Twitter and the State, Part 2

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Yves here. Tom Neuburger is trying to compensated for the mainstream media “Nothing to see here, move along” attitude towards the so-called Twitter Files. It is disconcerting to see how much this posture is working. Goodthinking members of the professional-managerial classes…

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Canine Coaseanism

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We are for a while caretakers for a dog, and so I have started thinking what kind of trades I might make with the beast.  Of course for Darwinian reasons dogs have co-evolved with humans to be fairly cooperative, at least…

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One look at our future

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The following comes from a deleted tweet, so I have paraphrased in some places and also removed references to a few specific individuals.  If the author wishes to reclaim ownership of these ideas, I will write a separate blog post crediting…

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