For The First Time Since The '70s, Demographics Support Higher Rates

Authored by Bryce Coward via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog, New projections of the labor force growth rate by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show the US labor force growth accelerating in the 2020s for the first time since the 1970s. How could this be? There are two reasons. More people are working past 65 […]

US Offers Rare 'Condolence Payments' To Family Of 10 Afghans Killed In Drone Strike

Authored by Andrea Germanos via Common Dreams,  The Pentagon said Friday that the U.S. would issue “condolence payments” to relatives of 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children, killed in an August drone strike—an attack military officials had initially defended as a “righteous strike” targeting an explosive-laden vehicle destined for militants and later admitted to being a “horrible tragedy” that claimed […]

Swimming With Sharks in the Maldives

By Jerri-Lynn Scofield, who has worked as a securities lawyer and a derivatives trader. She is currently writing a book about textile artisans. I’m currently holed up in our place in Brooklyn and missing my former pre-Covid peripatetic life very much. Yet I’m far from unique in this regard. A piece in Friday’s Guardian made […]

Judge Temporarily Blocks Vaccine Mandate Requirement For California Prison Workers

Authored by Christopher Burroughs via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), A judge temporarily blocked an order on Wednesday that required California prison workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. An armed California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) officer escorts a condemned inmate at San Quentin State Prison’s death row in San Quentin, Calif., on Aug. […]

Covid Attendance / Concerts

The old people aren’t going. We live in an era of data transparency, just check the availability of seats for boomer shows on Ticketmaster, they’re plentiful. They may be expensive, but in the old days the gigs went clean, now they don’t. It’s unclear what is happening in Covid world. Infections are going down in […]

Bulls Regain Control Of The Market As Fed Taper Looms

Authored by Lance Roberts via, Market Rallies As Earnings Season Kicks Off Two weeks ago, we laid out the case for why we started increasing our equity exposure in portfolios. “It is worth noting there are two primary support levels for the S&P. The previous July lows (red dashed line) and the 200-dma. Any meaningful decline occurring […]

17 American Missionaries Kidnapped In Haiti By Armed Gunmen 

Haitian security officials told NYT that gang members had kidnaped 17 American missionaries in Port-au-Prince on Saturday. Details are scant at the moment, but local officials should release more information on Sunday.  The missionaries are part of an Ohio-based Christian aid group called Christian Aid Ministries. They confirmed to WaPo their missionaries were abducted in Haiti.  […]

Are You Prepared For The Mass Repricing Of Goods And Services?

Authored by MN Gordon via, Rising consumer price inflation is not going away.  This, of course, is counter to the “transitory” argument made by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell earlier this year. Powell’s cohort, Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic, recently admitted inflation is not transitory.  This admission comes with assurances the Fed will properly manage it.  […]

Porsche Taycan Outsells Iconic 911 Sports Car For First Time 

For the first time, the all-electric Porsche Taycan outsold the high-performance 911 sports car, underscoring the German automaker’s shift towards battery electric vehicles. Porsche’s sales figures on Friday show Taycan, a competitor to Tesla’s Model S, surpassed deliveries of the 911 sports car for the first three quarters of the year by several hundred. The results […]

Links 10/17/2021

Yves here. Jerri thanks readers for their kind messages of concern. She is on the mend and as you can see is back to posting! New Zealand to cast out its official wizard Bangkok Post (furzy). Hate to say but he didn’t prevent or foresee that earthquake. Fish and Overfishing Our World in Data (resilc) […]

10 Sunday Reads

Avert your eyes! My Sunday morning look at incompetency, corruption and policy failures: • The City of London Is Hiding the World’s Stolen Money If there is one country at the system’s heart, it is Britain. Taken together with its partly controlled territories overseas, Britain is instrumental in the worldwide concealment of cash and assets. It is, […]

The continuing case for nuclear energy

Climate mitigation scenarios envision considerable growth of wind and solar power, but scholars disagree on how this growth compares with historical trends. Here we fit growth models to wind and solar trajectories to identify countries in which growth has already stabilized after the initial acceleration. National growth has followed S-curves to reach maximum annual rates […]

Is this the uh-oh moment for renewable energy?

That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is one excerpt: American elites like to argue for a carbon tax and other means of raising the price of carbon emissions, and I fall into that camp myself. Yet higher energy prices are extremely unpopular with many voters. A recent study found that most Americans would […]

Visualizing The Global Silver Supply Chain

Although silver is widely known as a precious metal, its industrial uses accounted for more than 50% of silver demand in 2020. From jewelry to electronics, various industries utilize silver’s high conductivity, aesthetic appeal, and other properties in different ways. With the adoption of electric vehicles, 5G networks, and solar panels, the world is embracing more technologies […]

Dean Cain: “Woke” Superman's Mission Is Neither Bold Nor Brave

Authored by Dean Cain via, DC Comics recently revealed that in an upcoming issue titled “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” the son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent would be bisexual, and that he’s going to fight “real-world problems” such as climate change, that he’ll protest the deportation of refugees, and date a “hacktivist.” What exactly […]

These Are The World's Most Interesting Neighborhoods

In light of the travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, city trips to domestic destinations have become more and more attractive for short vacations; but, as Statista’s Florian Zandt notes, now that regulations are starting to get lifted again and tourists are bound to explore cities beyond their own regional and national confines. Time Out Magazine […]

Lumber Futures As Predictors

In assessing market views on future lumber prices, reader JohnH writes: Futures markets aren’t foreseeing a decline in lumber prices any time soon.*0/futures-prices Here’s a graph of lumber prices over time, and futures as of 10/15: Figure 1: Front month lumber futures, monthly average of daily data (blue), and lumber futures as of Oct. 15, […]

“Foreign Is Dangerous” – China's Censors Are Banning Hollywood Films From Domestic Market

Just like American political leaders and financial giants, Hollywood has also misjudged China’s intentions. After Dalian Wanda’s takeover of the American production company Legendary Entertainment, some warned that Beijing was trying to subvert American audiences’ opinion of China by injecting subtle Chinese propaganda into American films. But it turns out, Beijing and President Xi had […]

Leader Of California's Largest Labor Union Quits After Tax, Embezzlement Charges

Authored by Matthew Vadum via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), The executive director of California’s largest labor union has resigned from her post after the state charged her and her husband with embezzlement, tax fraud, perjury, and failure to pay unemployment insurance taxes. Then-Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California Executive Director Alma Hernandez and her […]

US Coal “Roars Back” Under Biden Unlike Trump 

One of the biggest ironies to start this decade is the transition from fossil fuel generation to green energy has created a global energy crisis that is forcing the U.S., among many other countries, to restart coal-fired power plants monumentally ahead of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere to prevent electricity shortages. The virtue-signaling […]

Interior Secretary Haaland Says Wind Turbines May Soon Line US Coasts

Authored by Nathan Worcester via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Speaking at a wind industry conference held by the American Clean Power Association, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced plans by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to arrange seven offshore lease sales along the U.S.’ coastlines by 2025, in line with the […]

Ethereum's Turn To Outshine Bitcoin Is Coming, UBS Says

After a stellar start to the year, which saw its price soar to an all time high above $4,100, trouncing virtually all of its crypto peers, Ethereum has stagnated in recent weeks, with its place in the spotlight taken by bitcoin which whose impressive outperformance has been the result of now confirmed speculation that a […]

Fasten your seat belts…

New Stablecoin Charter Could Hinge on National Bank Act Rewrite A special-purpose banking charter for stablecoin issuers – one of the potential options for federal regulators to rein in the risks posed by the digital asset – may require a revamp of the National Bank Act, the statute that defines the “business of banking,” analysts […]

MiB: Soraya Darabi, TMV

This week, we speak with Soraya Darabi, who is co-founder and general partner at TMV, an early-stage venture firm that has funded a broad range of startups. Darabi is also the founder of Transact Global and host of the podcast “Business Schooled.” She previously served as manager of digital partnerships and social media at The […]

We're Living In A Chaos Economy… Here's How To End It

Authored by Mark Thornton via The Mises Institute, The Federal Reserve has been increasing the money supply at an explosive rate. The federal budget, deficits, and the trade deficit are record levels. Governments, both foreign and domestic, have locked down people, restricting production and consumption. How should this be viewed by an economist? There is […]

Psaki Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Hatch Act Violation

Authored by Jonathan Turley, During the Trump Administration, we discussed a series of Hatch Act violations by officials and the response of the White House Chief of Staff that “nobody really cares.” It is certainly true that the Hatch Act represents little more than a speed bump in governmental ethics as was evident this week […]

Assistant To US House Sergeant-At-Arms Charged With 10 Child Pornography Felonies

Authored by Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Times, An assistant to the U.S. House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. Police in Fairfax County, Virginia, announced Thursday that Stefan Bieret, of Burke, faces 10 felony charges related to the possession of child porn. The 41-year-old was arrested on […]

After Rapid-Fire “Blame Putin” Headlines, European Commission Quietly Affirms Russia Is Not Manipulating Gas Market

Putin earlier this week batted down as “utter nonsense” widespread accusations among Western media pundits that Europe’s energy crisis is due to the Kremlin using gas as a ‘geopolitical weapon’.  It now appears the European Commission is quietly agreeing with him. This as Nord Stream 2, which Washington has long battled to stop, is awaiting final approval […]

Distraction As Policy While Our Economic Rome Burns

Authored by Matthew Piepenberg via, Desperation and distraction are masquerading as economic policy. Below we see how and why…and at what cost… COVID: The Great Economic and Political Hall-Pass If every time I stole a cookie from the jar in front of my mom (age 8), or drove dad’s car (sometimes into a tree) […]

German State Allows Food Stores To Ban The Unvaccinated

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, The German newspaper BILD reports that the state of Hesse has passed a motion that will allow food stores to decide whether they want to BAN unvaccinated people from entering. JUST IN – Hesse becomes the first federal state in Germany to allow supermarkets to bar unvaccinated persons from entry […]

MP David Amess Killing Was “Terrorist Incident”, UK Police Say 

Update (Saturday 0830 ET): The fatal stabbing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess has formally been declared an “act of terrorism” by the Metropolitan Police (Met).  “The fatal stabbing in Leigh-on-Sea has tonight been declared as a terrorist incident, with the investigation being led by Counter Terrorism Policing,” Met wrote in a statement released late Friday. “The early […]

Will this revolution be televised?

More than a century after the artists of the Vienna Secession declared “to every age its art; to art its freedom”, the Austrian capital has found a new site for artistic expression free from censorship: the adults-only platform OnlyFans. Vienna’s tourism board has started an account on OnlyFans – the only social network that permits depictions of […]

Schedule for Week of October 17, 2021

by Calculated Risk on 10/16/2021 08:11:00 AM The key economic reports this week are September Housing Starts and Existing Home sales. For manufacturing, September Industrial Production, and the October Philly Fed survey will be released this week. —– Monday, October 18th —– 9:15 AM: The Fed will release Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization for September. […]

Links 10/16/2021

Update on Jeri-Lynn: Jeri-Lynn is still in this world. A reader offered to check the New York apartment where Jeri-Lynn works. The reader spoke to her housekeeper, who said everything was fine, and Jeri-Lynn and her husband were at their beach house. We then arranged for a wellness check there. The police report that her […]

Why Record Numbers of Workers Are Quitting and Striking

Yves here. Interestingly, this article presupposes that the indignities of American jobs are so well known that they don’t need to be specified. Nevertheless, we’ll mention a few. Using technology to micromanage employees and push them to meet unrealistic timetables, like driving routes that necessitate the driver speed or run light to meet his schedule. […]

Bovard: When Barack Obama Got Away With Murder

Authored by Jim Bovard via The Libertarian Institute, This week (Thursday) marked the 10th anniversary of the drone killing of Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, a 16 year old born in Colorado and killed in Yemen. He perished as part of Obama’s crackdown on terrorist suspects around the world. His father, who was also an American citizen, was killed two […]

Tracking Global Hunger & Food Insecurity

Hunger is still one the biggest – and most solvable – problems in the world. Every day, as Visual Capitalist’s Bruno Venditti notes, more than 700 million people (8.8% of the world’s population) go to bed on an empty stomach, according to the UN World Food Programme (WFP). The WFP’s HungerMap LIVE displayed here tracks core indicators of acute […]

The Science Of Propaganda Is Still Being Developed And Advanced

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via, We live in a far less free society than most of us think. It looks like we’re free. We don’t get thrown in prison for criticizing our government officials. We can vote for whoever we want. We can log onto the internet and look up information on any subject we’re interested […]