How to Tell if a Company’s Claim of Ethical Practices Is True

A lawsuit against an egg company that says its products “value animals” raises the question: What criteria can investors and consumers use? Vital Farms says on its website that its eggs and butter “are delicious, ethical food you don’t have to question.” But a lawsuit filed against the company on May 20 claims that Vital […]

Interest Rates on Federal Student Loans Will Rise in July

Despite the uptick, one financial aid expert says rates “are still very low.” The new rates for undergraduate loans for next school year are expected to go up nearly a percentage point. Students attending college in the fall will pay higher interest rates than last year on money borrowed to finance their education. Interest rates […]

How to Buy Happiness (Responsibly)

The great reopening offers ample opportunity to lift your spirits if you have some money to spare. Here’s how to do it right. Bring on the nationwide spending binge. Half of all people over 18 in the United States are now fully vaccinated. Tens of millions of them are emerging, blinking in the springtime sunshine, […]

How the Pandemic Has Changed Attitudes Toward Wealth

Americans found that money cannot buy everything, and they used their wealth to build relationships and help others, according to two recent surveys. In the early days of the pandemic, Jason Norton was enjoying the comfortable life he had built for himself. A father of three, he manages about $220 million for clients around his […]

Faith-Based Investing Makes Up Ground in Gains and Convenience

Investing according to theological beliefs “is much easier to do now,” a wealth adviser said. It’s also as profitable as investing without a religious screen, and no more risky. The intersection of faith and money can be complicated. But investing by the tenets of your faith has become easier, and in many cases it’s neither […]

How to Navigate a Hot Housing Market

Competition for homes in many cities is leading potential buyers to take steps they may not have considered a short time ago, including waiving the inspection. The home-buying market this spring is not for the faint of heart. The main challenge is that the supply of homes for sale in most parts of the country […]

How to Plan a D.I.Y. Alaska Trip

In a state the size of Texas, California and Montana combined, planning an affordable itinerary can be a challenge, especially with this summer’s lack of cheap cruises. Alaska checks all the boxes for Covid-safe travel, with wide-open spaces for easy social distancing, a sense of true escape and the assurance of traveling domestically. But this […]

When It Comes to Taxes, Being Tracked Can Be a Good Thing

With remote work more common now, tax apps that track your location have become relevant for professionals who want to work wherever they want to live. This article is part of our new series, Currents, which examines how rapid advances in technology are transforming our lives. Two months ago, Jeff Sheu, a private equity executive, […]

7 Steps to Take Now to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Even if your finances weren’t devastated by the pandemic recession, many Americans have not yet started saving. Here’s what you can do. For millions of retirement savers, the pandemic was a gut punch. There was the jarring stock market drop in March 2020, then millions lost their jobs, health insurance and ability to fund their […]

High Schools Are Posting Their College Lists. Don’t Be Misled.

The rosters showing where seniors are headed say little about the role that money and value played in their decisions. Once the first of May comes and goes, eagle-eyed observers in communities across the country await the list. Who is going where? How does it compare with last year — and other schools nearby? And […]

Beware of Car Towing Companies That Patrol Private Parking Lots

Your car may have been towed for legitimate reasons — you parked in a loading zone, for instance. But in some cases, you may have been the victim of a towing company looking to earn fees. Maybe you’ve had that sinking feeling of returning to where you thought you had parked your car, only to […]

Help Wanted: Someone With Money and Connections

SPACs have taken off during the pandemic, and they’re looking for directors who can help find a company to merge with. So you’ve been asked to become a director of a special purpose acquisition company, more commonly known as a SPAC. The job has something in common with being a director of a company. But […]

Banks Were Allowed to Give People More Access to Savings in the Pandemic

But the rule change by the Federal Reserve Board didn’t require banks to drop their limits, and some haven’t. A year ago, as the economy shut down during the pandemic and millions lost their jobs, the Federal Reserve Board changed a banking rule to give people easier access to the money in their savings accounts. […]

Biden's Tax Proposals Are Not Just for the Really Wealthy

Financial advisers say they have been flooded with calls from clients who are trying to predict which of President Biden’s tax proposals will become law. President Biden this week proposed significant increases in taxes on the wealthy. And while the details are likely to change as the legislation makes its way through Congress, wealthy Americans […]

How Spending Mistakes Can Be Early Signs of Alzheimer's

Impulsive purchases, out-of-control spending: These behaviors can be early signs of Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive decline. After Maria Turner’s minivan was totaled in an accident a dozen years ago, she grew impatient waiting for the insurance company to process the claim. One night, she saw a red pickup truck on eBay for $20,000. She […]

Trading Stock Tips on TikTok, Newbies Are Deeply Invested in Learning

Self-taught and sharing what they’ve found out, a new generation of retail investors is taking the markets — and not memes — seriously. In March last year, Kiersten Crum was a stock market novice. The pandemic had forced her college classes online, her father’s bar was temporarily closed, and she started working at a grocery […]

How Identity Thieves Took My Wife for a Ride

Auto insurers try to make it easy to sign up for a policy. Those efforts have given an opening to scammers. The first sign of trouble was the arrival of envelopes from the New York State Department of Labor, all about my wife’s previous earnings and recent unemployment filing. The second was the cheery “Welcome […]

We’re All Crypto People Now

SAN FRANCISCO — On Monday evening, a few days after a large cryptocurrency exchange listed its shares on the stock market, several hundred women gathered in a virtual conference room to talk about Bitcoin. Claire Wasserman, a co-founder of Ladies Get Paid, the company that co-hosted the event, marveled at the turnout, noting it showed […]

You Still Have Time to Ask Colleges for More Financial Aid

Here are some tips on appealing your offer, especially if your finances have changed. Schools “are keenly aware” of flexibility needs, one expert says. Many colleges have reinstated May 1 as the deadline for newly admitted applicants to declare that they will enroll and submit deposits. But with about a week to go, students still […]

Wealthy Families Look to Help Family Businesses in the Pandemic

For the wealthy, an investment that gets around funds’ high fees and may earn good returns. And for the companies, a needed infusion of cash when other options have disappeared. Charles Widger, 76, sold his investment firm, Brinker Capital, shortly after the pandemic took hold. After decades of building the firm, Mr. Widger, whose name […]

Rising Debt, Falling Income: How to Dig Out

More Americans over age 55 are carrying debt loads, and their nonmortgage debt grew significantly during the pandemic. Angie Barajas taught special education and bilingual classes in El Paso high schools for 25 years. But after caring for two ailing family members, Ms. Barajas slid from a stable middle-class life into bankruptcy court. Ms. Barajas […]

That Popular S.U.V. Is Going to Cost You

Demand plus production delays have tightened the supply of new models. That means fewer deals. The only good news? Your trade-in may get a better price. Car shoppers may find that bargains are scarce this year. But better prices on trade-ins may help ease the pain. Last year’s pandemic-induced production delays, combined with a continued […]

A Family Opens Up About Its Investing Mistakes

The family behind the Nathan Cummings Foundation agreed four years ago to invest more of the endowment in social justice causes. In a new report, it discusses how difficult that was. Families routinely struggle to make simple decisions. But when their members come from three generations and the issue involves how to invest nearly half […]

We Asked Congress’s Freshmen to Give Up Stock Trading. Few Were Willing.

Playing individual stocks is a losing strategy more often than not, and it poses political risk. But only a handful of newly minted lawmakers saw it that way. It’s easy to forget that just a year ago, senators from both parties were under Justice Department scrutiny for potentially profiteering from the coronavirus with well-timed stock […]

Veterans Next Up to Receive Delayed Stimulus Checks

More than 25 million lower-income Americans whose stimulus payments were delayed finally received them on Wednesday. And one group still waiting — certain veterans and their beneficiaries — can expect their payments to arrive next week, the Internal Revenue Service said. The payments have been issued in groups, with the first batch landing in accounts […]

An Argument for Investing Where the Return Is Social Change

A new report makes the case for investments that consider impact first and financial return second. But critics say such investments are mainly for the wealthy. Advocates for impact investments have long made the case that investments can do social good without sacrificing returns. And then there are the wealthy philanthropists who give money to […]

Pandemic Helps Stir Interest in Teaching Financial Literacy

Two dozen states are considering bills on the subject. Proponents say student debt and heightened interest in economic inequality are behind the efforts. Two dozen state legislatures are considering bills on financial literacy education, an unusually high number, proponents say. They attribute the interest to concern about the burden of student debt, as well as […]

Deals Designed to Lure Travelers Off Their Couches

For better or for worse, travel companies are trying hard to get people, especially those who are vaccinated, back on the road (or on a plane) again. For a low-season trip to Honolulu in 2019, I scoured the internet for cheap, cheerful lodgings and the best I could come up with in Waikiki started around […]

Family Federal Education Loan Borrowers Get a Reprieve if They Have Defaulted

About a million student loan borrowers who were left out of earlier relief efforts are getting a reprieve — but only if they defaulted on their loans. The Education Department said on Tuesday that it will temporarily stop collecting on defaulted loans that were made through the Family Federal Education Loans program and are privately […]

Save Money at the Store

Food is pleasure and connection for most of us. Staying within your budget can bring peace of mind and keep your overall spending on track. How do you spend the right amount on food? According to an online survey of more than 1,000 people by LendingTree and Qualtrics published in October, weekly household grocery bills […]

Summer Camps See Rebound in Interest

After resisting in 2020, many parents see an antidote to a school year when their children have been glued to a computer screen. The pandemic wreaked havoc on summer camps last year, as they struggled to navigate conflicting guidance on how to keep campers safe. In many cases, it didn’t matter what the camps did: […]

Auctions of Cars, Watches and Furniture Heat Up

The value of collectibles — like coffee tables, whiskey, Air Jordans and Pokémon cards — has soared. Rich people who shopped too much used to be called collectors. Now they — and those belonging merely to the aspirational class — are all investors. It’s not just that they’ve spent the last year splurging on stakes […]

Where’s My Stimulus Payment? Maybe in Your Account. (Finally!)

The latest round of payments are the biggest yet, and open to more kinds of dependents. But some hassles encountered in past rounds could show up again, and maybe new ones, too. For the third time in less than a year, the federal government is sending stimulus payments to millions of Americans, no small logistical […]