What Didn't Happen At G20 Is Far More Important Than What Did

Authored by Alastair Crooke via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Sometimes what doesn’t occur tells us much more than what did – as in Sherlock Holmes’ case of the dog that did not bark in the night. Yes, two things did not occur at the G20, at the end of last week: Why? And what do […]

Don’t arrest Chinese CFOs and CEOs

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is just one short excerpt: In the longer run, bringing charges against Meng is likely to accelerate the division of the world into two competing systems of law, technology and commerce — namely those of China and the U.S. That will encourage international relations to […]

How Many People Want To Have Sex With A Robot? The Numbers Are In…

Social psychologist and prominent “sexpert” author, Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, a Research Fellow at Indiana University’s The Kinsey Institute, has actually compiled the data. He posed the question as part of his research: I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about sex robots and how they’re supposedly going to revolutionize our sex lives. A lot of these […]

Newly-Released MKUltra Docs: The CIA Made Remote-Controlled Dogs With Brain Surgery

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, The Central Intelligence Agency made six remote-controlled dogs as a part of their MKULTRA “behavior modification” or mind control program.  Using brain surgery, newly requested documents show that the dogs were “field operational” and controlled by human beings. The CIA marked the 65th anniversary of the launch of Project […]

Sabotage? Has The Deep State Destroyed Trump's Chances Of A China Trade Deal?

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, Somebody out there apparently does not want President Trump to make a trade deal with China.  Just after U.S. and Chinese officials agreed to suspend the implementation of new tariffs for 90 days, one of China’s most important tech executives was literally kidnapped as she was […]

Former CIA Chief Of Disguise Explains How Spy Agency Trains Agents To Blend In

The CIA has a long and checkered history of sending highly trained agents into very foreign environments to conduct everything from espionage to assassinations.  In order to pull off these clandestine and high-risk assignments, CIA agents must have a watertight cover story and a disguise that could fool your average Russian FSB officer as he flips through a […]

The Largest Conspiracy Theory Peddlers Are MSM And The US State Department

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via Medium.com, The US State Department has issued a statement accusing the Syrian government of having carried out a false flag chemical weapons attack in northwestern Aleppo with the intent to blame it on the jihadist factions in the region, citing “credible info” that the public has not been permitted to see. Never […]

Zhang Shoucheng Was Being Touted For A Nobel Prize in Physics; Why Did He Kill Himself?

Authored by Steven Mosher via The Epoch Times, On Nov. 20 President Trump’s trade advisor, Robert Lighthizer, issued an exhaustive report on China’s efforts to beg, borrow, and steal U.S. intellectual property. Eleven days later, on Dec. 1, Stanford University Professor Zhang Shoucheng, who had been collaborating with the Beijing regime’s drive to dominate hi-tech under its […]

Former Fed Chair Yellen says excessive corporate debt could prolong a downturn

Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is worried about excessive leveraged lending and the level of corporate debt across Wall Street. “Corporate indebtedness is now quite high and I think it’s a danger that if there’s something else that causes a downturn, that high levels of corporate leverage could prolong the downturn and lead to […]

The G.O.P. Goes Full Authoritarian

Donald Trump, it turns out, may have been the best thing that could have happened to American democracy. No, I haven’t lost my mind. Individual-1 is clearly a wannabe dictator who has contempt for the rule of law, not to mention being corrupt and probably in the pocket of foreign powers. But he’s also lazy, […]

Brexit looks more and more like a bad joke

Brexit opponents protest outside Parliament in London. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images) December 10 at 5:45 PM Even if you’re not a fan of British humor, it’s hard not to laugh a little at Brexit. Sure, there have been bigger disasters in history, but it’s rare to find dumber ones. The whole idea, after all, behind Britain […]

Wells Fargo won't be allowed to grow unless problems fixed: Fed's Powell

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) must keep a lid on its growth until the bank has hardened its risk management policies to prevent any further abuse of its customers, said Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve. FILE PHOTO: The Wells Fargo name is shown on an office town in downtown […]

Goldman Sachs Decides Fed Probably Isn’t Lying

Jay Powell may have been appointed to the head of the Federal Reserve by Donald Trump, but this does not mean he is of a piece with the president of the United States. Perhaps you realized this at some point during Trump’s campaign to undermine a man he’d called “strong, committed and smart” less than […]

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/10/2018

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. Trade “Why Trump’s trade war is pushing China to become smarter and stronger, faster” [Hellenic Shipping News]. “The final communiqués at these lovefests must usually be written beforehand for anything to be agreed. Trump is the exception. He likes one-on-ones. He is a professional deal maker in a way that […]

BBRG: Donald Trump Owns This Stock Market

Donald Trump Owns This Stock MarketIt wasn’t smart to dump a dovish Fed chief, run up the deficit, and start a trade war. Trump did all three.Bloomberg, December 10, 2018 For those of you who are looking for an explanation why the stock market suddenly become tumultuous in the fourth quarter of 2018, you can […]

Paul Tudor Jones: Fed Won't Raise Interest Rates Next Year

One day after Goldman Sachs finally capitulated on its call for four rate hikes next year (one hike more than the Fed’s dot plot, and four more than the not-quite-one hike that futures markets are currently pricing), Paul Tudor Jones, the founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, has one-upped the bank’s chief economist, Jan Hatzius (who […]

Recession Odds Soar To 70% In Two Years, According To JPMorgan

A lot can change in less than two months: back on October 18, when the initial market drop seemed like just another dip-buying opportunity, JPM predicted that the odds of a recession in 1 year were a modest 27.6%, rising to 60% if the forecast period is extended to two years. Well not anymore, because […]

Ken Rogoff: Bitcoin & Betting On Dystopia

Authored by Kenneth Rogoff via Project Syndicate, The right way to think about cryptocurrency coins is as lottery tickets that pay off in a dystopian future where they are used in rogue and failed states, or perhaps in countries where citizens have already lost all semblance of privacy. That means that cryptocurrencies are not entirely […]

Alleged Russian Honeypot Spy Changes Plea To Guilty 

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina wants to change her plea to guilty according to a Monday filing with a DC Court.  Butina, who was arrested in July and remains in custody, is accused of working with South Dakota Republican Paul Erickson as a Kremlin spy.  Erickson, who has strong ties to both the National Rifle […]

Huawei CFO's Lawyers Cite $12 Million Home, Cancer Complications As Conditions For Bail

Senior Communist Party officials let their frustration over the arrest and likely extradition of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou be known over the weekend during meetings with the American and Canadian ambassadors to Beijing where they threatened “severe consequences” if Meng isn’t released. But these threats haven’t blunted the Canadian government’s determination to prosecute Meng for […]

Nasdaq Plunges Into Red For 2018 – Worst Year In A Decade

All the major US equity indices are now underwater for the year as Nasdaq finally joined the S&P, Dow, Small Caps, and Trannies… Overnight saw early derisking on a multitude of factors, but the machines gently levitated futures into the open, before flushing at the open (not helped by AAPL)… And that has driven Nasdaq […]

“It's Make Or Break Day” For The S&P (& It Just Broke Key Support)

After the ubiquitous ramp into the US cash market open, things have gone a little pear-shaped, with stocks tumbling back below last week’s lows and pushing critical 2018 support levels. As BMO’s Russ Visch writes, It’s a “make or break” day for the S&P 500, which closed right at key support at its October/November lows […]

Permian Oil Reserves May Be Twice As Big As We Thought

Authored by Irina Slav for Oilprice.com, The U.S. Geological Survey has revised the technically recoverable reserves in the Wolfcamp Basin, in the Permian shale play, to 46.3 billion barrels of crude and 281 trillion cu ft of natural gas. That’s up from 20 billion barrels of crude and 16 trillion cu ft of gas in recoverable reserves […]

Cable Crashes As May Abandons Brexit Vote, Steps Up No-Deal Preparations

Update 2: After May and Corbyn exchanged vitriol soaked comments (with Corbyn accusing May of “losing control” and May accusing Corbyn of opportunistically attacking her despite having no workable alternatives), the pound has broken below 1.26 and is nearing 1.25… The anxieties surrounding May’s decision to delay the vote have apparently crossed the Atlantic and […]

Stocks Have Wiped Out Their Gains for the Year. But if You Step Back, They’re Still Riding High.

Here’s the stock market from three perspectives Percentage change in the S&P 500 %+30+20+100-10-20Since Trump’s inauguration2018 to dateSince S&P’s peak20172018Correction territory Percentage change in the S&P 500 %+30+20+100-10-20Since Trump’s inauguration2018 to dateSince S&P’s peak20172018Correction territory Percentage change in the S&P 500 %+30+20+100-10-20Since Trump’s inauguration2018 to dateSince S&P’s peak20172018Correction territory Source: Refinitiv The S&P 500-stock index […]

Partisan Bias of Financial Analysts

Don’t Like Trump? Your Financial Analysis Might Be BiasedPartisanship should have no place in a corporate-credit rating. A new study says it does.Bloomberg, December 3, 2018 The dangers of political bias for investors has long been one of my favorite rants. Politics is tribal, opinionated and typically one-sided. These are emotional hot buttons that lead to […]

10 Monday AM Reads

My back-to-work morning train reads: • Bogle: RIAs Are the Future; Trading Is Investors’ Enemy (ThinkAdvisor)• Lessons From the Bernie Madoff Fraud, 10 Years Later (Barron’s) see also Madoff’s Victims Are Close To Getting Their $19 Billion Back (Bloomberg)• We’re No Longer in the Smartphone Plateau. We’re in the Smartphone Decline. (New York Magazine)• 2018 wasn’t a complete horror show. Here are […]

The Cryptoeconomics Lab at Ivey

Ivey Business School at Western University (London Ontario, Canada) is looking for a Post doctoral Research Fellow to join our newly established CryptoEconomics Lab: http://cryptoeconomics-lab.com The focus of the position is on conducting foundational research in the emerging discipline of cryptoeconomics, which examines the protocols and incentives that govern the production, distribution, and consumption of digital […]

Opening Bell 12.10.18

The Opening Bell is powered by The Water Coolest. (Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve made you a new friend.) Puff, puff, path to diversification [The Water Coolest] Altria plans to shell out $1.8B for a 45% stake in Cronos, a Canada-based cannabinoid company. Or for those less in tune with the “kids these days,” Cronos is a Canadian […]

In a tight labor market, companies bet big on five-year rewards

NEW YORK (Reuters) – In the old days, longtime employees in the United States were honored with a gold watch after 30 years or so at a company. FILE PHOTO: A woman is seen in silhouette walking through Grand Central Station in New York September 25, 2014. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton Well, they have got nothing on […]

Madoff’s Victims Are Close to Being Made Whole

This is quite astonishing: A decade after Bernard Madoff was arrested for running the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme, the bitter fight to recoup investors’ lost billions has astounded experts and victims alike. While no one will ever collect the phantom profits Madoff pretended he was earning, the cash deposits by his clients have been the […]

Brexit: May’s Handbag

The new hope for the UK being rescued from Brexit (as if there were any solution that not leave large swathes of the citizenry feeling bruised) is May’s handbag. I am not making that up. From The Times: Theresa May will seek to emulate Margaret Thatcher by travelling to Brussels to demand a better Brexit […]