The 3 critical questions your prospective clients need you to answer

Photo: Shutterstock. Before you market anything to anyone, there are 3 critical questions your prospective customers need you to answer. Here’s why this matters. Almost all marketing from small and medium-sized businesses gets this wrong. And in doing so, they needlessly lose out on additional sales or new clients. I don’t want that to happen to […]

What You Need to Know to Visit Spain as a Tourist

Featured image from Pixabay on Pexels Every business owner needs a break from time to time. Are you thinking about some international travel for your next vacation from running your business? For instance, would you like to visit Spain? If you do, you’re going to need a visa in addition to your passport. In this […]

Success in Real Estate: 4 Principles to Master

Working in real estate demands a lot of time and effort, but offers substantial financial rewards for those who become successful. Managing those demands can be an agent’s biggest challenge. Success in real estate is possible with these four principles. Feature Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels Real Estate Is Business Many people picture a successful […]

Ecommerce Security: 10 Tips for Your Online Store

Featured image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay  Ecommerce has changed the way consumers shop. No longer does the traditional brick-and-mortar store reign supreme. Instead, online stores, by offering shopping convenience all day and all night every single day of the year, lure customers to their sites from all over the world. And as ecommerce sales continue […]

5 Steps to Starting Your Company in Cyprus

Featured image by Dimitris Vetsikas on Pixabay  Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, the third largest country in the region. It also has the third largest in population in the Mediterranean. Cyprus boasts a high human development index and an advanced, high-income economy. In fact, it is regarded as one of the fastest-growing economies […]

Brighten Your Business with New Office Furniture

Featured image from Pixabay on Pexels Does your office furniture still consist of plywood boards on cement blocks? Then don’t you think it’s time you considered choosing some functional and beautiful new office furniture? In this post, we walk you through choosing new furniture for your business. RELATED ARTICLE: STARTING A HOME-BASED BUSINESS MAY BE […]

Greg Blatt: CEO, Leader, and Professional Thinker

Featured image by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash Among his many impressive accomplishments, Greg Blatt’s expansive career includes leadership roles at Match Group, IAC, Tinder, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Blatt leads with excitement, dedication, and commitment to ongoing development and growth. Further, he enjoys spearheading new projects. A thoroughly modern CEO and executive leader, Greg Blatt has actively […]

A bias for engagement

It’s hard to overstate the importance of engagement. Engagement has tremendous power. It’s the sensation we experience, when someone or something connects with us and captivates us. It creates a bond between us and them. It fosters trust and forms an extremely resilient foundation on which to build a relationship. And it’s of immense value […]

6 Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy and Motivated

It costs far more to replace an employee than it does to retain them. In order to keep them wanting to stay with your company, you must provide a workplace that they enjoy. Your business success depends on keeping your employees happy and motivated. After all, they are not robots that are only there to […]

Equity Heads East When a Bull Market Goes South

Featured image by beate bachmann from Pixabay  Investors have enjoyed a bull market for more than a decade. That fact alone is ominous enough, and there is little doubt that a bear market looms near. Fund managers all agree that a bear market is inevitable. However, there is no common stance on when the next downturn will come. […]

The art of steering

Photo: Shutterstock. Not long ago, these brands thought they’d arrived. They were kings of the hill. MySpace totally dominated social networking. Blockbuster video owned home video entertainment. Nokia was the world’s leading mobile phone brand. And Internet Explorer had 94% of the web browser market. Business success is a journey. The moment you think you’ve arrived, […]

.NET Freelancing: How To Get Started

If you’re a .NET developer and want to break into freelancing, you have many options. However, .NET freelancing requires time and intention to become lucrative.  Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels Most freelancers will tell you to start on the side. You can pick up freelancing jobs while still staying in your current form of employment until you […]

Get Coverage for Unexpected Vehicle Breakdowns

Featured Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay  If your small business depends on uninterrupted transportation of your products to your customers or some other aspect of your operation, you likely rely heavily on your own fleet of vehicles. And in the case of unexpected breakdowns in one or more of your vehicles, your company’s workflow can really take a […]

Higher Education And Your Business

If you own a business, you might think it is far too late for you to go back to school. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pursuing higher education as a business owner can do wonders for both your business and your team. In fact, there is nothing holding you back and everything to […]

How to Throw a Coachella-Worthy Festival

Coachella is a festival that makes a ton of money. We’re talking more than $100 million in gross profits. Known for Instagram selfies and trending new artists, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a well-attended, huge event. RELATED ARTICLE: 8 POWERFUL WAYS TO USE INSTAGRAM FOR YOUR BUSINESS However, if your event company […]

How to Prepare for a Business Photo Shoot

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? Then hire a good professional photographer to do a photo shoot for your business. Moreover, make that investment pay off by taking care of the finer details ahead of time. In this post, we share some tips about how to […]

The Stop Doing List for Communities

By Paula Jensen Have you ever experienced a time when you could envision what needs to happen but had no idea what to stop doing in order to reach the point of success? Here is a simple example: This year at Santa Day in my community someone asked, “Why do we give away turkeys to […]

A few notes you may find useful

I jotted a few notes down during this morning’s Pick My Brain client session. I hope you find them useful. How many of your activities today will help make your business stronger in 12 months time? How many of your daily business activities have you assessed recently: Either to check that they’re still relevant or […]

Employee Retention Tips for 2020

Employee turnover costs your company in multiple ways. In fact, reports show that turnover costs employers a whopping $15,000 per employee, mostly for reasons that are avoidable. In addition, there are massive ramifications to the entire company when your top star leaves the team. As a business owner, attention to employee retention is key for […]

How Would You Like to Study Business in Europe?

If you’ve decided to study for an advanced business degree, your next step is to decide where to study and at which school or university. When making your choice, do not simply limit yourself to studying in America, because there is a far more interesting option out there. Study in Europe! Europe offers many hundreds […]

Full Stack Development: Global Trends

What is a full stack development team, and how can you build a team that suits your business? The complex and demanding nature of software and web development environments demand expertise in multiple areas. Consequently, the need for a full stack team is now a top global business trend. According to the US Bureau of […]

So, what’s inside the box?

Photo: Shutterstock. Today, I have something different for you. It’s a simple, yet powerful technique I often share with business owners. By the way, this leads on nicely from my previous post. You can read it here. I want you to imagine for a moment that you’re sitting with a potential client or customer. Between you […]

Tips for Transporting Heavy Objects by Hand

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash If you have decided to move your business to another location, you might need to do some of the heavy lifting yourself. When it comes to lifting and moving heavy objects, we all know that we should lift with our legs instead of our backs. Additionally, the key to successfully moving heavy […]

Methods for Improving Your Mid-Size Business

Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels Has your mid-size business hit a period of stagnation? Moreover, are you feeling uncertain about how to take your company to the next level? If you own a mid-size company, you already know what it takes to be successful in business. In short, it takes a lot of hard work, ingenuity, and […]

3 Top B2B Experience Marketing Trends for 2020

It’s not just B2C companies that are embracing the power of experiences in creating lasting, enthusiastic customer relationships. B2B companies are jumping on this bandwagon too, as they’re realizing the importance of connecting with buyers in a more memorable, tactile, and impactful way.

What a Man Should Wear for Client Meetings

Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels In this post we share a list of clothing essentials every professional man should have in his wardrobe. With just a few pieces you can achieve a look that impresses in meetings with your clients. RELATED ARTICLE: IS YOUR APPEARANCE HONESTLY GOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Choose a Professional-Looking Dress Shirt Every professional man […]

Is a 400% Rent Increase the Future of Coney Island?

Dianna Carlin should be finishing the book she is writing about the joys of owning the Lola Star boutique, a “really tiny, magical little shop” on the Coney Island boardwalk, for the past 19 years. Instead, Ms. Carlin has been anxious and fearful since her landlord weeks ago offered her a new lease — with […]

Eleven Financial Fundamentals Every Small Business CEO Must Know

The most critical CEO tasks that result in the success or failure of a business lie in the knowledge … [+] and practice of financial management fundamentals. Getty Regardless of the size of the business, the ultimate responsibility for success lies with the CEO. If you’re a small business owner, that’s you. And the most […]

What Does ‘Clean Beauty’ Really Mean?

Because of a lack of regulation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows cosmetic companies to use toxic chemicals in their products that are known to be harmful to humans. These include ingredients linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, and many other health concerns – many of which are absorbed into […]

13 Smart Ways To Beat The Post-Holiday Blues In Your Workplace

The holiday season has come and gone. And while everyone is back to their regular schedule, they may be feeling mentally, emotionally or financially drained. These circumstances can make it difficult to keep team members feeling motivated and positive in the office. That’s why we asked the members of Forbes Business Council how leaders can help their employees […]

Eight Actions Entrepreneurs Wish They Did Before Starting A Business

Nobody knows everything when they start their first business. Even if you take the time to educate yourself on potential challenges and seek mentorship from more experienced entrepreneurs, there are still some lessons you’ll only learn in hindsight.  The members of Young Entrepreneur Council know well the challenges that new founders face when they’re first starting out. […]

Want To Attract Experience Seekers? 16 Tips To Increase Hotel Bookings

Everyone has a different idea of their “dream vacation.” While travelers continue to view vacations as a break from their day-to-day lives, collecting memorable experiences is becoming a top priority. These experiences could include guided tours with local residents or an all-inclusive trip with special experiences tailored to them.  To cater to the modern customer’s […]

Three Foolproof Keys To Getting A Promotion

Shutterstock Shutterstock We have seven children and are about to hit the tipping point where more of them will be out of our nest than in it. As they have gotten older, each of them has come to us with questions about what career they should pursue. Not one of them is the same, but […]

10 Signs You Have A Great Team

Working in harmony with competent people you like and trust means that ideas and plans go further, faster, and more effectively. It’s the difference between feeling supported and overwhelmed. Between success and failure. Between doing the work you were designed to do and chasing your tail putting out fires. If your business requires a team […]


Here’s a quick idea, to help you attract the attention of prospective clients AND motivate them to hire you and recommend you. It’s all about one word. Frequency. Allow me to explain. I was prompted to write this after 2 emails I received. The first was from a long time reader (Sophie). Sophie got in […]

At CES, A CASE For The Future of Mobility

By Avi Reichental, founder and Executive Chairman of XponentialWorks From faster, more affordable electric motorcycles to an autonomous shopping cart that follows you like a well-trained pet–mobility was on everyone’s minds at CES 2020 last week. But it wasn’t just the vehicles themselves that stole the show, it was also the CASE (Connectivity, Autonomy, Shared mobility, […]

Want To Transform Your Company Culture To Be Customer-Centric? Here’s How To Get Started

Here’s a great question that just came in today: Q: If I want to transform my company to have a customer service/customer-centric culture, how do I get started?                                                                                                –––Ready in Racine A: Start with a statement of purpose. By this, I mean a brief statement that people at your company can get behind and bring […]