Sunday links: hiding in plain sight

MarketsThe meme stock crowd is fickle, at best. ( we really want teenagers to trade stocks? ( Engine No. 1 LLC decided to go to war with ExxonMobil ($XOM). ( Blend tripled the amount of mortgages its software helped process. ( have poured money into mental health startups. ( managementThere is little stopping the growth […]

Saturday links: the gift of feedback

AutosWhy the timeline for autonomous vehicles keeps getting pushed back. ( more EVs hit the road some safety issues arise. (’s not just you? Headlights are getting brighter. ( a classic car? What about putting an electric drive train in it? ( aren’t all cars hybrid by now? ( solar projects have surprising opposition…environmentalists. ( […]

Coronavirus links: creating incentives

CompaniesJ&J ($JNJ) is going to have to dispose of a big batch of vaccines from the Emergent BioSolutions plant. ( ($MRNA) is seeking authorization for vaccines for adolescents. ( other vaccine makers going to be able to take share from the established players over time? ( Novavax’s ($NVAX) Covid vaccine works. ( case for fractional […]

Reflections On Making Money Online Since 2009

Financial Samurai has technically been making money online since it started in July 2009. I think the site made $3 the second month the site was live. Whoo-hoo! Although I didn’t focus on making money online, the site began to generate revenue anyway. Do something you love and the money will follow right? By the […]

Live Now or Save for Later: The Now or Later Fallacy

[Editor’s Note: For a limited time, if you refinance at least one federal loan, Common Bond is offering 0% APR for the first 6 months of your student loan refinance. This deal is in addition to their usual $300-$550 cash bonus. Click here for more details. And, we’re sweetening the deal by giving away for FREE our flagship […]

Friday links: less labor-intensive

StrategyThe best inflation hedge isn’t a hedge at all. ( of what is called investing these days is speculation. ( ultimate power in investing: being good at suffering. ( many big companies are going to get built on the Shopify ($SHOP) platforms? ( ($UBER) is a big winner in the Didi Chuxing IPO. ( ($AMZN) […]

Podcast links: the housing shortage

HousingJoe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway talk with Ali Wolf, the chief economist at the data and research firm Zonda, about why there are so few homes for sale in the U.S. ( and Ben talk with Logan Mohtashami about the state of the residential real estate market. ( Lindzon talks with Jim Lanzone, CEO of […]

Required Minimum Distributions – 7 Things You Need to Know

The first wave of Baby Boomers hitting age 70 ½ began in 2017. This was the age when required minimum distributions had to begin for those turning 70 ½ on or before December 31, 2019. The SECURE Act, passed at the end of 2019 has raised the age to begin RMDs to 72 beginning on […]

Bitcoin Thirstmonsters

Welcome to the second episode of The Compound & Friends, a new podcast from your favorite financial and investing commentators. This week, Michael Batnick, Sam Ro and Downtown Josh Brown discuss: ►Bitcoin Miami ►Circuit breakers ►When stocks become unrate-able ►Rising wages ►Chipotle raising burrito prices for worker wage hike ►May CPI 5% ►75 years of […]

How to Access Your Retirement Money When Retiring Early

Q. I am tired of practicing. I want to retire early. I have done a good job saving and investing and am stepping that up so I can have enough by age 55 to support my needed retirement income. How can I get to my money without paying the 10 percent penalty for withdrawing before […]

What Should You Know About Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

 Bitcoin is at $58,000! An NFT Recently Sold for $69 Million! Should I Buy? (As of mid-April 2021)     At times certain new forms of investments attract a lot of attention. Over the past dozen years, Bitcoin, self-described as both an “innovative payment platform” and “a new kind of money,” has certainly been noticed among […]

Thursday links: the quits rate

StrategyWhy the bond market isn’t freaking out about inflation. (’re better off trying to outpace inflation than hedge it. ( custody bank, State Street ($STT), is jumping on the fast-moving crypto train. ( would El Salvador adopt Bitcoin as legal tender? ( workers could soon have access to crypto in their 401(k) plans. ( are […]

I did the Business Casual podcast this week

Thanks to my friends at Morning Brew, especially Alex Lieberman for a fun, wide-ranging interview. Source: It’s the meme stock market now (Business Casual) … The post I did the Business Casual podcast this week appeared first on The Reformed Broker.

Inflation is Here, But for How Long?

In the long term a true inflationary risk comes from growing government borrowing and budget deficits, which will bring higher interest rates and a weaker dollar with them, which will only make inflation worse and will deflate away assets.

The Troubling Evidence Against Private Equity and Venture Capital

Past studies found some evidence of persistence of outperformance in private equity and venture capital. But new research challenges those findings and makes a compelling case that advisors and their clients should proceed with caution in those assets classes, investing only when they are confident they have identified a compelling strategic advantage.

Longform links: the path of least resistance

Book stuffA Q&A with Pete Davis author of “Dedicated: The Case for Commitment in an Age of Infinite Browsing.” ( Q&A with Katy Milkman author of “How to Change: The Science of Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” ( and talent are rushing into DeFi: a lay of the land. […]

Will Student Loans Be Forgiven? – Podcast #214

Student loans have been on the back burner for the last year or so, as borrowers have enjoyed 0% interest on their federal loans. There has been lots of talk in Congress about loan forgiveness and what that could look like.  With the break on interest scheduled to come to an end this Fall, student […]

Wednesday links: the next big housing shift

Meme stocksThe meme stock phenomenon is not going away. ( Reddit phenomenon is best understood as rebellion. ( Health ($CLVR) is one of the beneficiaries of recent meme stock relief. ( buying has slowed somewhat. ( is necessary to succeed as an active investor. ( no longer care about MicroStrategy’s ($MSTR) actual business. ( Brokers […]

Will inflation rear its ugly head?

In the past 50 years prices of goods and services have increased substantially. In 1972 a new home went for $25,200, a new car $3,560, a movie ticket for $1.50, and a dozen eggs for 45 cents.[1] Unfortunately, we all know those prices are no longer the case. For many of us, we’ve become accustomed […]

Personal finance links: focusing on work

HousingAs home prices rise, the $500,000 capital gains exemption is becoming more relevant. ( chunks of the home loan system are still antiquated. ( companies are making renting an apartment as easy as a couple of clicks. ( all those ‘best places to live’ lists. ( for collegeParent PLUS loans can be a real trap […]

A 15-Year Mortgage Is Probably Best, But It Has One Big Disadvantage

Out of all the mortgages out there, a 15-year mortgage will likely save you the most amount of interest. 15-year mortgage rates are almost always lower than 30-year fixed mortgage rates. Further, because the mortgage fully amortizes across a 15-year duration, you will likely pay off your mortgage sooner than if you had a 30-year […]

Underwater Group Universal Life Policy – Now What?

[Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post was co-written by Joseph Gentile, Esq, Co-Founder and Partner at Sarraf Gentile LLP, and Robert A. Izard, Esq, head of the ERISA team at Izard Kindall & Raabe. We have no financial relationship with either. We do see doctors occasionally offered a universal life policy as a work benefit, although […]

It’s Not a Housing Bubble, It’s a Supply Bust

5:30pm ET LIVE premiere today – Subscribe for the alert! Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of What Are Your Thoughts? On this week’s episode, Josh and Michael discuss the biggest topics in investing and finance, including: ►Ackman Bought What? – We now know what Pershing Square’s SPAC is doing, and, […]

Tuesday links: anxiety inducing

Meme stocksIf you have to. how to invest in meme stocks. ( meme stock phenomenon is also an options market phenomenon. ( 2020 the new playbook for future bear markets? ( diversification is in the eye of the beholder. ( Hathaway ($BRK.A) is buying a $500 million stake in Brazil’s digital bank operator Nu Pagamentos […]

Why would some investors desire the stock market to go down?

  A Bear’s Paws (The original of this blog was posted on May 6, 2021 at Why would some investors want the stock market to go down? The U.S. stock market is near its all-time highs and many analysts suggest it’s overvalued significantly. So, the above question seems odd doesn’t it? Or is it? Investors are […]

Research links: deeper research

FactorsYou don’t need a ‘zoo’ to explain the majority of returns. ( review of the factor momentum literature. ( with book-to-market as a valuation measure. ( best to include managed futures into a portfolio. ( alternative mutual funds never really made a dent in the market. ( managementResearch shows leverage works in theory, in practice […]

The Misguided Faith in the Fiduciary Standard

Proponents of the fiduciary standard claim that it will lead to better financial outcomes for clients. But a new study of Canadian advisors, who resemble U.S.-based RIAs but do not adhere to a fiduciary standard, casts doubt on this assertion.

It can’t be transitory

Let me tell you a fairy tale… A massive recession hits and the boss of a company – let’s say they make shoes – gathers her employees into the main headquarters for an all-hands meeting. Everyone is there, from the executive vice presidents to the guy who waters the plants. And she says, “Here’s the […]

9 ways blogging is like sourdough baking

Like many other Americans, I started baking sourdough bread during the pandemic. I love the process and the taste. As I’ve baked, I’ve also realized that cooking with a sourdough starter has similarities to blogging. 1. It’s scary to start I wouldn’t have started baking sourdough if I’d had to create a sourdough starter on […]

Drive a Beater….Get Rich

[Editor’s Note: Before we get to today’s post, we want to invite you to a free, live masterclass called The 3 Pillars to Physician Freedom that will be held this week only. This masterclass, hosted by WCI Network Jimmy Turner, is for any doctor who feels trapped in medicine or who is looking to get […]

Monday links: bubble requirements

MarketsOver any arbitrary time period earnings may not tell you much about how stocks are doing. ( aren’t all bad, especially when leave infrastructure in the place for the future. ( model shows a rising risk of a bear market. (, “Risk tolerance is not easy to measure. Nor is it static. There is a […]

Bill Gates Is Buying Up Farmland: 5 Reasons To Invest As Well

Bill Gates has taken on many roles over the course of his career: affable tech nerd, aloof billionaire, tennis player, visionary philanthropist. Recently, he and soon-to-be-ex wife Melinda Gates added a new title to that list: largest owners of US farmland. One way to get rich is to observe what rich people do with their […]