   Whether you want to […]

Celebrating Small Businesses—The R&D Of The U.S. Economy

Small Business Week acknowledges the essential role of entrepreneurial ventures in the development of our economy every day. The small business sector is the “R&D” of the U.S. economy. Name a large successful firm that didn’t start off as a small innovative enterprise, there aren’t any. Walmart, Amazon, Microsoft, McDonald’s etc.—their stories are inspirational and […]

The Future Of Work In Post-Pandemic America

We are at a crossroads in post-pandemic America. More and more companies are deploying phased plans for returning to the office, and conversation is humming around flexibility, remote work, and employee benefits. But how will business strategy and operations, profit margins, and customer engagement thrive in this new society? While only time can tell, we […]

Transparency Is No Longer An Option; It’s A Must

Managing Director at Portera Technologies, your thinking partner in technology and innovation. With growing concerns around food safety, ethical sourcing, data security, and environmental impact, consumers want to know more than ever before about the products they buy. Though becoming a transparent business might seem like a momentous undertaking, there are plenty of ways to showcase […]

How These Four Startups Hired Talent Remotely During Lockdown

Lockdown forced many businesses to put their recruitment plans on hold, and in a climate of uncertainty, that might seem like the wisest strategy. However, if they are to grow, companies need to adapt to these challenging new conditions or risk losing out, especially when it comes to hiring talent remotely. Identifying priority skills and […]

The Fundamentals Of Your Team Returning To The Office

CEO and Co-Founder at Inspirant Group. Curator and Champion of Culture. People Enthusiast. With the change in season and the distribution of vaccines, there is a renewed hope that companies start to get back to work. We have seen it in our consulting projects as teams are ready to plan for and implement transformations that were […]

The Next Business Drivers: Corporate Character And Social Capitalism

Rick Murray is Managing Partner at SHIFT Communications, a data-driven public relations firm that helps brands break through and thrive.   One brand, two brands, red brands, blue brands. It’s come to this: I’ve noticed that brand marketers, who have long sought to plant inspirational and aspirational images in our heads, are now ensnared in partisan politics. […]

What Is Yours Will Find You: How To Chart A New Path After The Pandemic

CEO of Harston Cohn. High-level real estate expert and consultant with 25 years of experience owning and operating hotels and multifamilies As an unapologetic opportunist, I took full advantage of the coronavirus lockdown. Taking the better part of the past year, I systematically dismantled my work life. I defined how and with whom I would spend […]

Minimizing Liability For Your Business: Legal Areas To Consider

Shareholder/Founding Partner at Hart David Carson LLP, representing & counseling mid-market, pre-IPO companies. Whether you’re starting a business or you’ve been at it for a while, liability and risk are facts of your life. Keeping those risks to a minimum is a never-ending endeavor that requires constant vigilance and effort. Here, we’ll look at the legal […]

The Anatomy Of Personal Data Sovereignty

Michel Kilzi is a data intelligence expert with a vision to redefine the role of data as an asset in today’s New-Economy. As data privacy violations continue to make headlines and additional regulations are put in place, consumers are growing more aware of and concerned about the control of their data. Many are now willing to […]

How To Maintain Small-Brand Nimbleness As You Grow

President and CEO, MassageLuXe As an operator of a small company, you may find yourself thinking about what you could do with more employees, a bigger budget and a larger footprint. Your dreams push your drive for growth that will lead to what may seem like easier days ahead. While growth has its advantages and is […]

Biden’s Effort To Close The Tax Gap Is Well-Intentioned But Flawed

In his American Families Plan, President Biden unveiled a tax compliance initiative aimed at closing the gap between taxes that are owed and what are paid. Most of the anticipated revenue, which the Administration estimated at $460 billion over 10 years, would come from requiring financial institutions to report account information that Treasury says would […]

How To Adapt Your Sales Training And Onboarding: Part 1

CEO at Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy Pte Ltd, Global Inside Sales Chapter President & MD for Assoc. of Professional Sales Asia.  Sales education and sales training practices have shifted dramatically to adapt to the pandemic — and they continue to change as the world adjusts in 2021. Some of the tried-and-true tactics are stronger than […]

Staying Motivated: Less Is More

Determination and drive falter as a matter of course. It’s not a failure so much as a simple fact of our frailty as humans; going all out, every single day, simply isn’t sustainable for most of us over a long term period, and in the absence of long breaks to recharge your batteries, there are […]

Why Entrepreneurs Ignore A Formal Plan, The Root Cause Of Business Failure

Sustainability Consultant || Business Coach & Educator || Founder of the Academy of Human Potential. It might be surprising to learn that many new entrepreneurs ignore advice even when it is given by experts. With as many valuable resources and expert business advice on startups, strategy and financial planning available online today, you would think that […]

How Leaders Can Build A Personal Mapping System When Facing Uncertainty

President of Aaron Equipment Company, a fourth-generation company that buys and sells used manufacturing equipment. My wife, Michelle, is an accomplished runner. A veteran of more than 40 marathons, including a few Boston Marathons, she runs well at all distances on both roads and trails. The other day, she was meeting her friend for a run, […]

Why Global Companies Should Consider India For An IP Back-Office

Anant Kataria, CEO & Co-Founder @ Sagacious IP. Ensuring Sagacious’s clients’ success with excellent IP support by a global 300-member team. Fifty years ago, companies were vertically integrated, maintaining an in-house department for every business function. Gradually, companies began outsourcing, assigning non-essential tasks to third-party service providers. Outsourcing freed up employees’ time to focus on core […]

Presales: How Winning Companies Nail Product-Market Fit

CEO at Vivun, making PreSales the heroes of the Enterprise through the industry’s first AI-powered platform. Companies desperately want to find a winning product-market fit, but they can’t do so by simply sitting in an ivory tower, waiting for it to jump out of a Kanban board or emerge through financially motivated customer surveys. Winning product […]

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Be Afraid To Write Your Own Growth Story

Founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, the Customer Experience Automation (CXA) category leader How do successful businesses grow? If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard the answer to this one. You’ve been told that the most exciting, successful business ideas are all about rapid scale. They can be expanded quickly to reach more customers using the […]

Three Perspectives On Successfully 'Servitizing' Your Business

Founder of ktc, I have a passion for service design, customer experience and entrepreneurship. According to Ewan McIntyre of Gartner, “The Covid-19 crisis has shifted CMOs’ focus from customer acquisition to customer retention and growth.” It is no surprise that many companies now try to create lifetime customers instead of one-off sales. Converting products into services […]

Subject Matter Expertise: Why It Matters In Your Business

By Maria Thimothy, Sr. Consultant at OneIMS. Whether you are considering starting a business or have been running one for years, one of the most important ways you can continue to build your brand and maximize your business potential is through developing subject matter expertise. A subject matter expert is someone who has thorough knowledge and […]

Using Human Intervention And Technology To Secure Test-Taking

COO of uExamS, a worldwide provider of test and training support solutions. Covid-19 and its resulting isolation have forced the world into newfound remote work, education and training environments, creating an unprecedented upsurge in the use of remote proctoring services. Schools and other higher education institutions are forced to move their classes online in order to […]

Why This Entrepreneur Wants You To Be A Millionaire

Every entrepreneur wants to hit the 7 figure mark in their business, but one entrepreneur thinks you becoming a millionaire is vital to our humanity. Rachel Rodgers, the founder of Hello Seven, released her book “We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power” today and she […]

7 Simple Strategies to Protect Your Business Assets

Featured image by Aymanejed from Pixabay As an entrepreneur or as a business person, you know how essential assets are to the success of your venture. Whether the industry you’re operating in is technology, education, health, or wellness, asset protection is vital. It’s inevitable that when you’re operating a business, you’re naturally prone to risks. […]

How to Efficiently Liquidate a Manufacturing Plant

Featured image by d1sk There may be several reasons why you’ve decided to close your manufacturing plant. Financial troubles are, unfortunately, a common reason. Another aim could be a simple desire to retire. Or perhaps you wish to stop the daily grind that goes with owning one’s own business and return to the stability of […]

A Look Into the Future of Search Engine Marketing

Featured image from Pixabay There’s an entire industry dedicated to search engine marketing. But, many of us still don’t fully understand what it means or involves. Search engine marketing, or SEM has been around for nearly as long as the commercial internet itself. Throughout this time, it has evolved considerably into the service we know […]