Thursday links: cashing in chips

Are you already signed up for our daily e-mail newsletter? Great, but did you know that we just launched an adviser-focused e-mail on Fridays? Now you do. Sign up here! Quote of the Day “There is never a point where a company can indefinitely coast along, cashing the chips of past success. Everyone has to […]

Longform links: an emergent outcome

Thursdays are now all about longform links on Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s linkfest including a look at the invention of money. Quote of the Day “Critically, the more we rely on other people to understand the world, the more susceptible we are to being shaped by their agendas—an emergent outcome which […]

Wednesday links: automated banks

MarketsA review of January 2020 major asset class performance. ( has already one of the worst (and best) quarters for the S&P 500 in history. ( of the S&P 500 stocks are positive year-to-date, not including dividends. ( markets are nothing if not unsettled. ( everyone is talking about gold. ( ($FB) is working hard […]

Financial Planning Is for Everyone: How to Work With Diverse Clients

The United States is facing a reckoning when it comes to who has historically benefitted from privilege, and who hasn’t. Our country has enacted racist policies that made it more difficult, if not impossible, for Black Americans, other Americans of color, and immigrants to succeed.  The financial planning industry has not been historically kind to […]

Personal finance links: good reasons to sell

Credit cardsHow the big credit card companies are trying to convince you not to give up your high-fee travel cards. ( pandemic is changing how we pay for stuff. ( are credit card interest rates so persistently high? ( mortgages have been hard to come by in pandemic. ( don’t know who they can lend […]

The Gold Breakout

This is the biggest story of the week. Here’s JC Parets at All Star Charts: There has only been one other month in the history of the universe where Gold closed at a higher price than it did yesterday. That was August of 2011. The trend here is still up: There will be a lot […]

Why would anyone invest right now?

[embedded content] Get The Compound delivered to your inbox, subscribe here! Michael Batnick and Josh Brown discuss the hottest topics of the moment, including: * Is there a such thing as learning too much from economic history?* The flight to the suburbs is real and probably not going to end anytime soon.* What to make […]

Tuesday links: invalid stories

Are you already signed up for our daily e-mail newsletter? Great, but did you know that we just launched an adviser-focused e-mail on Fridays? Now you do. Sign up here! Quote of the Day “The world has not become any harder to predict, but rather the stories we previously used to explain it are no […]

40 Things I’ve Learned in 40 Years

I turn 40 years old today. Since I hate birthday presents I figured I’d pass along some of the presents people have taught me over the last 40 years.  1) Always try to be a good person. This is the most obvious one and also often the hardest one. Life is hard and everyone is […]

Every cent, plus interest

Two weeks ago we paid back the entirety of our loan to JPMorgan Chase that we had borrowed under the Payroll Protection Program. Every cent, plus interest. We’re replacing it with a traditional line of credit from Chase. We’ll probably get access to our line next month, with the intention of only having to use […]

Research links: broken strategies

Tuesdays are all about academic (and practitioner) literature at Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s links including a look at the dangers of ‘first impression bias.’ Quote of the Day “The easy thing to do when confronted with disappointing results is to assume something is broken. But the reality is that all worthwhile […]

Orion and Riskalyze

One of the things I’ve come to understand as we’ve built our business is that every time you choose a technology vendor, you’re doing a lot more than choosing a technology vendor. You’re making an investment. You’re buying in to that technology company’s future, its roadmap, its vision. You have no choice. Once you standardize […]


The longer I’m doing this, the more I realize the truth of one very big idea: The ability to withstand and endure volatility is worth more than the ability to avoid drawdowns. The good news is that enduring volatility is a more realistic ability for one to pursue and improve at. Limiting or managing volatility […]

Financial Goals By Age So You Can Retire Comfortably

The sooner you start planning for retirement the better. Too many people wake up 20 years from now and wonder where all their money went. By having specific financial goals by age, your retirement will be more comfortable than if you had just decided to just wing it. I suspect being overwhelmed with choices is […]

Monday links: a silent killer

MarketsWhat does the stock market historically say about the Presidential election? ( investors refuse to say they are bullish. ( Facebook ($FB) advertiser boycott looks to go global. ( ($FB) should buckle up for continued pushback from advertisers. ( Facebook’s ($FB) business is less fragile than you think. ( Facebook ($FB) was unwilling to confront […]

Modern Monetary Muddle

Incredible as it may sound to nearly all observers – once they learn what MMT says – its basic economic tenets are agreed to by most knowledgeable economists. The dispute is not really over its core economic model; it is over fears of its perceived political implications.

Three Things I Think I Think – Wear a Mask (Please!)

Here are some things I think I am thinking about. 1) The Mask Controversy.  I manage risk for a living. It’s something I obsess about every minute of every day. Understanding risk helps you optimize risk and reward by understanding when things have an asymmetric payoff. We all want to do things that have a […]

How Stocks Predict Presidential Elections

Ryan Detrick from LPL Financial made my Chart o’ the Day today… Here’s Ryan: Turns out, since 1928, the stock market has accurately predicted the winner of the election 87% of the time and every single year since 1984. It is quite simple. When the S&P 500 Index has been higher the three months before […]