Traveling Abroad: How It Will Help You Grow as an Entrepreneur

Photo by from Pexels Entrepreneurs know that if you’re going to start your own business, you need two things: money and ideas. As the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money.” And so entrepreneurs will typically go to a bank when they need cash for a business startup. But where do you […]

9 Tips for Building an Attention-Grabbing Business Website

Photo by Monoar Rahman from Pexels Your website is an important part of your business. As a matter of fact, it is one of your main marketing and sales tools. Moreover, setting up a free WordPress website is a reasonable step when you’re running on a tight budget. And the best part is, you don’t […]

Entrepreneurial Education: Do You Need One to Become an Entrepreneur?

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Becoming an entrepreneur is a highly appealing pathway to many. However, that path can be a difficult one. You’ll no doubt face many challenges when you first get started. However, a good entrepreneurial education can make all the difference. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the role […]

This Entrepreneur Left Her Journalism Career To Bring Endosphères Therapy To The US

Polina LevantCourtesy of Polina Levant Polina Levant left her career journalism career to bring endosphères therapy to the US. Levant worked at a well known Russian publication where she was only allowed to interview prominent men. After using  e ndosphères therapy in her own health journey, Levant decided she wanted to bring the European treatment to the […]

4 Strategies To Boost Your Career In The New Year

The New Year is a time when we tend to focus on self-improvement and goal setting. We’re thinking of ways to improve and grow and better ourselves. By adding career goals as part of that focus, you can start the next year off on the right foot both personally and professionally. These four strategies will […]

Spirit Of 1989 AWOL As Poles Await Momentous 2019

A tram with an election poster for Solidarity in 1989East News, Warsaw Many since 2015 and the election of the Law and Justice (PiS) party to government in Poland have asked if the post-communist transition to liberal-democracy hadn’t been a detour and not a destination. Defenders of the ‘Enlightenment Project’ in the region began to fret that […]

Three Research-Driven Tactics For Overcoming Sales Objections

objectionstoryblocks Salespeople perpetually fight an uphill battle against rejection and adversity. Rejections loom especially large at the beginning of sales cycles. In 2007, it took an average of 3.7 cold call attempts to reach a prospect, according to research by TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group. Fast forward to today and it takes an average of […]

For Some Entrepreneurs, New Year's Resolutions Address Growth, Market Changes

Some folks may approach every New Year with the same resolution, whether it be losing weight, becoming better organized or finally writing that novel. Resolutions don’t have to be static, though, and a business may need to revisit its goals to adjust to its own rapid growth, evolving market conditions or other significant changes. NuORDER, […]

How to Create A Job Worth Waking Up For

Casual businesswoman is working on the computer at office.Getty Heading back to work after the holiday break makes Monday morning even harder. Your unrelenting alarm clock blares loud noises, dragging you from peaceful sleep. It seems the only thing that could make that dreaded Monday morning wake-up call any worse, besides realizing you only have decaf […]

Why Soul Is The Secret To Family Business Success

Most family business consultants talk about the nitty-gritty finances of running an enterprise successfully. But to Tom Hubler, a St. Paul, Minn.-based pioneer in family business consulting, it’s all about “soul.” A former therapist, Hubler is a founding member and fellow of the Family Firm Institute in Boston, which is now international, with over 10,000 […]

Four Small Business New Year's Resolutions For Success In 2019

The end of the calendar year is a natural time to reassess how your business did in the previous 12 months and then devise a plan for improving. By almost every measure, 2018 was a good year for the economy. Small business optimism is high, holiday sales were the strongest in years, unemployment is low, […]

Franchise Flashpoints: 7 Trends That Shook The Industry In 2018

This year saw a number of hot-button issues make headlines in the world of franchising—some positive and some ominous. From franchisee uprisings to regulations that benefit consumers and employees, 2018 was a year that saw some real change in the franchising landscape. Chicago Area Fast Food Worker Activists Organize National Strike To Combat Sexual Harassment.Getty […]

2019 Explosion Of Cannabis Mergers And Acquisitions Predicted

Seattle Cannacon bannerJulie Weed Most of the businesses growing, processing and selling cannabis across the United States are small independently-held entities. That may change in 2019 which looks like a big year for industry mergers, acquisitions and expansion. Large companies, like those in the food, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries have mostly stayed on the sidelines, […]

Ten Digital Marketing Predictions For 2019

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin “The future is much like the present, only longer,” said baseball pitcher Dan Quisenberry. Here are some predictions for the future of marketing in the year 2019 and beyond from some thought leaders I polled, plus a few of my own prognostications. Here are predictions from […]

5 Major Social Media Marketing Mistakes And How To Overcome Them

Angry woman in front of laptop during workingGetty Most modern businesses understand the importance of using social media to promote their brand and interact with consumers. Indeed, social media is at the core of many companies’ digital strategy, often delivering measurable results in terms of sales, leads and customer service. That said, there are many […]

Seeking Equity Crowdfunding Backers? Take A Look At Your Company Logo

Company logos may not foretell a venture’s profitability, but they could help garner backing on equity crowdfunding platforms, especially if investors perceive them as complex, new research suggests. Previous studies have indicated that cues strongly associated with a startup venture’s potential success – signals such as patent ownership, the size of the equity raise and […]

Some Things You Should Know About Surety Bonds

For many people, surety bonds are shrouded in mystery. In this post we talk about what a surety bond is and discuss some of the different types of surety bonds. Moreover, we define some of the applicable terms, such as “principal,” “obligee,” and “surety.” What Is a Surety Bond? A surety bond represents a kind of risk management. […]

How Virtual Receptionists Build Better Customer Relationships

Today, you can build connections with your customers even before they have done any business with you via various social media channels. But as a business owner, you can’t do this alone. You need help. Specifically, you need to use virtual receptionists. Here are a few ways in which virtual receptionists will work wonders for […]

Northern Lights, Cozy Hot Tubs: 11 Winter Glamping Spots You Need To See

Torassieppi Jerisjärvi in Northern Lapland, Finland.Photo courtesy of Have you always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights in the middle of the wilderness? Does snuggling up next to a fire while snow falls on the roof of your cabin sound appealing? How about soaking in a hot tub outside in a winter wonderland? Glamping — code word for glamorous camping — isn’t a […]

7 Email Marketing Tricks All Solopreneurs Should Master

Email marketing hacks.Getty Royalty Free Email marketing works. In fact, it has a median ROI of 122% which is more than 4 times higher than that of other approaches. Eighty-nine percent of marketers claim that email is their primary channel for generating leads. Email marketing isn’t just for mid to large sized businesses eithers. It’s […]

How To Own Your Time In 2019

Which three areas consume the majority of your workday?Shutterstock How much time do you think the average leader spends interacting with employees and customers? Forty percent?  Fifty percent? A recent study outlined in Harvard Business Review reveals that it’s just 9 percent. Every leader who participated in the study was shocked by this number: They truly […]


Photo (CC) by Nana-b-agyel, on Flickr The one consistent force facing all small business owners is that of change. As we prepare to enter a new year, it is not uncommon to take some time and think about things you would like to accomplish in 2019. The resolutions we lay out include those for our […]

Leaders Without a Professional New Year's Eve Resolution Are Just Middle Managers

Resolutions are good for the soulUnsplash Royalty Free It’s that time of the year high on calories and good intentions. Depending on which piece of research you choose to believe, new year’s eve resolutions are both immensely useful and utterly inconsequential. Detractors claim the road to hell is paved with good intentions, supporters point out that […]

What Were the Best-Selling Items for the Holidays in 2018?

Photo by from Pexels What were the best-selling items in your online store this holiday season? Did you pick some winners? Did you have—ahem—a couple of losers as well? While no one can predict the future, perhaps you can learn from the past to prepare for future holiday sales. So in that vein, let’s […]

Ways to Earn More Income When You’re Abroad

There are few things in life that will change you as profoundly as working and traveling abroad.  If you’re young and inexperienced, however, finding enough cash to allow you to travel comfortably can be a challenge. Other people can pay for the plane tickets and other processing fees but will have difficulty financing their stay. […]

How to Make a Business Out of Tuition

When you are an expert in a subject and you love to teach others about it, there is one job that might fit you like a glove: tutoring. This is a growing profession, which attracts more and more passionate experts whose knowledge for a subject is above average. Because you don’t need to be a […]

What to Look for When Choosing an Investment Firm

Many people will rarely seek expert investment advice. Some will turn to their friends while others will seek advice from their close family members. However, this is not the best route for your finances nor is it good for your relationship with them. You can change this by opting for an investment firm such as […]

Happy Holidays! Ways to Plan for the Holidays for Your Small Business 

Photo by from Pexels Happy holidays! Holidays mean big sales for small businesses. Consumers often spend a lot for holiday celebrations, as well as special foods and gifts. So take advantage of each holiday season as it comes around by setting up your small business for success. There are multiple holidays that come around […]

Could Antibad Become the Net-a-Porter of Green Style?

ImageThe sustainability advocate Venitia Falconer models the Cipher Skirt by Samantha Pleat, £150. There are online marketplaces for luxury brands, secondhand fashion and street wear. Why not for sustainable style? So wondered Agatha Lintott from her remote farmhouse nestled in the green rolling hills of the South Devon countryside in England. Ms. Lintott, a former […]

Empty building ideas: Art gallery in the windows

Local art can fill up empty windows in small towns, bringing more life and activity to downtown. Photo by by Toni Henry Many small towns have a challenge of too many empty buildings or too many buildings used only for storage. In one small town, the problem was an existing store that was using a […]

20 Easy Actionable Ways To Land More Remote Gigs In 2019

Land more remote gigs. Photo Credit: GettyGetty Royalty Free The number of remote workers is on the rise. It’s easy to see why. People who work remotely enjoy flexible schedules and the freedom of location independence. Whether you choose to travel, or simply work from home, the appeal is clear. This doesn’t mean the life […]

The Best Gifts For Women, Made By Women

Two Neighbors purse was created by women living in Israel and PalestineTwo Neighbors As 2018 comes to a close, there’s no doubt that it was a powerful year for female solidarity. Women have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to supporting other women and with female founders on the rise, more and more businesses are being created […]

How Do We Design Workplaces For Maximum Productivity

Workplaces are supposed to be productive. Being productive is not a straightforward concept. In simplest terms, being productive is defined as the rate of output per input unit. However, in a workplace, this cannot be so accurately measured particularly when it comes to human performance. Depending on the kind of organization, there are several other factors […]

How to create marketing that spreads and sells

Image: Shutterstock. I have a very effective marketing idea to share with you today. I’m going to show you how to create marketing, which people will value and that’s powerful enough to inspire them to hire you or buy from you. It’s based on the work I do with some of my clients and includes […]

Yes, Chatbots And Virtual Assistants Are Different!

The difference is clearDepositphotos enhanced by CogWorld If chatbots and virtual assistants mean the same thing to you then your understanding of these AI applications requires an upgrade. In reality, there’s a significant difference between the two that employees need to know well before an organization introduces chatbots or virtual assistants. AI applications have evolved at an astounding […]

Keep Your Business Pest-Free and the Doors to Your Business Open

Image Credit: WikiImages on Pixabay Nobody wants to share their home with pests. Even worse, for a business owner, it can mean the end of your business. All it takes is for one customer to see a cockroach scuttling across the floor in your restaurant or mouse scurrying around in your retail store and the […]

Strategic Ways to Add Value to Your IT Consulting Business

The ever-changing world of technology creates ample opportunity for those in STEM. From programming to cybersecurity, this growing industry has inspired lots of skilled professionals. What’s more, many of them forego the traditional nine-to-five work model and start their own IT consulting business. An IT consultant can work with a business to help them identify […]

Seeking Compensation for Medical Malpractice: What You Need to Know

Photo by Daan Stevens from Pexels Johns Hopkins patient safety experts analyzed medical death rates over a period of eight years. And they calculated that more than a quarter million deaths in the US every year are due to medical malpractice. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional diverges from the recognized standard of care […]

Trade Like a Jedi: Words of Wisdom from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Image Credit: Pixabay on Pexels When it comes to trading it can be tempting to reach for the stars and make foolish forex trading decisions on a whim. But this can be disastrous. To avoid catastrophic losses and protect your capital, it’s essential to respect the volatility of the markets and implement good risk management […]

Entrepreneurs' New Year's Resolutions: Expand, Simplify, Market, Measure

Romy Taormina has found success marketing her company’s Psi Bands As a business New Year’s resolution for her Psi Health Solutions Inc. of Pacific Grove, Calif., CEO Taormina aims to expand internationally. “We will be focusing efforts and resources towards international growth and distribution,” said Taormina, a self-described mompreneur.  “The payoff to us is in […]