La pandemia afectó tu economía. Esto debes hacer

Busca a alguien que sepa de dinero, revisa tu historial crediticio, examina tus impuestos y aleja el pensamiento catastrófico. Tú puedes. Quizá perdiste tu trabajo. Tal vez te recortaron las horas. Quizá tuviste que hacerte cargo de alguien. Si tus ingresos decayeron de forma drástica en los últimos 18 meses —incluso si la situación ya […]

FAFSA Changes Are Coming. Here's What You Need to Know.

The latest version of the federal form for college aid will be available on Oct. 1 for the 2022-23 academic year. But a planned major overhaul of the form may not take effect for several years. Big changes are coming to a notoriously complex form that students need to submit to qualify for college financial […]

Proposed Tax Changes Focus on the Wealthy

How is that defined? The tax plans in Congress essentially say a wealthy individual earns $400,000 a year. But that figure, a financial psychologist says, is “arbitrary.” So how do you define who’s wealthy? The latest proposed tax changes from the House Ways and Means Committee essentially say a wealthy individual is someone who earns […]

Always Pay the Rent? It May Help Your Mortgage Application.

For decades, regular payments to a landlord haven’t counted for much for many tenants trying to get a mortgage. Fannie Mae aims to change that. Later this month, a group of renters in the United States will get a new break when they try to become homeowners: Their history of consistently paying their landlords will […]

Your Finances Took a Hit From the Pandemic. Here’s What You Do Now.

Find someone wiser than you, check your credit report and taxes, and stop catastrophizing. This is how you can do it. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe your hours were cut. Or maybe you had to take over caregiving responsibilities. If your income fell precipitously in the last 18 months — even if things have […]

Consumers and Companies Are Buying In on Paying Later

Installment payment services are everywhere thanks to fresh deals with Amazon and Square. It’s a simple idea that can quickly get complicated for users. That $128 pair of jeans can now be had for just four payments of $32. Dropping $100 on cosmetics seems less indulgent when the transaction is broken up into $25 payments. […]

Change May Be Coming to Your Favorite Wines

Rising temperatures and the risk of wildfires have led some wineries to grow different types of grapes. And some regions that were long overlooked are now producing notable wines. The ill effects of climate change on many of the great wine regions in the United States and Europe have only just begun to be felt. […]

Tips for Victims of Unemployment Benefit Fraud

The problem emerged early in the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down, identity theft experts say. Here’s what to do. Have you received an unsolicited debit card in the mail? Or a letter seeking extra details for an application for unemployment insurance that you don’t recall filing? You may be among the thousands […]

When to Collect Social Security: Why You Should Wait

More details on why experts advise to wait to claim benefits and on benefits for divorced spouses. Few retirement issues are as complex and controversial as Social Security and the strategies people can use to maximize their benefits. So we were not surprised that an article The New York Times published in June on how […]

Financial Advice for Couples: How to Keep Things Equal

Whether you’re newlyweds or not, your marriage can only benefit from a better balance that eases the stress on both of you. But be ready to talk — “we” statements only, please. A year and a half of pandemic living has revealed — or reminded us of — some persistent patterns around money, gender, marriage […]

‘Grandfamily’ Housing Caters to Older Americans Raising Children

Intergenerational communities are sprouting up as the need grows for homes that suit aging adults and their young charges. When Jackie Lynn’s niece gave birth to a baby who was addicted to heroin, Ms. Lynn sprang into action. She thought she had turned the page on parenting, after raising two children and living alone for […]

My Strange Journey in the Crypto World Creating a Hype Coin

I created a hype coin to show how risky an investment can be. The coin had other plans. Times Insider explains who we are and what we do, and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together. When I conducted a little experiment recently for an article to highlight a corner of the cryptocurrency […]

Home Depot Co-Founder Donates to Mentorship Program for Teens

A co-founder of Home Depot increased his giving for children in the pandemic because, he said, “they don’t always have the tools to deal with what’s happened to them.” The wealthy in the United States have long made supporting colleges and universities one of their top priorities, and their money usually goes to projects like […]

New Report Measures 'Return on Investment' of Various College Degrees

A new report measures the “return on investment” offered by various higher education programs. Most four-year degrees pay off by paving the way for graduates to recoup the cost of their education relatively quickly, a new analysis finds. But that’s particularly true for some programs, while others may offer little economic advantage over a high […]

Delays and Cancelations: What to Know Before Flying Now

Thousands of passengers have experienced delayed or canceled flights since June when airlines began to struggle with surging demand and worker shortages. Here’s how to deal with the chaos. Camille Walker’s troubles with Southwest Airlines began well before her trip to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in July when her direct flight from Louisville, Ky., was changed […]

Many Pandemic Retirees Weren’t Ready. How to Cope if You’re One of Them.

A significant portion of workers who left their jobs since the coronavirus began surging were financially unprepared, research shows. Andrea Jones hadn’t yet settled on a date to retire from her customer service job at United Airlines when Newark airport started looking like a ghost town in March 2020. After 28 years with the carrier, […]

Why Do We Make Things So Hard for Renters?

Relief came late, then slowly, and renters have been subject to political brinkmanship. We can do better. For struggling homeowners in the pandemic’s first year, there was hope early on that these hard times would not put people with mortgages out in the street. Thanks to quick governmental action, homeowners quickly got word that most […]

Student-Athletes Can Now Earn Money. Here Are the Pitfalls.

College athletes have limited life experience and financial expertise, which makes them ripe for being taken advantage of, wealth advisers say. Sunisa Lee took home three Olympic medals — gold, silver and bronze — and, in the process, went from being little known outside the gymnastics world to a breakout star. When she arrives at […]

College Tuition Insurance Gains Attention in Pandemic

The policies have been around for decades. But before buying them, experts say, parents need to determine what they cover and what they don’t. With the new college year about to begin amid a resurgent pandemic, college tuition insurance is getting new attention. Tuition insurance is just what it sounds like: Students or their families […]

We Asked Daves About Dave, Marcus and Other First-Name Money Apps

When’s the last time you went into a bank branch? Maybe it’s time to consider those friendly sounding financial start-ups. Dave and his bros are having a moment. A lesser-known player in the world of companies trying to displace basic checking accounts and other everyday financial transactions, Dave is planning to go public through — […]

Nonprofits Get a New Type of Donation: Cryptocurrency

There are risks for both the donor and the receiver, starting with the yo-yoing values. A $5 million gift today may be worth $3 million or $7 million next week. The University of Pennsylvania recently announced a $5 million gift to Wharton, its business school. The donation was not one of its largest, but the […]

Child Tax Credit Payments Have Begun. Should You Opt Out?

While the payments in advance of tax season are a welcome relief for many families, there may be reasons for others to decline the money, for now. Millions of families with children have probably noticed that their bank accounts looked a little more flush this month because they received an extra injection of cash from […]

A Painting or an NFT of It: Which Will Be More Valuable?

The new technology is raising questions about the risks and rewards of investing in digital art forms. A new NFT platform called Nifty’s released 92,000 NFT’s related to the film “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” which stars LeBron James.Nifty’s The British artist Damien Hirst, best known for putting a shark in a tank of formaldehyde, […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic Safety Net Is Coming Apart. Now What?

The eviction moratorium expires at the end of the month. Unemployment enhancements after that. And then the student loan pause, food stamp provisions and more. Here’s advice on how to cope. One by one, pandemic relief programs that financially supported millions of Americans are going away. With legislative packages worth trillions of dollars, the federal […]

In Fighting Climate Change, What’s an Individual to Do?

Investors can look for companies that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere. Working from home helps, too, as does rooftop solar. Climate change can seem like such an enormous problem that individual actions would have little impact. Consider Europe’s wide-ranging proposals this week to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, including eliminating sales of […]

What You Need to Know About Campus Health Insurance

For some students, their parents’ coverage may be the better choice. The Affordable Care Act is also an option. Here are the pros and cons of the various plans. Should you buy campus health insurance for your student? Many colleges and universities require students to have health coverage, and most offer campus policies tailored for […]

How to Manage Your Money if Inflation Flares

While long-term investors may want to stick with standard diversified stock and bond funds, hedges are available for those who worry that inflation will get out of control. In the end, inflation may not turn out to be a big problem. But it’s already being discussed enough by the Federal Reserve and a host of […]

The Gift of Financial Education for the New Grad in Your Life

A little professional advice goes a long way, making it a worthy investment for a new graduate entering the working world. With financial adulthood comes a series of firsts — apartments, loan payments and other complex decisions, all made while rent is high and starting paychecks are low. So, what if that young adult heading […]

For Some People, Working From Home Sped Up Their Decision to Retire

Those near the top of the income ladder said it had given them a different perspective on work. As one financial manager put it, “They’re getting a flavor of what retirement will look like.” For Mona Janochoski, a chemist who ran a laboratory at 3M in St. Paul, Minn., working from home during the pandemic […]

What You Should Know About Savings Bonds and Inflation

The annualized rate on Series I (for inflation) bonds is now 3.54 percent. That’s a lot more than savings accounts are paying. Inflation has been rising, making more attractive what was formerly considered a humdrum investment: federal savings bonds. Series I savings bonds — the I stands for “inflation”— are low-risk bonds that pay a […]

Retirement: 'A Struggle for the Millennials'

It was February 2020. Brittany Jones had high expectations for the Atlanta-based Airbnb rental business she had just launched. “‘Oh wow, this is going to be great,’” she said she remembers thinking. “We were getting bookings fast, well into the summer.” The 34-year-old single mom was soon pouring her hard-earned savings into the venture as […]

Quest to Help Diabetic Son Endures With a Different Kind of Giving

Sean Doherty set up a private equity-like fund with other parents four years ago. Some investments in research have worked. Some haven’t. Like any parent of a sick child, Sean Doherty wanted to help his son, Finn, who has Type 1 diabetes. Unlike many parents, he had the professional and personal resources to actually make […]

FEMA Can Help With Covid-19 Funeral Costs. Here’s What to Know.

The agency has changed its rules to cover deaths that occurred early in the pandemic, when the coronavirus wasn’t always cited on death certificates. Thousands of people who lost members of their family to Covid-19 have received federal financial help for funeral costs, and the government has just changed the rules to help more people […]

Americans Are Retiring Earlier Because of Pandemic

After years in which Americans worked later in life, the latest economic disruption has driven many out of the work force prematurely. Dee Dee Patten, 57, hadn’t planned to retire early. But when the coronavirus-induced lockdown took hold in 2020 and business dried up at the mechanical repair shop that she and her husband, Dana, […]

I.R.S. Faces Backlog, Delaying Tax Refunds for Millions of Americans

Millions of tax returns are still awaiting processing by the Internal Revenue Service, which has faced a far bigger backlog than in years past. That means any refunds due for those Americans have also been delayed. About 70 percent of the individual returns processed so far have been due refunds, with an average size of […]

A new mortgage rule aims to speed modifications and slow foreclosures.

Federal officials on Monday finalized a rule intended to slow down what they fear will be a looming wave of pandemic-related foreclosures by making it easier for lenders to modify borrowers’ loan terms and by adding additional hurdles before lenders can seize homes. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said that around 3 percent of residential […]

Women and Social Security: How to Get the Biggest Check

Women tend to live longer than men, so they need as much retirement income as possible. Whether you’re 30 or 60, here’s what you need to know. As a single woman with no children, Karen Callahan is putting together the financial pieces that will protect her for a potentially long life on her own. A […]

What You Need to Know About the Child Tax Credit

In mid-July, millions of families will get the first of six monthly payments of as much as $300 per child from the U.S. government. In about three weeks, millions of American families will receive the first of six monthly payments of up to $300 per child from the federal government, thanks to an expanded child […]

The Pandemic Changed How Musicians and Investors See Royalties

When live performances stopped, artists looked for ways to take control of their music, and more investors got interested in a new type of asset. Steve Jordan, a drummer, began working as a studio musician while he was still in high school in the 1970s. By age 19, he was performing with the “Saturday Night […]

The Young Fall for Scams More Than Seniors Do. Time for a Warning.

Stop it with the ageism and delusions of invincibility. Young adults often don’t recognize the bad checks coming at them, or fake job offers, either. If you’re a digital native and consider yourself immune to all scams, the thieves have you right where they want you. For years now, the Better Business Bureau’s survey research […]

Extended Warranties for Cars Are ‘Fraught With Peril for Consumers’

While reputable options exist, the robocalls are almost certainly scams, an industry group warns. And for consumers who feel they have been ripped off, there is no guarantee anyone will help. Nat Pope has spent much of his academic career studying extended car warranties, such as those seen on television and pushed in robocalls promising […]